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Who needs to wander aimlessly around town looking for the perfect birthday gift or updates for your spring wardrobe when we’ve already done the work for you?! Take a look at our March FINDS and see what items are totally knocking our socks off this month.

(And, we interrupt this March FINDS list to remind you that it’s Super Tuesday! Remember to VOTE! The best FIND today is that “I Voted” sticker! Okay, now back to this kickin’ list!)


Coffee table

Anglophiles will love this modern, custom Union Jack coffee table. The furniture item is a cool spot to serve high tea and lay out your collection of Harry Potter books — or just have an awesome table that’ll have guests talking about your seriously rad taste. The table retails for $1,495 at Westside Market, but the design collective price is $1,195.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: coffee table

Westside Market’s Union Jack coffee table, available at a special price of $1,195

Tea towels

The ultimate hard worker of the kitchen is the tea towel, so make sure your tough “everycloths” look cute hanging from the oven handle or wall hooks. These funny towels, $12.50, from Decatur’s Wild Oats & Billy Goats pay homage to our Southern roots, show off our true Georgia pride and poke a little fun at making a home.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: tea towels

Wild Oats & Billy Goats’ Georgia-centric tea towels, $12.50 each


Now that spring is here, it’s time to celebrate the cheery season with these floral placemats, $34 each, from Gramercy. The patchwork daisy design and happy blue hue will only enhance the wonderful salads and grilled foods you’ll be serving as the weather continues to warm up. Want to really impress your guests? Make sure to tell them that these placemats are made of abaca, the natural fibers that come from the inner bark of the banana leaf!

Atlanta Finds March 2016: placemats

Cheerful floral placemat, $34 from Gramercy

Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles help relax sore, tense muscles and keep you snug during a cold night. Hot water bottles wearing cozy Alpaca sweaters are helpful AND just plain adorable! These awesome bottles, $118 from steve mckenzie’s, come in a variety of colors and will be a welcome sight for weary bodies.

StyleBlueprint Atlanta alpaca hot water bottles

Super cute, comfy, cozy Alpaca-sweatered hot water bottles, $118 from steve mckenzie’s


Sure, you want your food to look great on the plate, but what about looking great in the pot, as well? Stop by The Cook’s Warehouse and buy the chic French Bull Super Cooker, $99.99, in colorful patterns like the geometric “ziggy” and the floral “gala.” Not only will the pot look fabulous sitting on your stove, it actually helps create some delicious meals.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: cookware

This fabulous cooking pot from The Cook’s Warehouse costs $99.99 and comes in two very cool patterns.

Gold leaf dishes

Amp up the sparkle in your home with gold leaf dishes, $36 each, perfect for your bedside, vanity or bathroom countertops. Store your everyday jewelry, hair accessories or other sundry items in these metallic pieces from Trinity Mercantile in Decatur.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: gold leaf plates

Store your everyday jewelry in these lovely gold leaf dishes, $36 each from Trinity Mercantile.


Halter dress

Show off those shoulders and welcome spring with this super cute fuchsia dress, $55, from Sole Shoes & Accessories. Pink is another one of those bright colors you’ll be seeing a lot of this season, so stay on-trend with a great dress that shows off your irreverent style and the body you’ve been burying under layers and layers of warm clothing.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: halter dress

Fuchsia halter dress, $55 from Sole Shoes & Accessories

Flannel shirt

Modern flannel shirts make a great addition to any spring wardrobe — since Atlanta weather can go from warm to chilly to rainy within an hour. It’s great to have a cute plaid shirt like this Patagonia one from High Country Outfitters. We especially like the pattern (portofino pink), and if you go now, this $89 shirt is on sale!

Atlanta Finds March 2016: plaid

High Country Outfitters has this great plaid shirt on sale for 30 percent off the $89 price tag.

