The whole world is panicking and while I’m uneasy myself, I find myself laughing out loud at the creative genius behind this line of posters, Subpar Parks. If you, too, are needing a momentary pause from the world at large, here it is. You’ll love this more if you are one who longs for hikes, fresh air, and a time where the loudest thing you hear are your own footsteps, leaves rustling, and the calls of birds. If that’s your happy place, you’ll find these posters hysterical.

From artist Amber Share, “Subpar Parks is a snarky love letter to the National Parks System. When I discovered that there were 1-star reviews for every single one of the 62 national parks, I set out to illustrate each park along with a hand-lettered 1-star review as a way to put a positive, fun spin on such a negative mindset.”

See Amber Share’s website here.

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