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Sending texts is okay; calling is slightly better. When you’re trying to cheer up someone in need of a little attention, modern technology can fall short. It’s always nice to let someone know you’re thinking of them but it may require more of a personal touch.

But what if you can’t be right by your friend’s side? What if they live far away or you just can’t find a way to visit? Digital check-ins are nice but we think having something tangible will go a long way with a loved one who’s sad, stressed or just plain overwhelmed. Here are a few ideas to brighten anyone’s day in Atlanta …

Instead of Flowers 

There are a lot of food delivery services but Instead of Flowers is a great way to bring a little joy (and food) to a friend in need. Just as the name implies, Instead of Flowers offers food gifts as a way for friends and family to jump in and help someone in need of a little TLC. There are lots of reasons to send a gift meal: new and exhausted parents too tired to cook, someone recovering after a hospital stay or caregivers who need some culinary love.

Instead of Flowers meal StyleBlueprint Atlanta

Delicious meals like the South of the Border Chicken (pictured here) come with a salad, side dish and dessert — a delicious way of letting someone know you’re thinking of them. Image: Instead of Flowers

How it works: Go to the site and select the exact meal your friend would want. Complete meals come in various categories like Standard Meals, Deluxe Meals, Premium Meals, Vegetarian Meals and Gluten-Free Meals. And when we say “meals,” we mean MEALS — in addition to the entrée, you get a salad, side dish, dessert and bread (depending on the option you choose). Our faves include sautéed tilapia and meatloaf, along with all the great sides. You can also order via the a la carte menu.

If you’re not sure what your friend would like to eat, here’s the really cool part. “Recipient’s Choice” means you select the meal size and category, write a note, pay for the meal and shipping, and then Instead of Flowers will contact the recipient and allow them to choose their own favorite meal and desired delivery date. All local Metro Atlanta fresh orders are delivered via courier in an insulated cooler bag.


If you’re not sure what your friend would want to eat, Instead of Flowers lets you order a Design Your Own Meal package, which comes in an insulated bag left right on your doorstep.

I speak from experience as I have been an Instead of Flowers recipient after the birth of my daughter and the food was AMAZING, easy to prepare and brought right to our door. Plus, it really warmed our hearts that someone had thought of us during the most stressful, scary, exhausting time in our lives.

Tiff’s Treats 

Enjoying a wholesome meal will always brighten someone’s day but dessert will make it blindingly happy. Enter Tiff’s Treats — the Austin-based cookie delivery company that opened its first non-Texas location in Alpharetta earlier this year (and will be welcoming a second location in Midtown in a few weeks). The cookies and brownies from Tiff’s Treats are baked fresh and promised to be delivered warm and ready to be devoured. Because the menu is relatively small, Tiff’s Treats is able to keep the dough fresh and ensure that they don’t run out of flavors.

And speaking of flavors, let’s talk about the delivery menu! Warm cookies come in snickerdoodle, peanut butter, M&M, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and a few other varieties (including Tiff’s Mix, which is a mix of flavors), in addition to brownies. The cookies come in a cute white box with a colorful ribbon and a personal message. The best part about Tiff’s Treats opening in Atlanta is that we can all visit the storefront! Order a box for a friend and then pick up a Tiffwich ice cream sandwich for yourself!

Tiff's Treats styleblueprint atlanta cookies

We have to go with the tried-and-true flavor of chocolate chip when it comes to selecting the best cookies for delivery from Tiff’s Treats. Image: Tiff’s Treats

Eastern Onion Entertainment Singing Telegram

Although food is the first thing we think of when it comes to comfort, sometimes you need to think outside the box when it comes to cheering someone up. And it’s tough to keep a straight face — at least for a few minutes — when a singing telegram dressed as fat Elvis comes knocking on your door. Obviously, be sensitive to the recipient’s needs and personality — if they don’t enjoy lots of attention and noise or perhaps the thing that has them in a funk is quite serious, skip the telegram. However, if a Tacky Shopper, Nurse Ophelia Pain, Female Officer Patty, Fred Estair (all real performer names) will bring a smile to your friend’s face, we say book them!

Be aware that the actor does a whole 10- to 15-minute comedy skit in character. Just keep that in mind if you want to hire someone to show up at an office, school or other environment that may not appreciate schtick.

Telegram Elvis StyleBlueprint Atlanta

If this guy showed up at your door, it’d be hard not to laugh. (By the way, he’s known as Ton O’ Fun Elvis at Eastern Onion.)

Balloons Over Atlanta 

Turn that frown upside down with a huge balloon bouquet. And not just any bouquet but one from Balloons Over Atlanta. They take balloons to the next level — considering themes, colors, styles and everything else — to create a helium-filled masterpiece.

Choose between bouquets (a mix of sizes, styles and heights) or trees (stacked balloons of the same size) and the talented artists at Balloons Over Atlanta will create a delivery customized to your request. They can create larger-than-life flowers, Olympic torches, massive arches, American flags and pretty much any other air-filled sculpture you can think of. Besides smaller deliveries, the company specializes in grand displays for events and parties. (Seriously, visit their Facebook page and see the creations they’ve designed for lucky local clients).

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balloons over atlanta styleblueprint

There’s nothing like mylar (or Latex) and helium to bring a smile to someone’s face — especially a massive, balloon masterpiece. Image: Balloons Over Atlanta

Other reliable standbys like flower deliveries surely will lighten the mood but the next time someone you know has the blues, go beyond the norm. Help a friend put a silver lining on the cloud hanging over her head by making sure she knows how much you’re thinking of her!


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