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Westside Provisions District has a new resident in its neighborhood: first-of-its-kind retail store, BuzziBoutique. With a passion for design and a penchant for vintage, BuzziBoutique is bringing original, unexpected items to its first brick-and-mortar location for home furniture design and home decor. Situated in the former Jack Spade site, BuzziBoutique is offering Atlanta residents something they can’t find anywhere else: BuzziSpace and other sourced products that were previously exclusively available to architects and designers. Now the world is the everyday shopper’s oyster, and BuzziBoutique is bringing the items they love to one curated space.

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique showroom

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique chairs

Stunning leather and wooden chairs are warm and inviting.

In the past, Belgian-based BuzziSpace was a premier shopping destination for office space designers, allowing them to meet the needs of collaborative work environments with products that are simple, sustainable and acoustically driven. Beyond partitions (although the line carries those, too), BuzziSpace innovatively solves office noise problems by creating unique items like lamps, ottomans and even art with sound-absorbing materials and shapes. Previously, designers could visit the Chicago showroom and make their selections, but it was not open to the general public. Now, with the inception of BuzziBoutique, officially opening Thursday, November 19, BuzziSpace is broadening its reach by being accessible to all clientele.

We spoke with Daniel Monier, BuzziSpace national sales director,  about the first BuzziBoutique location. His enthusiasm about the store’s makers and products is contagious, and you’ll love BuzziBoutique’s fresh take on interiors and wares. One of the main things BuzziBoutique will do is showcase some of BuzziSpace’s signature products. Daniel explains that the store will feature pieces from BuzziSpace, international makers and antiques. BuzziSpace offers large-scale pieces like BuzziBreeze (outdoor workstation), BuzziPicNic (indoor picnic table) and BuzziMilk (modern stool). “We’ll also have our acoustical range, like BuzziFalls, which helps manage sound, linens from Society, signature pieces from by Lassen and more will be on display.” BuzziFalls is a clever, artistic room divider made from BuzziFelt, which cuts down on noise and breaks up a large work space.

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique

BuzziBoutique is located in Westside Provisions District, near Little Trouble.

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique shelves

Modular shelving from Copenhagen’s by Lassen creates visual interest.


Handcrafted wooden figures, like this duck and duckling from Danish company ArchitectMade, are just one of BuzziBoutique’s fabulous finds.


BuzziSpace’s BuzziMilk stools have four legs for stability and a cushion seat for a softer experience.

Incorporating nods from both European and American design,  BuzziBoutique really is a delight and will offer Atlanta shoppers a twist on traditional decor. “When you step inside, you’ll know that this is a new design experience for Atlanta. BuzziSpace itself is a blend of many voices — both from Europe and the United States, and BuzziBoutique will embody this philosophy,” Daniel explains. “We speak to artists and industrial designers who continue to push the envelope with new ideas that offer both form and function. When you walk in, you’ll hear the acoustic furnishings at work, and you’ll smell the solid wood. You’ll get a feel for the integrity that goes into creating or curating each piece.”

With white walls and gorgeous gray floors, the shop will undoubtedly be a rotating gallery of new items. In fact, Daniel is already planning to shift furniture here and there as new items arrive in the shop. He says, “BuzziSpace creates new products throughout the year, and we are constantly discovering new ideas, which we will bring to the Atlanta marketplace. BuzziBoutique will be an evolving gallery of creativity and originality.”

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique Daniel

Atlanta resident and national sales director for BuzziBoutique, Daniel Monier, stands near beautiful ice chests that will take your tailgating to the next level.

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique display

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique Architectmade

These metallic candleholders from ArchitectMade are heavy and stackable, allowing you to interchange the style.

Daniel emphasizes that the store will be tangible — when you visit, feel free to sit on the furniture, handle the wooden objects, smell the candles and open the cabinets. It’s all about creating a welcoming environment that encourages clients to embrace the BuzziBoutique lifestyle. “It’s a holistic design approach, and one that our designer customers have always found refreshing. We are so excited to meet homeowners who are inspired by original design,” he says.

Of course, BuzziBoutique’s location in Westside Provisions couldn’t be any better. Daniel explains the spot is perfect because of “the energy, the vibe and the traffic in this area. As an Atlanta native, I get inspired whenever I visit this shopping center, and it is where we wanted to have our first retail footprint in the United States,” he says. “This area loves design, and we offer truly distinctive design objects.”

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique owls

Whooooooo are these adorable, handcrafted wooden owls from ArchitectMade?!

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique teapot

StyleBlueprint Atlanta BuzziBoutique We Took to the Woods

We Took to the Woods candles are based out of Greenville, SC. BuzziBoutique is hoping to bring unique Southern brands to its location.

From unique shelving units to leather goods and handcrafted ice chests, this store will get your creative juices flowing the minute you step inside. Pick up a hostess gift for the holidays, or spruce up your home with large furniture pieces. There are a number of gifts under $100, while the Lassen shelving starts at $139. Furniture ranges from $299 and up. If you’re looking to incorporate clean design from the world’s top makers and artists, BuzziBoutique, the first BuzziSpace store, should fit your needs.

BuzziBoutique is located at 1100 Howell Mill Road in Midtown’s Westside Provisions District. Learn more at or

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