Southerners dream of snow days… (Image: Adam Brock)

Chilly mornings and bleak afternoons could drive the creativity out of some. Today, we welcome freelance writer and fellow Atlantan Connie Forestner, who conjures a very different kind of Winter Wonderland with ideas from two of her favorite stores, Roswell’s Provisions for Home and The Bilt House.


While much of the country resembles a sparkling, winter wonderland, and Southern children dream of snow days, I dream of a very different kind of winter white. A dream of a clean start to the year, a fresh palette to wake up dreary days, and a seamless transition from winter into spring. Imagine the silver white hue of fresh-packed snow glistening inside. Pure marshmallow white making an unexpected appearance. Or the creamy white of a cashmere scarf wrapping a room in warmth. Decorating with white has timeless appeal and fits into every style of home — from sleek contemporary to farmhouse chic, traditional to transitional. White in decor is like that perfectly starched shirt that can be dressed up for a night out or buttoned up for a business meeting. Flip the collar for a little extra style or unbutton that extra button to be a little more daring.

White is a Lifestyle

There’s no better time to bring it inside than now. And while I love the idea of an all-white space, the reality of making that livable is too hard to fathom. The thought of unleashing my family of five, plus a menagerie of pets, on an all-white environment sends this type-A personality running. It’s the equivalent of wearing that gorgeous white shirt while making spaghetti sauce. To enjoy the serenity and sophistication that comes with white, I’ve discovered practical ways to bring it into my living space.

Soft & Inviting Spaces

Give your living room an instant update. Play with pillows and introduce white in different ways, through texture, patterns and shapes. Mix it up to create a space you’ll want to sink into. Design celeb Suzanne Kasler used white and creams throughout her Atlanta home, and local artist Thea Beasley gave life to her industrial Marietta loft with crisp white — recreating that look for yourself can be as easy as slipcovers.

Celebrated designer, Suzanne Kasler, bathed her Atlanta home in soft whites and creams. (Image: Architectural Digest)

Atlanta artist, Thea Beasley, converted an industrial Marietta loft into a gorgeous living space, light and airy with a white palette.
(Image: Country Living)

A shabby chic, slipcovered settee at Roswell’s Provisions for Home– rusty old daybed, rehabbed and decked with pillows

Luxurious Linens

Retailers are on to something this time of year. January white sales make it easy to transform your boudoir into a serene and inviting escape. Blanket your bed in snow white sheets, duvets and throws. Layers of white add interest and dimension. Create a place perfect for snuggle time, nap time or your next Netflix marathon. Add white candles, in scents of warm vanilla or fresh baked sugar cookies, and the impact of white is elevated through engaging even more of your senses.

PIN-spiration — Pinterest boards abound with gorgeous images of vintage boudoirs. January’s “white sales” make capturing the look for yourself much more affordable.(Image: Pinterest)

For linens, pillows, throws, and accessories galore, look no further than a local TJMaxx/Marshalls HomeGoods:
Chair ($199), Furry Footstool ($49), Sweater Pillows ($22), Throws ($19), Chenille Pillows ($19), Candles ($9-$12), Ivory Platter ($24), Woven Vase ($24), Whitewashed Driftwood Planter ($49), Quartz ($39), Baskets ($12-$19).

Inspirational quotes and whimsical animals float about on the cloud-white backdrop of these SugarBoo Designs accent pillows at The Bilt-House ($145- $150).

Accents & Accessories

Odds are you already have white accessories at home – china, candles, books, pottery, picture frames – you get the idea. Group them together and you’ll create something new out of something old. It’s the ultimate in upcycling and budget-friendly, too. Shop around your house and create vignettes of white or add pops of white to your bookshelves. White unifies objects that at first blush may not seem to go together.

White and ivory candles may be one of the most elegant and simple touches possible. Roswell’s Provisions For Home offers a wide assortment, including these from E. Barrett ($12.95), Hillhouse Naturals ($18), and Kiss That Frog ($23.95).

Organic forms in white create beautiful composition in this vignette at The Bilt-House: Tulip Lamp ($395), White Poppy Sculpture by Stray Dog Designs ($129), Bird Vase ($79), Hand Bookends ($45)

Bright or muted, the fresh touch of white reflects just the right about of light to your gaze. Check out these finds at The Bilt-House: Casa Mia Collection pitcher ($119) and casseroles ($69-$119), Glass floor vase ($149), Face-To-Face Framing heritage frame ($129).

Cover Ups

A coat of white paint can hide a multitude of sins and give a fresh perspective to tired pieces. Benjamin Moore alone offers over 150 shades of white. Find one that fits with your décor — from undertones of blue, gray, pink and green to crisp whites and warm ivories, adding a coat of paint to an old chair, dresser or cabinet will perk up any environment.

Layer on the paint, or chip it off– no matter what the technique, the many shades of white paint can bring new life to old spaces and found objects. (Image: Pinterest)

Well, shut the front door… and add some chalkboard paint, a little distressing, chicken wire and loads of Ooh-La-La! Roswell Provisions For Home ($225).

Upcycled to high style, a white-washed wall bracket and hanging vase from Roswell Provisions For Home ($65).

Natural Touches & Textures

White craves the occasional rough hand from Mother Nature, like the leafless trees poking out of the smooth snow. Elements of nature are an easy and affordable way to add texture and depth to your décor. Place white birch branches in a vase, force bulbs or blooms from cherry trees or bring in fresh flowers – the perfect combination of winter white and spring awakening.

Warm winter white cozies. A cylinder vase, an old sweater, and tree branches create a new look for accessories. (Image: Brit + Co)

A bouquet of cotton branches is the perfect way to bring a little southern charm to winter decor.
Vintage Bottle with Cotton Stalks ($125) at The Bilt-House.

White orchids are a favorite. Readily available at local markets, and well worth the $15-$20 investment, look for ones with buds for maximum longevity. Slip into a pretty container for an easy-care plant offering months of enjoyment.

Forcing Paperwhites by the dozens freshens up winter days with the sweet fragrance of abundant white blossoms. (Images: Real Simple and Southern Living)

Stunning year round, white can be dressed up or down and used anywhere, anytime. Go ahead. Take a walk on the white side.

The newest spin-off from the popular Roswell Provision gourmet emporium, Provisions for Home features French flea market style at it’s best.

The Bilt-House offers an eclectic collections of fashions for you and your home at it’s locations in Buckhead, Roswell, and Serenbe.

Thank you, Connie! To contact Connie, see her profile on LinkedIn.

For more winter inspiration, visit our friends at Roswell’s Provisions for Home and The Bilt House, with locations in Buckhead, Roswell, and Serenbe.