Remember the joy you felt as a child when you heard those bells down your street and then caught sight of the ice cream truck rolling by your house — and the utter joy that quickly followed? We are lucky to capture that epicurean excitement as adults because Atlanta food trucks seem to be everywhere in this city. These gourmet mobile restaurants might be prepping to serve your hungry colleagues during the office lunch break, filling the entire family’s belly for dinner at a nearby park, partying with the rest of us at a festival like Shaky Knees or just hunkering down at the Atlanta Food Truck Park. Either way, we took a gander at some of the finest meals on wheels and offer our guide to the best Atlanta food trucks, complete with social handles so you can keep up with their whereabouts. Let’s get ready to chow down.


Who’s ready to chow down?!

Meatballerz • (404) 861-6088

FB: MeatballerzATL | T: @meatballerzATL | IG: @meatballerzATL

There are meatballs, and then there are meatballz! This Italian eatery makes fresh meatballz from fresh herbs, fine cheese and other carefully thought-out ingredients. Keep in mind that these meaty concoctions are huge, so leave room in your appetite for the “ball in a hole” — an Italian boule (roll) has a lid cup on the top and is filled with the signature meatball, along with their signature red gravy (sauce) and mozzarella cheese; then the lid is closed and the whole thing is toasted (you can also get your meatball “on a stick” or “on a bed”).


Meatballerz’ meatballs are about the size of the containers they’re served in!

Freckled & Blue • (404) 989-5571

FB: Freckled & Blue | T: @freckledandblue

Freckled & Blue (named after the skin and eyes of the owners, a husband-and-wife team) started as a food truck creating a modern spin on Southern cuisine. The couple realized they wanted to focus on catering and now cook tasty dishes like Mediterranean deviled eggs, pimento cheese and other favorites. These “FaB” items (get it, Freckled And Blue) became so, well, fab that the owners opened a brick-and-mortar food store and restaurant counter in Smyrna — just in case you don’t want to track their tasty truck.

Happy Belly • (404) 719-3256

FB: Happy Belly Truck | T: @happybellytruck

We love when the name of the food truck will tell you exactly what’s going to happen during and after your meal. Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen serves a “farm to street” menu and yes, you read that right. Happy Belly food truck has a Big Green Egg on the truck (!) to create juicy grilled meats, veggies and anything else that tastes great being cooked on that delicious smoker. We recommend trying the succulent sandwiches, like The Georgian Burger (grass-fed short rib brisket hamburger, grilled on the Big Green Egg) served with sweet Vidalia onion relish, cheddar cheese and ancho chili dressing — all on a Holeman and Finch bun. If you don’t eat meat, there are other yummy options like the Veg Head veggie sandwich and the One for the Kipper kale salad with salmon.

Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen

Happy Belly makes your belly, and the rest of your body, very happy!

Nectar • (404) 633-4400

FB: Nectar | T: @nectarga

Live like a god and treat your body like a temple with the wholesome offerings from Nectar. Food trucks may have a bad rap as greasy spoons, but these days these mobile restaurants, like Nectar, serve some good-for-you items like amazing smoothies (I went with the green smoothie featuring kale, cucumber, apple and pineapple, or try the Paleo, with kale, mango, banana and almond milk). This juicing truck also offers great paninis, salads and other diet-friendly meals.

Mix’D UP • (404) 822-6758

FB: Mix’d Up | T: @mixdupburgers |IG: @mixdupfood

If food trucks had personalities, Mix’D UP would be that hard-partying rocker who loves downing a burger right before he goes on stage. This gourmet hamburger truck (which also has a convenient truck stop in Grant Park) serves creative takes on, you guessed it, America’s favorite sandwich. Standouts include Rockin’ Hero Bite (lamb burger with tzatziki and feta), The Pile (Angus cheeseburger topped with cheesy Buffalo fries) and more. And seriously, don’t get us started on The Strings — shoestring fries topped with a smorgasbord of delicious, naughty ingredients (i.e., the Southern includes shredded cheese, pulled pork and barbecue sauce).

