Let’s take a look at some warm weather fashion trends that are primed to hit it big. Some are re-dos of years’ past, and others are ones that have been a little under the radar and are making big splashes in the new year. If you are looking for a few key pieces to keep your wardrobe one that is of-the-moment, here are trends we are forecasting as hits.

Hello, sleeves!

Sleeves emerged as a fashion darling last year, and they are hitting their stride big time. Think big, billowy sleeves. Think ornate sleeves. Think pretty sleeves. Think slashes in sleeves. Sleeves are definitely looking to take center stage this year.

Asda top

Serious attention is being given to sleeves in 2017, like this Asda top. Ruffles and gingham are also big. Image: Asda

Sneakers. Lots of pretty sneakers.

Sneakers are still “in”? YAY! Once women realized they could pair sneakers with jeans during the week and look elegant and stylish … let’s just say the cat’s out of the bag and it’s going to be hard to put it back in. But, that doesn’t mean that sneakers won’t change and evolve. Look for pretty ones with leopard prints, fancy laces, glitter and more as designers are finding that sneakers are places to have fun, and women are buying them up!

lone star southern: gold nike

For workouts, errands and the cool/dressy look, metallic sneakers are serious contenders for 2017. Now that we have all gotten used to wearing our sneaks with a bit more abandon, we have many more fun options to choose from. Image: lonestarsouthern.com

Mules make a comeback.

The sterile workhorse lends its name to this workhorse of a shoe. Actually, the word mule means “a lounging slipper that covers the toes and instep or only the instep” or “a woman’s shoe resembling this.” But, there is something particularly sexy about a mule shoe. Have you noticed you walk a little differently because the back is not attached? And, it’s a total throwback to the late ’90s when mules dominated footwear. The mule style is found in flats, mid-heel and high heels. Whatever your preferred shoe height, there will be a mule waiting to seduce you. And yes, mule sneakers do exist!


While we all can’t afford the Gucci loafer mules, they sure are breathtaking. Remember the fur-lined ones that went bazonkers in 2015/2016? Maybe we can trace the heightening interest in mules to that one fashion breakthrough item?! Image: Stylewich.com

Stripes, stripes and more stripes

When are stripes not in? I know, I know. Spring brings florals, stripes and nautical EVERY YEAR. But, stripes do have seasons when they show up on pants and dresses and tops more than in others … and this is THAT season. Striped bags, shoes, coats, dresses … if stripes are your thing, get buying.

Stripes Spring 2017 Dress

This Mara Hoffman Spring 2017 dress is gorgeous, huh?! Image: Mara Hoffman

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Men’s shirting fabrics

With stripes being so en vogue, it’s not surprising that shirting fabrics are a huge trend. Yes, we love a shirt dress, but this season’s will look more like an actual shirt than ever before, simply because of the fabric. Think oxford blue, oxford stripes and gingham.

shirt dress mens shirting fabrics

See how this shirt dress is actually made from a material that is commonly identified with men’s shirting fabrics? Look for more of that in 2017. Image: chroniclesofher.com

Ruffles and bows and all tied up

Those shirt dresses we were just talking about? One way to differentiate them from simply a longer men’s shirt is the ruffles and bows that many will sport. Or, perhaps they’ll be all tied up in an unexpected way. One thing is for sure, whether it’s ruffles on those big sleeves, or tied up blouses and bows on the backs of shoes, that feminine touch is alive and well in 2017.

Vogue gingham dress

Not all ruffles will be the ones we are used to seeing. Some have a more modern flair, like this dress (in gingham!) seen in the Au Jour Le Jour Spring 2017 line. Image: Vogue, Kim Weston Arnold/Indigital.tv

Show off the shoulders

Shoulders were practically over-exposed in 2016. The shoulder-less top (aka the “cold-shoulder” look) was probably 50% of all fashion bloggers’ Instagram feeds. With that amount of over-exposure, you would expect that perhaps women and fashion designers alike would say “no more.” But, that is not the case. You see, women look good showing off their collarbones, and this is true no matter your size, so it’s friendly to age and size, and all generations bought in. This year, you may see more adaptations to the shoulder-less top — with even bigger sleeves, for example — but get the ones out you wore last summer as you’ll want to wear them again. And, if you didn’t buy any, you just may want to.

atlantic pacific shoulders and sneakers

Shoulders, stripes, sleeves and sneakers! Yes, Blair Eadie of the-atlantic-pacific.com has it all covered here!

one shoulder top

We can’t talk off-the-shoulder without pointing out that the one-shoulder “slipping off” look is a huge trend for this year. Here is a good example. Image: StyleCaster.com/Getty Images

Spring is coming, and we can’t wait!


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