Running capris

If you’re working on your fitness, put on Saucony’s Bullet capris, now in new colors and patterns for spring. These cool capris, available from Big Peach Running Co. for $68, offer support and comfort, as well as super helpful accessories, like mesh cargo pockets and reflective trim for night jogging.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: capri pants

We tucked the tag into the cargo pockets so you could see how much storage you get with these fabulous capri pants, $68 from Big Peach Running Co.

Convertible skirt

Everyone knows that having a handy-dandy hybrid in your closet is a great way to get the most out of your wardrobe. Enter the convertible skirt, $40, from Hello Gorgeous Boutique & Café. This romantic piece has an elasticized waist and ties that tuck in when worn as a skirt, but can be knotted around the neck to change into a bohemian halter dress.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: convertible skirt

Transform your look from day to night with this convertible skirt, $40, that can also be worn as a halter dress. See this and other styles at Hello Gorgeous in Chamblee.



Dear Mother Nature, if you could please get rid of winter’s last holdout and endless rain, we’d all greatly appreciate it — signed, every Atlanta lady waiting to show off her new sandals. Check out these sweet and sexy nude wedges, $190, from Tulipano in Buckhead. Get those pedicures soon because open-toed shoes are back!

Atlanta Finds March 2016: wedges

Nude wedges, $190 from Tulipano

Orange pumps

If you read our spring trends story, you know that orange is the IT color for spring. Pair these fabulous pumps, $189, from M2 Mode Marche with a flirty dress or slim jeans in a dark hue. Whatever fabulous function you’re headed to, these orange heels are the perfect way to update your ensemble.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: orange pumps

Orange is THE color for spring, so stay on-trend with these fabulous pumps, $189, from M2 Mode Marche.


Jelly purse

Remember the beloved jelly shoes of your childhood — the smell of the plastic sandals hanging in your closet, the lines that crisscrossed your feet after a day of running around the playground, the wide-eyed wonder you got from seeing the dizzying array of jelly colors at the store? Well, they’re back in a new form — as super cute purses, $49, from children’s store Buckles Childrens Shoe Boutique. There are a bunch of styles to choose from, but we had to go with Elsa blue for all those little girls still driving their families crazy with “Let It Go.”

Atlanta Finds March 2016: jelly purse

Buckles’ jelly purse, $49, is a super-sweet addition to any young girl’s closet. (Obviously, the store carries lots of cute bows, as well as shoes and bags.)

Thumbprint art

Sugarboo & Co. has some pretty cute whimsical items, but we love this adorable Thumbprint Masterpieces book, $14.95, to entertain the kiddos. Any child (or child at heart) just takes his thumb, plants it in the ink and creates adorable characters on the pad with the help of stickers and other craft additions.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: thumbprint art

Keep the kiddos entertained with this cute Thumbprint Masterpieces book, $14.95 from Sugarboo & Co.


Firming body crème

Exercise does do a body good, but sometimes you need a little assistance with the firming and tightening. After your relaxing massage at The Buckhead Massage Company, pick up a bottle of Body Spa Cell.U.Lift firming body crème for $35 (marked down from the original price tag of $70) in their retail section.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: creme

The Buckhead Massage Company has their firming body creme on sale for $35.

Bar soap

Whole Foods has so many great items to cleanse your body, inside and out. Their bar soap display, at the Buckhead location, totally floored us with the customizable size ($1.50 per ounce) and the one-of-a-kind scents. Not sure how many people want to smell like Dirty Hippie or Pipe Tobacco & Coffee, but you never know. In case you were wondering, our favorite scents were Tangerine Eucalyptus and Fennel Lavender.

Atlanta Finds March 2016: soaps

Get organic hand soaps for $1.50 per ounce at the Whole Foods in Buckhead. We recommend Tangerine Eucalyptus!

Have a great time searching our our favorite FINDS for some much-needed (or wanted) retail therapy. And remember, don’t forget to tell these Atlanta boutiques that StyleBlueprint sent you!

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