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The approaching cooler temperatures mean cooler FINDS of course! We found some of our favorite things to make you smile, look good and just feel amazing as September brings fall into Atlanta.


Dry shampoo

When your hair needs a little zhooshing up but there’s not a shower or hairdryer to be found, go with a trusty dry shampoo that creates volume and cleans hair without the water. We like the choices at Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare in Brookhaven, as there are options for all hair types, as well as a nettle formulation for oily hair. Carry a can, $19.50 each, in your bag or leave in your car when you need a quick hair pick-me-up.

styleblueprint atlanta dry shampoo

Klorane dry shampoo, $19.50, available at Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare

Cooling body mist

Give your body a cooling wake-me-up with Little Barn Apothecary‘s Cooling Mineral Mist, $22. We like the coconut and mint combo, which makes you feel like you’ve just been at a tropical island instead of a grueling workout or surviving the last hot rays of the summer sun. You can order the bottle online or visit Little Barn Apothecary’s brand new brick-and-mortar store that recently opened in West Midtown.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds little barn apothecary

Little Barn Apothecary’s Cooling Mineral Body Mist, $22

Non-toxic nail polish

Though this item could go in the kids’ section as well, we thought anyone — child or adult — who wants to live a life free of toxic chemicals would be interested in Piggy Paint. These nail polishes, $6.99 per bottle, use a water-based formula, are hypoallergenic and dry to a hard, durable finish. Visit Pigtails & Crewcuts to pick up one of these fun, colorful bottles!

styleblueprint atlanta piggy paint nail polish

Pigtails & Crewcuts sell the Piggy Paint nail polish line for $6.99 per bottle.


Teething ring

Atlanta is a city in love with baseball — and we like to start our fans young. Really young. Develop that Braves’ pride by letting your little one drool all over their first piece of paraphernalia: this Braves’ A silicone teething ring, $3.99, from Brilliant Sky Toys and Books.

styleblueprint atlanta september 2016 finds Braves teething ring

Brilliant Sky Toys and Books’ 100% silicone teething ring, $3.99


Although this is a great product for kids and adults alike, we thought this puzzle, $23 from steve mckenzie’s, is a great way for Junior to learn about our national parks AND have a weekend activity. The store also carries puzzles of individual parks, states and regions … once you’ve figured this one out.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds national parks puzzle

National park puzzle, $23, from steve mckenzie’s.

Art board books

Expose young children to fine art in a cute and fun way with these great board books, $6.99, from Binders Art Supplies and Frames. Each book has a fun narrative that matches well with the wonderful art created by geniuses like Matisse, Monet, Picasso and more.

styleblueprint atlanta september 2016 finds kids art books

Masterpiece art board books, $6.99 each, from Binders Art Supplies and Frames.



Forget “Happy Wife, Happy Life” — the new motto is “Happy Girl, Happy World.” Good thing this reminder comes in pink font on a super cute, cropped comfy shirt (with rad zipper detailing), $128, at Frolic Boutique. This shirt is a great gift for the girl who has (or wants) it all or, better yet, a gift to yourself!

styleblueprint atlanta september finds happy girl sweatshirt

“Happy Girl, Happy World” cropped top, $128, from Frolic Boutique in Buckhead

Fatigue jacket

The return of September means the return of jacket weather! We seriously LOVE this fatigue jacket, $148, from Free People (at their own store on the Westside). Not only is the pattern obviously cute but it also has some cool camouflaged details, like a hidden zipper and pockets all over the place.

Styleblueprint atlanta september finds fatigue jacket

Free People‘s fatigue jacket, $148


The great thing about September is that it’s starting to cool off, yet it’s still warm enough for lightweight clothing. Look adorable soaking in the last warm weather days in this clever, pom pom caftan, $154, from Atlanta-based online marketplace Dear Keaton.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds dear keaton pom pom caftan

Pom pom caftan, $154, from Dear Keaton


There’s nothing worse during a workout than having your underwear ride up, slide down or otherwise just be a pain in the butt (hehe). Start your workout with the best foundation, like these super lightweight stretch underwear, $9.95 on sale at Roadrunner Sports. These undies, which come in black, white and navy (pictured here) are great for running and will stay in place during the long haul.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds stretch underwear

Pure stretch underwear from Roadrunner Sports, on sale for $9.95

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Those old motivational posters with a kitty telling you to “hang in there” are so 1984; instead, feed your inner cheerleader with these inspirational pennants, $26, from Erika Reade Ltd. With messages like “Do Hard Things,” “Be Strong” and “Courage,” these pennants will get you pumped for the challenges that await you.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds motivational pendants

Motivational pennants, $26, from Erika Reade Ltd.


