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Each spring, a rise in the popularity of bohemian-inspired materials like wicker, macrame and natural fringe hits the fashion scene. Recently, we’ve noticed a major emphasis on bamboo through all kinds of accessories, both to wear and to dress the home. Bamboo naturally accents your spring looks to reflects the light, bright and sun-filled days of the warmer seasons in a fashion-forward way, and we love the relaxed, easy-to-wear style of the material. Here are our current favorite bags, jewelry, accessories and home decor items plus one ultra-indulgent piece for those on the hunt for a designer find. These are the bamboo accessories you’ll want (and we’re swooning over) this spring!


We’re sure you’ve seen bamboo bags everywhere this season. From style bloggers to fashion magazines and everywhere in between, these funky, unique bags are making a splash, especially in our spring break wardrobes. Here, we’ve pulled together six very different, yet equally stylish options that will ensure you’re rocking the trend right.

This J.McLaughlin satchel (top left, $198) is one of our top picks due to its chic handle and structured shape. We also love the size — perfect for running errands or heading out on a spring date night! The small arc bamboo bag (top middle, $158) is a multi-colored twist on the super popular style. See the other shades, including the classic bamboo brown, here. This macrame bag (top right, $40) is about as boho-chic as it gets and features a fun bamboo handle while this tortoiseshell bag (bottom left, $68) makes bamboo glamorous through the hard casing and gold accents. The clutch (bottom middle, $168), also by J.McLaughlin, is understated and feminine with cross-stitching details, and this colorful bamboo bag (bottom right, $98) makes a statement. We recommend pairing this one with an all-black or all-white ensemble!


Bamboo bags are by far the most popular bag of the season. Here are our favorite styles. This J.McLaughlin satchel is $198, the small arc bag is $158, the macrame bag is $40, the tortoiseshell bag is $68, this clutch is $168, and this red bamboo bag is $98. Images: J.McLaughlin/Nordstrom


Bamboo is also becoming an on-trend pick for jewelry and accessories, namely earrings. Here, we’ve pulled together three of our favorite bamboo earrings: A simple hoop in a light, natural shade (top left, $44), a deeper brown set of bamboo earrings (top middle, $98) in that ever-popular small arc shape and hoop post earrings that feature a hammered gold accent (top right, $38). Plus a sophisticated, yet spring-appropriate warm brown leather belt (bottom left, $98) with a stylish gold bamboo accent and a set of earthy bamboo bracelets (bottom middle, $48). These shoes (bottom right, $198) are not actually made with bamboo, but they do add that same boho touch to a look and are super stylish with any spring ensemble.


We suggest dipping your toes into the bamboo trend pool with some easy-to-style accessories. Here are some favorites. These simple hoops are $44, the small arc earrings are $98, the post hoop earrings are $38, this J.McLaughlin belt is $98, the bamboo bracelet set is $48, and these spring heels are $198. Images: Anthropologie/Nordstrom/J.McLaughlin


Bamboo is also gaining popularity in home decor, specifically for those who go for an eclectic, earthy style. Here, we’ve pulled together four fun and funky home accessories that make incorporating the material into your decor easy and fashionable.

This bamboo basket (top left, $138) is a beautiful, yet casual addition to your family room or den. Plus it serves the practical purpose of storing blankets and throws. These bamboo candle holders (top right, $78-$98) make the flickering light of a soft candle even more romantic and soothing, while the towel rings (bottom left, $38 each) combine earthy and glam through bronze bamboo accents. Finally, keep food covered while dining outside in the most stylish way possible with this bamboo and fringe-covered food dome (bottom right, $98).


Bamboo isn’t just for fashion! Here are four stylish ways to bring the material into your home. This basket is $138, the candle holders are $78-$98, these bronze bamboo towel rings are $38 each, and this boho-chic food dome is $98. Images: Anthropologie


And, for those looking for a designer find, this Gucci bag is the handbag of the season. Complete with a bamboo handle, this is available in a few shades and offers all the signature style of a Gucci piece with an on-trend, yet unexpected twist.


If you’re looking to indulge in a luxury bag that features an on-trend bamboo accent, this Gucci bag is a beautiful option. It’s available in a few shades here. Image: Nordstrom


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