Mix'd Up Burgers

Besides Mix’D UP‘s food truck, the delicious burger business has a brick-and-mortar truck stop in Grant Park.

Yumbii • (404) 285-0357

FB: Yumbii | T: @Yumbii | IG: @Yumbii

The only thing better than eating Korean food and Mexican food is eating Korean-Mexican food! Yumbii achieves that difficult, delicate task of combining two ethnic cuisines in a delicious, perfect way. The Korean barbecue fish tacos are, by far, my favorite thing on the menu but you can’t go wrong with any of the items, including specialties like the Yumbii Philly (French roll with Asian ribeye, cucumber kimchi, onions and Sriracha cheese) paired with their awesome sesame fries.


These fish tacos from Yumbii are super fresh, delicious and ready to be devoured!

Conch Fritter King • (404) 913-KING (5464)

FB: Conch Fritter King | T: @KingofConch | IG: @ConchFritterKing

The Caribbean comes to Atlanta in the form of the tasty food from Conch Fritter King, specializing in serving “the freshest, most tender conch meat in (their) conch fritters, conch salad and fried cracked conch.” So pretty much, if you like eating this shellfish/sea snail/marine mollusk/whatever you call it, you should be following the whereabouts of this royal food truck.

Mac the Cheese • (404) 226-5729

FB: Mac the Cheese Truck | T: @macthecheeseatl

Order sunshine in a bowl with Mac the Cheese’s various takes on mac and cheese, including Buffalo Chicken Mac (chicken breast tossed in Buffalo sauce, fontina mac, blue cheese crumbles and celery) and Spinach and Artichoke Mac. Or satisfy your cheesy cravings with other offerings like Blue Cheese BLT and Meatloaf Melt.

The Blaxican • (404) 606-3737

FB: Blaxican Food Truck | T@blaxicanfood

As Joey Tribbiani might say: “Soul food? Good. Mexican food? Good. Food trucks? Good.” Put that all together and you’re making a run to The Blaxican. This tongue-in-cheek eatery serves delicious items like smoked sausage tacos (complete with the Blaxican barbecue rub) but we think go for the Blaxican Bowl: Choose any meat item, like grilled steak or tilapia, with all the toppings served atop “mexy” rice and black-eyed peas.

The Deep South Biscuit Co. • (404) 824-0121

FB: The Deep South Biscuit Co. | IG: @deepsouthbiscuitco

There’s nothing that screams “Atlanta” more than enjoying a great big, fluffy Southern biscuit. Diners here will enjoy stopping at The Deep South Biscuit Co. and ordering signature sandwiches like the Ricky Bobby (buttermilk fried chicken, Tender Belly bacon and cheddar cheese) and Southern Buddha (fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese and peach-pepper jelly). Make sure you hit this food truck early so you can also have the chance to sink your teeth into super popular (and constant sellout) sides like Mac & Cheese Deluxe and tater tots.

The Deep South Biscuit Co.

The Deep South Biscuit Co. offers amazing sandwiches, all stuffed between their fluffy, heaping biscuits.

The Fry Guy • (678) 606-7151

FB: The Fry Guy | T: @atlfryguy

Sometimes, the sides are better than the main dish, and nobody proves that so eloquently (and deliciously) as The Fry Guy. This potato-obsessed truck takes French fries very seriously, and you will too after sampling a few like the Bacon Fries (bacon, bacon mayo, green onion), Parmesan Truffle Fries (parmesan cheese, white truffle oil), Bangkok Fries (Thai peanut sauce, curry mayo, white onion, peanut crumbles, green onion) and many more tasty snacks.

Bento Bus • (678) 439-6277

FB: Bento Bus | T: @BentoBusATL | IG: @BentoBus

Not only does Bento Bus offer healthy, Japanese-inspired cuisine, they also have a super-cute food truck that just screams anime and will bring a smile to your face as you watch it roll by on the streets of Atlanta. A few standouts that you need to try include the Surrito (sushi burrito), Nacho Boat (fried wonton chips, covered with your choice of protein, seasoned lettuce, Asian pico de gallo and other toppings) and a modern take on a delicious rice bowl.

