We love to unearth great finds at affordable costs — the little happies that make you feel like you’re getting something totally fun for a steal. Behold, our latest list of Cheap Thrills! Here are our favorite FINDS, all for $20 or less!


Cherries notepad

Bring a little flavor to your daily to-do list with this whimsical Cherries notepad. With art by American artist Vicki Sawyer, the handy pad is perfect for keeping around the kitchen to compile your grocery list, or stash it in your bag so you can keep your passing thoughts on paper. Find it at Hester & Cook for $10.

Cherries notepad, $10, at Hester & Cook

Cherries notepad, $10, at Hester & Cook

Kentucky Derby tea towel

Louisville artist Maizie Clark pays homage to the Kentucky Derby with this adorable tea towel, which is part of her Horse of Windsor collection. Use it just during Derby season, or keep it out and celebrate all year long. Find it — and other fabulous Derby items — in SB Shop’s special Derby Shop for $16.

Kentucky Derby tea towel, $16, at SB Shop

Kentucky Derby tea towel, $16, at SB Shop


We kinda think this should be called a “kool”zie because it’s unlike any other koozie we’ve seen. Created by Southern brand Cement6, the koozies feature intriguing art, while the fully lined interior ensures your bevy stays chill, just like you! Find them for $8 at cement6.com.

Koozies, $8 each, at cement6.com

Cortado cups

If you start your days with an espresso, then you’ll definitely enjoy sipping it from a cortado cup by Civil Stoneware, a Birmingham-based brand. A cortado is an espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity (you’ll love it!), and this is the perfect vessel in which to serve it. Available in four styles for $17 each, these will be your new go-to! Find them at SB Shop — click here.

Cortado cups, $17 each, at SB Shop


Woodland creatures socks

When you’re heading out for your springtime hike, don these fabulous socks to truly embrace the nature vibe. These Darn Tough Socks feature fun woodland creatures and are made of merino wool, which dries quickly and keeps stinky summer feet smell away. Find them at Mast General Store, with locations throughout the South, or at their website here for $19.99.

Darn Tough socks, $19.99, at Mast General Store

Darn Tough socks, $19.99, at Mast General Store

Lucky penny necklace

Who wouldn’t welcome a bit of luck? And yes, it may seem counter-intuitive to purchase a penny, but this isn’t just any penny. It’s a penny pendant that is stamped with the word “lucky.” Hanging from a sterling silver chain, the copper penny is both fashionable and fun. From Southern jeweler Kathryn Riechert, find it for $20 here.

Lucky penny necklace by Kathryn Riechert, $20, here


Passionfruit Lime Iced Tea

Summer is coming, friends, which means plenty of sweltering heat. Be ready to pour a proper Southern drink — with a twist, mind you — by having Firepot Nomadic Tea’s passionfruit lime iced tea on hand. For $10.49, you’ll get six half-gallon pouches — enough for three full gallons of the tastiest iced tea you can imagine. Find it here, or find a Firepot Nomadic Tea retail near you here.

Mint julep magnets

You don’t have to live in Louisville to be a fan of the Kentucky Derby, but you may need to brush up on your mint julep-making skills. And with Derby right around the corner, there’s no time like NOW to work that out. These fabric magnets walk you through the steps for making the most perfect mint julep around — no matter where you live! Find them for $11 at Locals Only in Chattanooga, or online here.

How to Make a Mint Julep magnets, $11, at Locals Only

How to Make a Mint Julep magnets, $11, at Locals Only


Summer poppy bibs

Every baby deserves a stylish meal now and again, and this super-cute set of summer poppy bibs delivers! Three layers of 100% cotton muslin ensure a soft experience, while the secure snaps are adjustable for the perfect fit. Find the at Baby Braithwaite in Atlanta — or online here — for $15.

Bibs, $15, at Baby Braithwaite

Kids’ drinking cup

The tooth-brushing struggle is real, but this adorable Jack N’ Jill cup can ease the pain. The dishwasher safe cup features a fun purple friend to cheer your little one on. Rinse, spit — complete! Find it for $9.99 at Modern Cloth in Greenville, SC or online here. Additional matching accessories are also available but sold separately.

Jack N' Jill drinking cup, $9.99, at Modern Cloth Diapers

Jack N’ Jill drinking cup, $9.99, at Modern Cloth


Pet ID tag

If Rover wanders, make sure he’s returned safely with this stylish yet practical pet ID tag. Available from Asheville-based Hollywoof Styles, the copper tag measures about the same size as a quarter and features an adorable silver paw charm. Find it for $12 here.

Pet ID tag, $12, by Hollywoof Styles

Pet ID tag, $12, by Hollywoof Styles

Catnip in a bag

Lest the humans have all the fun, bring a little razzle dazzle to your feline’s world with catnip in a bag. The kit comes with everything you need to grow fresh catnip, which you can then dry and crush for a party your kitty will never forget! Find it for $10 at Needle & Grain.

Catnip in a Bag, $10, at Needle & Grain

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