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What am I going to wear today? This thought enters our mind each morning as we open the closet and stare into a sea of clothing. And frankly, it’s the last thing we want to consider before that morning cup of coffee. With the ever-changing landscape of work-appropriate attire, the choice seems to be getting more and more complicated. With that in mind, we’ve created a complete guide to one week of work outfits that lend themselves to several different office atmospheres.

All of these outfits can be made more professional with the addition of a blazer. Alternately, they can be made more casual with the substitution of a flat shoe or sandal. It all depends on your personal preference and your work requirements. Either way, this guide is intended to help you pull together head-to-toe looks that will make you feel your best while remaining the #girlboss you are. Not to mention, it’s the start of a fashion series we’ll be debuting each month — A Complete Outfit for Every Day of the Week. We’re kicking things off with workwear, but we’ll be talking ‘happy hour style,’ ‘holiday party looks,’ ‘casual- yet-chic outing essentials’ and so on.

Let’s get started!


Mondays can be hard. Make them easier with a comfortable yet professional outfit. Here, we’ve paired a conservative, cute sweater in an on-trend shade, with flattering trousers that add a touch of sophistication. You can top it off with this tote to carry all your work essentials, including your laptop. Add these classic black pumps, and voila! The perfect professional Monday outfit.

This soft and sweet crewneck sweater ($41) is available in a few shades, so consider purchasing a few to rotate through. We love the look of a crisp blouse collar and sleeves underneath, but the choice is yours. These trousers ($69) are cropped right at the ankle for a flattering, fashionable finish. As stated, this tote ($168) is ideal for work (and travel!). It will carry everything from your computer and planner to your lunch and chargers. Pull it all together with these black pumps ($119.95) that will never go out of style, and the ensemble can work both in and out of the office.

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work outfits

Here’s your complete Monday work outfit. This blue sweater is $41, the trousers are $69, the tote is $168, and the pumps are $119.95. Images: Nordstrom


Now that you’ve made it past “Sleepy Monday,” you’re officially in your zone and ready to take on the week. Why not bring some color into the office? Some may say that “appropriate” workwear only exists in muted shades of grey and black, but we believe a tasteful splash of color signals confidence — especially at the office.

Here, we’ve styled a classic, crisp white blouse ($69) by tucking it into a fun orange midi skirt ($59) that features an understated, monochromatic polka dot pattern. Since this look is relatively bold, we’ve gone with a pair of cute, yet subtle, floral studs ($48). We’ve also added on-trend, chunky mules ($169.95) in a brown shade that complements the warmth of the skirt’s orange shade.

work outfits

Conquer Tuesday in this colorful outfit. The white blouse is $69, the orange skirt is $59, the floral studs are $48, and the brown mules are $169.95. Images: Nordstrom


Aah, Wednesday. You’ve hit the mid-way mark! Celebrate with a classic wrap dress that flatters any body type. Top it with a touch of subtle sparkle, a pair of comfortable block heels and another favorite tote bag that’s large enough to hold all your workday needs.

This wrap dress ($99) is available in several shades and solves the often-present issue of wrap dresses being too low cut or showing too much leg. If you’re working in a more conservative environment, don a tank underneath, a blazer on top and even tights, if necessary. We’re keeping it simple, accessory-wise, with this dainty Kendra Scott necklace ($80) and tan block heels ($79.95). Finish off the look with this tote ($198) that’s equally practical and stylish, and you’re ready to win Wednesday!

work outfits

Win Wednesday with this head-to-toe work ensemble. The wrap dress is $99, the tote is $198, the Kendra Scott necklace is $80, and the block heels are $79.95. Images: Nordstrom


For Thursday, we’re opting for a look that, similar to Monday, is stylish, professional and on the comfortable side. Yes, we know that pink trousers may be a major no-go for many offices, so we chose a flattering pair of trousers that are also available in a few neutral shades. But if you’re so inclined, here’s a suggestion for how to style the soft pink color as well. Last but not least, after a week full of heels, we’re giving our feet a break with these closed-toe mules.

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Here, we’ve styled a simple black tank blouse ($88) with high-waisted pink trousers ($99) in a flattering straight cut, which features a tie belt for added comfort. Cover those shoulders with this cozy, yet sophisticated black duster cardigan ($69) that doubles as a way to keep warm in a freezing office. Finish it off with these sweet mules. ($35.98)

work outfit

Here’s your complete Thursday work outfit. This black tank blouse is $88, the pink trousers (also available in neutral shades) are $99, the duster cardigan is $69, and these mules are $35.98. Images: Nordstrom


Finally, we’ve made it to Friday! In most offices, Fridays are slightly more casual in feeling and attire, so we’ve followed suit. We went for a precious maxi dress, topped with a cropped blazer, funky gold earrings and some fun, trendy leopard print heels. Shed the blazer or swap it out with a leather jacket, and you’re ready for happy hour!

This black maxi dress ($99.99) is beyond adorable, but it requires a jacket or blazer to ensure it’s office-appropriate. We love the cropped style and neckline of this black blazer. ($98) Give the look some personality with these funky gold earrings ($25) and leopard print, heeled mules. ($99.95)

work outfits

You’ve made it to Friday! Celebrate with a look that can easily go from office to happy hour. This black maxi dress is $99.99, the blazer is $98, the gold earrings are $25, and the leopard print mules are $99.95. Images: Nordstrom

We hope you’ve enjoyed these work outfits. Now, go conquer the week in style!


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