We love the mod look when it comes to furniture. You can see a modernized version of that style in this cream-colored, hair on hide chair, $1,395, from Lewis & Sheron Textiles. This one-of-a-kind, birch wood accent chair would be the perfect addition to elevate any room’s current design.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds chair

One-of-a-kind, hair on hide accent chair, $1,395, from Lewis & Sheron Textiles



Some gals prefer low-key jewelry that might not be large and glitzy yet still makes a statement. These killer studs, $14 per pair from Dakota J’s are the perfect gift for a lady looking to dress up her ears in a laid-back vibe. The really cool thing about these studs is the packaging itself — each backing has a cool image that matches the earrings (trees, lotus flowers, calaveras/decorative skulls).

styleblueprint atlanta september finds earring studs

Earring studs, $14 per pair, available in shapes like trees, lotus flowers and decorative skulls from Dakota J’s

Dog collar

So we didn’t know where to place this lovely dog collar in our FINDS article but figured it’s jewelry for your fur baby and thus should stand proudly with the other accessories. This gorgeous Kenyan beaded collar, $64 from Highland Pet Supply, will have Fido checking himself out in the mirror … too bad he might not recognize that it’s him he’s looking at.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds beaded dog collar

Beaded dog collar, $64, from Highland Pet Supply


We love featuring a splurge item, and this deer necklace from The Style Sanctum is definitely it! Wearing something sparkly around your neck doesn’t have to be boring and this diamond encrusted, leather choker, $2,125 designed by S. Carter Designs, definitely will have people talking about your interesting taste in jewelry (and wildlife).

styleblueprint atlanta september finds deer choker

Diamond-and-leather deer choker, $2,125, from The Style Sanctum.



We love stopping by West Midtown’s Brash when we need a caffeinated fix — it’s a cool, petite coffee shop right smack in the middle of Westside Provisions. But if you don’t have time to stop by for a visit or want to create your own little coffeehouse in the middle of your kitchen, pick up their bagged whole beans, $18.50, and make a brew whenever you’d like.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds brash coffee

Brash bagged coffee beans, $18.50

Steak sauce

Show some love for the A-T-L with the ATL-1 Steak Sauce, $15, from Preserving Place. Not only is it made in our hometown, the primary ingredient also features an Atlanta icon: Coca-Cola’s original formula (without the high fructose corn syrup). Slather this on ribs, hamburgers and, of course, steak — and you’ll be entering a meaty heaven.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds steak sauce

Preserving Place’s own ATL-1 Steak Sauce, $15

Pimento cheese

Pimento cheese is a regional staple that can be found at just about any self-respecting Southern eatery. Pair that addictive condiment/dip/entrée with a soft, flaky biscuit and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a (Southern) king. We came across these pimento cheese tubs (in regular and “Fiery Southern Style”), $9.95, in the fridges at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit in Virginia-Highland for purchase, so we had to pick up one or two (or six) — and you should, too!

styleblueprint atlanta september finds pimento cheese

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit‘s pimento cheese, $9.95


Okay, so maybe we’ve got biscuits on the brain but another tasty spread is the Blueberry & Wine Jam, $8.25, from Savory Spice Shop. Locally made at Fairywood Thicket Farm, this sweet jam features blueberries and a surprise note from the Riesling wine.

styleblueprint atlanta september finds jam

Savory Spice Shop’s Blueberry Wine Jam, $8.25

There’s no better way than welcoming the new season with new buys for you and your circle than at these great Atlanta stores! Happy shopping!


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