With this wealth of uninterrupted time at home comes the exploration of new hobbies and the green light to try new things — like doing our own at-home blowout. While we definitely miss our trips to the salon — the relaxing wash, the conversations with our stylist, the conquer-the-world confidence with which we leave every appointment — we can’t allow the quarantine to squelch our self-care routine.

To master the at-home blowout, we turned to Stacy Freeman, owner of the newly opened Blue Dream Salon in Nashville, TN. Here, she shares a bounty of healthy hair pointers and blowout tips — with step-by-step instructions for perfect results. Read her instructions, and continue scrolling for a video to show you how.

Master the At-Home Blowout in 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Gather the right products.

Stacy uses all non-toxic, amazing-smelling products on her clients and herself. If you’re interested in adding or changing your hair products, here are four fabulous options she recommends before you start your at-home blowout:

  1. Primer/leave-in conditioner. This is a priming detangler to prep the hair for any sort of heat styling. If you have one with UVA and UVB protection, that’s a healthy plus. Stacy uses O&M Know Knott.
  2. Styling lotion/glaze. This is like a serum for your hair. It gives it a little hold and shine but remains soft and touchable. Stacy uses Innersense I Create Volume. For fine hair, swap for the I Create Lift Foam.
  3. Texture spray. This gives a nice beachy texture and some added control while you’re styling. Stacy uses O&M Surf Bomb. For fine hair, swap for Rootalicious.
  4. Finisher/liquid hairspray. This a sealing finisher. It’s like a setting spray you’d use for your makeup but for your hair. It’s also a blowdry accelerator.

If you’re only going for two products, the primer and finisher are key according to Stacy. Work those products (as directed and in the order above) into your damp hair after you shampoo and condition. Now you’re ready to start drying!

Starting at the far left and moving clockwise, your at-home blowout product must-haves include: Rootalicious, O&M Surf Bomb, I Create Lift Foam, Innersense I Create Volume and O&M Know Knott.

STEP 2: Pre-dry!

Once your hair is 75 percent dry (from air-drying) and dry at the base, you’re ready to fire up your hairdryer. “I suggest any dryer that’s ionic and ceramic,” Stacy says. “The extra coating on the dryer creates a faster dry and smooth, frizz-free results.”

Add the skinny tool, called the concentrator, that comes with the hairdryer. As you dry the rest of your hair, it’s important to blow in a downward movement instead of all over the place and flipped over. This goes in the natural direction of the cuticle. So focus on the roots and move downward.

To amp up your volume, use a technique called over-directing by pulling the hair away from the direction of your normal part to get that lift from the root. Remember, always work with the cuticle and don’t rough up your hair! This will keep it sleek and smooth.

STEP 3: Section off your hair.

Grab some hair clips to section off your hair. Stacy suggests creating four sections:

  1. Temple to temple and a little bit of the upper crown
  2. Top of both ears and up to the first section
  3. Depending on the thickness of your hair, the middle section (section 2) could be two sections — one on top of the other.
  4. The bottom section around the base of the skull

STEP 4: It’s time to style.

Once your hair is completely dry and sectioned off, grab a round brush. The bigger the brush, the more volume. The smaller, the more curl! Stacy suggests a 2-inch Olivia Garden Ion Ceramic brush.

Starting from the bottom section, the direction is UP from here! Take individual pieces of the hair around the top of the brush and lift up (this is called going off base) as you twist and curl the brush a few times for each section. Remember, you’re just adding shape to your already dry hair.

Work on lifting the brush up and curling the hair around the brush as you dry in an upward motion. If you need to section off the hair while you’re working within an area, great! Just use the clip to keep one section away from the one you’re working on.

An at-home blowout is as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 5: Final touchups …

Be gentle as you pull your curls and waves out. Once you’ve finished the top section and your part is where you want it, gently re-curl the end of your curls by twisting them around your finger.

Add a dry texture spray for a great lift at the roots once your blowout is complete and in the days after to keep it fresh and looking just-coiffed. (Stacy uses the O&M Desert Dry Spray.) And voila! You’ve mastered the at-home blowout!

Check out the video below to see all of these steps in action:

Thank you, Stacy. Follow Stacy on Instagram at @spacyfreeman and her salon at @bluedreamsalon


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