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Bamboo, Cold-Pressed Juices in Atlanta

With 15 years of experience studying the diets and cultures of people across six continents, Bamboo CEO and founder Kelley Sibley knows a thing or two about the cold-press juicing trend. Taking principles learned from her studies all over the world, the idea for Bamboo was born. Today, the juice company is on a mission to not only provide the Atlanta-metro community with fresh, delicious and healthy juices, tonics and elixirs, but also to help the planet, too. As juicing becomes more and more prevalent, Kelley is the leader of the healthy pack.

Kelley Sibley of Bamboo Juices

CEO and founder Kelley Sibley is upfront about how she got started. “I am not a professional or certified anything, but am insanely passionate about health and cooking.”

Developed at first in her mother’s kitchen and now fully operational at her facility at nearby Serenbe Farms, Kelley’s idea for Bamboo came to her in the wake of an unexpected roadblock. “After a health scare in 2012, I began to research the power of food and instantly fell in love with the art of creating recipes and unique flavor combinations,” she says. What started as a woman with a juicer and a dream quickly grew into an industrial kitchen and a website. “I used to juice for myself, and then friends and family started asking me for some of my weird flavor combinations,” Kelley explains. “I set up a fridge in Mom’s garage, and people would drive down, take a juice and leave me some cash in my little lockbox” The rest, Kelley says, is history, and the business will celebrate its fourth anniversary in May.

Bamboo can be found throughout Atlanta, but Kelley was sure to select a home base that would  mirror her own values, and choosing Serenbe Farms was no accident. “Serenbe encompasses everything I believe in — the organic farm, a life in nature, a strong community and an indescribable energy that just makes you feel good the second you walk onto the land. I couldn’t dream of a better home for Bamboo,” she explains. In fact, curious juicers and fans of Bamboo can take a trip to Serenbe to visit Kelley’s facilities for free. “They can come in our kitchen and really learn how we make the juice, and why it’s way different from other juice bought in grocery stores. Everything we do is inspired by the work of Dr. Max Gerson. We aren’t about making random juices but about making high-quality health tonics that are really potent and have the power to change your health.” The secret to snagging an invitation to the next tour? Get on the mailing list.


Bamboo Juices

With a variety of green juice flavor options, there’s sure to be a juice for everyone.

Bamboo Juices

Whether you’re seeking a juicing lifestyle or just a sample, Bamboo is a wonderful (local!) place to start.

Bamboo’s process is unique and intentional, all with the goal of creating the best juice available on the market. “Everything is made in small batches, with simple ingredients, for a specific health reason, glass bottled for maximum purity, and made to order, so each customer consumes the juice right off the press. [It is also] of course made with precise intention and love. All these steps may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the difference in a standard juice and healing medicinal juice,” insists Kelley.

Besides their obvious health benefits, Bamboo’s juices are truly delicious. Flavors like Spinach Apple, Lemon Ginger, Cilantro Celery and Kelley’s favorite, Seasonal Greens, are just a few of Bamboo’s selections. And we haven’t even touched on our other go-to Bamboo products: the almond milks. Chocolatey, Salty Mocha, and textured, flavorful Coffee Almond are among our best-in-show picks.

While four years might seem like a short time to be in business, Kelley was truly a pioneer in the Atlanta juice industry, and without her vision, we might not have some of the other health-conscious companies we have today. When asked about what that was like, Kelley is unfazed: “I didn’t really think about it. I just started doing what I love without any expectations, and slowly everything transpired into what it is today.” Today, Bamboo is a thriving business. Customers can order online for next-day, and in some cases same-day delivery to maximize benefits and freshness. “Each juice is made specifically for the person and pressed just before it’s delivered. Even if you order way in advance we don’t make it until right before we send it to your house,” she explains. If you have a craving that needs to be filled fast, look no further than Bamboo’s other local partners.

Bamboo Juices

One of Bamboo’s most vibrant juices, Lemon Ginger, is great for detoxifying and liver strengthening.

Besides bringing unrivaled juice to your doorsteps, Kelley is on a mission to better the world around us, too. She describes her involvement with One Percent for the Planet as a huge milestone for her. “My greatest passion beyond health is the environment. I traveled around the world and saw firsthand how we are destroying the planet. My vision for Bamboo was to become a brand that makes a difference environmentally. Not only do we strive to be a zero-waste facility, but now a portion of every single sale goes to preserving the planet. This is a dream come true for me.”

With people like Kelley leading the way in both healthy choices and environmental responsibility, we know our future is in good hands. Bamboo’s juices can be delivered to your doorstep or picked up at area market partners (we love Lucy’s Market for getting our Bamboo fix).

Learn more about Bamboo and shop the selection at

All photos courtesy of Bamboo.


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