Not As Famous Cookie Co • (404) 587-1661

FB: Not As Famous Cookie Company | T: @notasfamous | IG: @notasfamous

All those delicious burgers, tacos and sandwiches are just calling for a sweet dessert and Not As Famous Cookie Co is here to satisfy all those sweet teeth/tooths/tooth (you get the point). Classic flavors range from chocolate chip to oatmeal but it’s the truck’s signature flavors that really make these desserts stand out: peanut butter chocolate chip with pretzel, cranberry oatmeal with pecans, macadamia nut with cranberry … and don’t get us started on the cookie cakes and bars!

Not As Famous Cookie Co...

Follow up the savory food trucks with a sweet treat from Not As Famous Cookie Co — or just eat dessert for dinner!

Buena Gente • 678-744-5638

FB: Buena Gente Cuban Bakery  | T: @buenagenteatl | IG: @buenagenteatl

The streets of Atlanta may seem more like the streets of Havana after hanging out with the “good people” of Buena Gente (that’s what the name means). Offerings include the traditional, like Cuban sandwiches, various empanada fillings, arroz con leche and flan. Make sure to wash all that good stuff down with their Cuban coffees — try the Cortadito, a double shot of Cuban coffee cut with steamed milk) and sodas.

Cape Pies • 770-597-4535

FB: Cape Pies | T: @Cape  Pies

We in the South love a good meat pie, and Cape Pies offers the best of savory, handheld, all-in-one meals — except these have a South African twist as the owners immigrated from Cape Town back in 1998. The truck has classic pies like chicken pot pie but there’s also steak and mushroom, beef curry, spinach and feta, and bacon cheeseburger. And for those of you who need a sweet pie to chase that savory one, Cape Pies does offer a few desserts like custard and chocolate tarts, as well as koeksisters (South African-style doughnut holes dipped in orange glaze and topped with coconut).


Nectar food truck serves delicious food that’s actually really great for you. I happen to love their smoothies, so make sure you order one!

Sno-Good Sno-Balls • (770) 670-9378

FB: SnoGoodSnoBalls | IG: @snogoodsnoballs

Anyone who has ever lived in New Orleans — or even just visited there — knows that you don’t order a “snowcone,” “Icee,” not even a “snow ball.” This icy treat is always called a “snoball” (hyphenation is debatable), and Atlantans can get a taste of this sweet, summer treat by visiting Sno-Good Sno-Balls. Flavors include authentic New Orleans ones like Tiger Blood (berry with a hint of coconut) and Wedding Cake, as well as local specialties like Georgia Peach. And just like the New Orleans originals, you can stuff these (add ice cream) and/or cap them (add condensed milk).

Smokin’ Mo’s BBQ • (404) 514-6058

FB: Smokin’ Mo’s BBQ | T: @smokinmos | IG: @smokinmosbbq

There are some great food trucks to be found throughout Atlanta, including for you OTP (outside the perimeter) bunch — Dunwoody has Food Truck Thursdays at Brook Run Park, and Brookhaven’s Wednesday food truck nights at Blackburn Park have become huge attractions. And that’s why we had to add Canton’s own Smokin’ Mo’s BBQ Food Truck (also because we love delicious, authentic smoked Georgia barbecue). Choose from Mo’s pulled meats — pork, brisket, chicken — as well as ribs, smoked sausage and other meaty items. And of course, don’t forget about the great sides like homemade potato salad and Brunswick stew.

Atlanta food trucks

It’s a food truck frenzy!!


Street Treats • (404) 816-8050

FB: Street Treats | T: @citydogmarket1 | IG: @streettreatsatl

Don’t forget about those four-legged friends when hitting up the best Atlanta food trucks! Street Treats is a treat truck just for dogs, stocked full of the tastiest items, from the humans behind City Dog Market. This is one truck you won’t mind Fido chasing around the block!

There are so many more AMAZING Atlanta food trucks that we just couldn’t include on the list (seriously, there’s more than 100 delicious trucks that roam city streets). Visit The Atlanta Street Food Coalition to learn more about the amazing businesses working hard to fill your bellies throughout the city and to find out where they’ll be serving next!


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