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You know we’re all about the ladies here at StyleBlueprint. However, every once in a while, we think the menfolk could use a little loving, and what better month than June, when fathers/uncles/brothers/grandfathers/overall cool dudes get a Sunday all to themselves (well, that and Super Bowl Sunday). We’ve decided that our June FINDS will bridge the gap between bras and bros, thus spotlighting some rad products that both genders would love to have!


Denim shirt

You want your man to look good this summer, so take his fashion game to the next level by visiting THOMAS WAGES (formerly Tweeds) on Marietta Street in Midtown. We are loving this lightweight denim button-down, $155. It’s the perfect shirt to dress up or down, and the soft denim will totally survive the warm weather.


Remain stylish this summer with this THOMAS WAGES denim shirt, $155.

Bath salts

June is the time for outdoor activities and long summer days of family sports. When your honey needs to relax those weary muscles and doesn’t want to smell like your jasmine and rose bath soap, it’s time to pull out the big guns. We love Molton Brown’s bracing silverbirch thermal muscle soak, available at The Cosmetic Market for $30.


The Cosmetic Market carries this amazing thermal muscle soak for $30.

Candles Mandles

We’re not sure testosterone has a smell, so the next best thing to entice the brooding hunk in your life is The Mandle. Available at Mountain High Outfitters for $19, these soy candles for men come in scents like The Biker (scent: leather), Mama’s Boy (scent: clean laundry), Mountain Man (scent: fresh pine) and more.


The Mandle, $19 from Mountain High Outfitters, is a great gift for any dude. Or if you don’t have a special guy in your life right now, at least your house can smell like you do!

Moonshine cherries

Technically, this one can go in the For Everyone category, but whenever we hear the word moonshine, it reminds us of a burly man sprouting chest hairs and drinking raw eggs. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine marinated some maraschino cherries in their 100-proof moonshine to create the literal cherry on your boozy drink, available at Corks & Caps for $24.99. Bonus? After you eat all the cherries, use the leftover moonshine-cherry juice in other cocktails.


Moonshine cherries, $24.99 from Corks & Caps, will put the finishing touch on your cocktail!

Cocktail syrup

So if we’re going to have moonshine cherries, we obviously need to create the perfect drink to drop those suckers in. Enter Proof Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrups, each $22 that come in three flavors — traditional (sugar, bitters, citrus), pecan (Georgia pecan-infused bitters) and maple bacon (hickory-smoked cane sugar, bacon, maple syrup). Proof is a local company and offers the tastiest additions to your man’s well-stocked bar.


Locally made Proof Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrups come in three flavors for $22 each.

Travel bag

Pardon our language, but Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is somewhat of a s–t storm when it comes to getting through security in one piece. Make your sweetie’s trek a little easier and a whole lot more stylish with this gorgeous garment bag, $695, from H. Stockton Atlanta. This canvas and leather bag is a lovely way of showing the busy man in your life how much you miss him during his business trips.


Your special guy will look great during his travels with this gorgeous garment bag, $695, from H. Stockton Atlanta.


A calming moment of the general grandeur of the great outdoors is caught on canvas with the painting, “Twilight Flight III,” from Gregg Irby Gallery. Jill Holland’s 10-by-10-inch piece is available for $220 and is a great addition for any country boy who loves spending time under the great big blue.


This lovely 10-by-10-inch painting by Jill Holland, celebrating the outdoors, is available at Gregg Irby Gallery for $220.

Anti-shine powder

Everybody gets a little shiny in the summer, even men. Keep your dude looking cool by giving him anti-shine powder in his skin tone, available for $35 from Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare in Brookhaven.


Stop by Julian’s Cosmetics + Skincare to get this anti-shine powder, $35, for your glistening guy.



The perfect summer shoe is at Sorelle — the super cute, goes-with-anything gold sneaks, $79. Whether heading out to an all-day festival, spending the afternoon in Piedmont Park or looking for great shoes to match a casual sundress, these Kaanas kicks are a cool way to dress up or down a summer ensemble. Plus, the golden threading totally elevates the shoe!


Just like the pillow says, these gold flats, $79, from Sorelle make us happy.

Facial scrub

Def Leppard must have had some insight about skin care when they sang “pour some sugar on me.” Seraphim Skin Care has an amazing, lemon sugar, facial exfoliant and brightener that buffs away dry skin and reveals a younger-looking you. This organic-based, natural polish costs $24 and rinses away clean, leaving clear, gorgeous skin.


Seraphim’s Lemon Sugar Scrub, $24, will get rid of dead skin cells and help you show off your youthful glow.

Eyelash enhancer

Give your natural eyelashes a boost with a serum that claims to thicken, lengthen and condition your lashes. NatureLashes, $80, from Amazing Lash Studio, is a product that will help the health and overall look of your peepers by nourishing your lashes.


Amazing Lash Studio carries NatureLashes, $80, in their various locations throughout Atlanta.


Acupressure massage mat

Whether your feet are crammed in heels all day or you’ve been running laps at the gym for hours, everybody’s feet need a little pick-me-up. The Spoonk acupressure massage travel mat, $35.99, from Natural Body Spa and Shop will reinvigorate your tired tootsies and sulky skin with energizing pressure. Plus, the mat was part of Oprah’s O List!


Not only will this acupressure mat, $35.99 from Natural Body Spa and Shop, do wonders for your feet, you can also roll it up and stick it under your neck and other areas in need of a little TLC.

Squeeze pouches

On the sexy side of things, squeeze pouches probably aren’t at the top of the list; however, these colorful, silicone products, available at Baby Love, come in super handy when the rugrats are in serious need of a blended snack. The 4-ounce pouches, $14.99, and 6-ounce pouches, $15.99, will end up saving money and the environment, as they are reusable and toxin-free.


Do good by your kiddos and the environment by stopping by Baby Love and picking up these reusable squeeze pouches (4-ounce is $14.99, 6-ounce is $15.99).

Canned wine

All you oenophiles may roll your eyes, but consider how canned wine is a game changer in the summer. Lots of public places and festivals won’t let you bring in glass containers, but cans are always welcome. And who wants to schlep a wine opener around when you can easily flip the tab and enjoy a delish sip of wine straight from the can? Visit Alon’s and grab a few cans of pinot gris, rose and pinot noir, each $7.99.


Watch out wine-in-a-box, wine-in-a-can is gaining popularity! Pick up a tasty can for $7.99 each at Alon’s.

Whoopie pies

Should we be worried that it seems like all of our food FINDS center on chocolate or booze? Nah! Our favorite type of whoopie is of the pie variety, and it doesn’t get any better than No Big Whoop! Bakery. Pick up one of their delicious whoopie pies, including raspberry buttercream, salted caramel and Mexican chocolate at Casseroles for $2.50 each.


Let’s be honest, the best kind of whoopie is of the pie variety! Grab a few mouthfuls of whoopie pie, $2.50, from No Big Whoop!, available at Casseroles.

We hope you have a great Father’s Day and a very happy, healthy June. In between your trips to the beach, the lake and driving to and from camp, give yourself a little retail therapy and visit a few of our favorite local boutiques!


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