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SB Note: As a society, we have come a long way in terms of discussing sensitive topics that impact many people. However, there are still some subjects that are considered taboo and go largely unmentioned. Today’s article is one such topic, so consider this fair warning: this article is about yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vaginal odor. If those topics make you uncomfortable, then this is not the article for you. However, we are putting it out there in hopes that it can help women who chronically struggle with these issues and can’t find the outcome for which they are looking. If you or someone you love has struggled with these issues, we’re excited to tell you about this product that thousands of women have found relief using.


With a four-and-a-half-(out of five) star rating and nearly 3,400 reviews, pH-D® Feminine Health has a loyal following. And based on even a handful of those thousands of reviews, the product’s effectiveness is the reason why. Here’s a quick look at just a few of them:

“… about 3 months into my pregnancy with my 2nd child, I started getting BV and yeast infections. Up until that point I may have had 2 yeast infections in my entire life, but suddenly it was this ongoing thing that would not go away. … I was getting so irritated because my doctor seemed to just shrug it off as no big deal but the whole time I’m like, ‘this can’t be normal’.  … Eventually the BV went away but for A YEAR AND A HALF, I battled with the yeast. … I literally tried EVERYTHING. …yogurt, probiotics, teas, prescriptions, diet changes, over the counters — Monistat became part of my weekly shopping list. Then I was doing some research and read about boric acid. I came across these suppositories and figured I had nothing to lose. … It has been over a month and I have not had one trace of yeast or BV, and I have not even had to use any more suppositories beyond the initial 3. … It feels so good to feel normal again!”

“I was pretty damn desperate – recurring BV was severely affecting my self-esteem, my sex life and my relationship. I tried everything from tea tree oil, to apple cider vinegar, switched birth controls, probiotics, yogurt you name it. And then – I read about boric acid. Found this product and read the reviews. I can confirm that this product is the holy grail and finally fixed my recurring BV.”

The reviews — with titles like “24+ years of BV.. GONE – Where have these been all my life?” and “I’d like to take a moment to just cry for joy” and “When I tell you this is the absolute BEST thing ever invented for women” — go on and on and on. After reading through hundreds of these reviews and talking to women whose lives have been seriously changed based on this product, we knew we needed to write about it.

bacterial vaginosis treatment

pH-D® Feminine Health is easy to use and easy to find — get it online or at select drugstores and retailers.

First things first: What is bacterial vaginosis?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines bacterial vaginosis (BV) as “a condition that happens when there is too much of certain bacteria in the vagina. This changes the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina.” Described as the most common vaginal infection in women ages 15-44, BV symptoms are described by the CDC as including a thin white or gray vaginal discharge; pain, itching or burning in the vagina; a strong fish-like odor, especially after sex; burning when urinating and itching around the outside of the vagina.

When women struggle with BV or recurring feminine issues, such as yeast infections, it can trigger cycles of shame and embarrassment. At its worst, not addressing the problem can cause adverse health effects and keep women from living confidently. All of these factors led Deeannah Seymour to create pH-D® Feminine Health, an over-the-counter treatment that quickly and easily rebalances your vaginal health. It decreases — and in most cases, completely eliminates — any odors or discomfort.

Five years ago, Deeannah, who was working in pharmaceutical sales, recognized a big need in the feminine health market that wasn’t being met. When several rounds of antibiotics interfered with her own vaginal balance, and out of frustration with the traditional products available on the market, she made a commitment to find a natural solution to help women. She wanted to identify a solution that was over the counter and didn’t involve strange ingredients, and she found that in boric acid.

bacterial vaginosis treatment by Deeannah Seymour pH-D® Feminine Health

Deeannah Seymour is the creator of pH-D® Feminine Health, an over-the-counter feminine health product that many say is life-changing. Since launching pH-D® Feminine Health, she has left her full-time job and fully dedicated herself to getting her product into the hands of the women who need it most.

Boric acid works as an antiviral and antifungal, effective against Candida albicans and the more resistant Candida glabrata yeast strains. “Having a science and pharmaceutical background, I wanted something backed by clinical data. I found that in boric acid,” Deeannah says, referencing the product’s main ingredient. “A lot of times, I think healthcare professionals are used to prescribing what they’re trained on, and boric acid hasn’t been mainstreamed or made readily available.”

While her product is not FDA-approved, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, pH-D® Feminine Health is clearly changing women’s lives. It’s simple to use and easy to purchase — find it on Amazon or at select retailers, including CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and Target. Each bottle contains 72 suppositories, with 600 milligrams of medical-grade boric acid in each suppository.

“We suggest that women insert it at night so it has a chance to work,” Deeannah says. “When the capsule dissolves, the boric acid goes to work to restore the natural, healthy balance.” And because the product is all-natural, many customers use it even when they’re not experiencing vaginal odor. “Many women use it for preventing (odor) from occurring, by inserting it a few times a week, or using it after intercourse or their period.”

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Based on the thousands of reviews, pH-D® Feminine Health is accomplishing exactly what Deeannah intended. Because of this success, Deeannah has left her full-time job, fully dedicating herself to getting her product into the hands of the women who need it most. Now sold on Amazon, as well as at major retailers like CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and Target, pH-D® Feminine Health is quickly climbing the ranks of “must-have products” for women. Ultimately, Deeannah hopes pH-D® Feminine Heath empowers women to resume their lives and not let chronic feminine health issues stand in their way.

“Part of my mission is to remove the stigma associated with vaginal health and to let women know that it’s not a hygiene issue. It’s something they can actually control with our product,” Deeannah says. “By December, we’ll be in 8,000 locations nationwide. That’s largely thanks to the reviews and how evangelical the women are about these products. Some women have suffered for more than 20 years without a solution that really worked. It’s debilitating for a lot of women. To read the reviews and hear just how their lives have been changed because of this — that is what I love most. I knew I had to make this available to the millions of women who need it.”

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Looking back on her journey to creating pH-D® Feminine Health, Deeannah admits that she never envisioned that a wild idea would take off in such a big way. She credits much of her success to one simple principle: believing in herself.

“My motto has become faith over fear,” she says. “I think that oftentimes as women, we imagine the worst-case scenario — which is good — but we don’t need to dwell on that. We need to have faith to make that leap, whatever it may be.”

As with any medical concern, it’s always best to consult with your physician before starting a new treatment plan. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. To learn more about pH-D® Feminine Health, click HERE.


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