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Flowers are blooming, fresh produce is arriving, and our favorite stores have tons of new product. Here are a few things to check off your list to make sure your business is ready for the season:

Fresh Eyes for Spring

Just as January 1 is a standard time to review and analyze your business metrics, May 1 is an ideal time to view your business storefront with fresh eyes. Do your window displays reflect the crisp feeling of spring?

Curb Appeal Matters for Homes and for Businesses

Just like it’s good to be a guest in your own house every once in a while, take a step back and be a customer coming into your own store. Is your entryway welcoming? If you have the ability to landscape, have you freshened up the greenery and flowers? It’s amazing how much these little details can make a difference!

Bring in Fresh Flowers

Use flowers and greenery everywhere you can! Place flowers at the front desk, or bring a bit of spring into the bathroom. A small investment will go a long way.

Put a Sign on the Sidewalk

Grab people’s attention with a witty quip or sales promotion!

Highlight What’s New for Spring

Customers want to know what’s new and what’s popular! Try sharing staff picks to get shoppers and diners excited about things you love. This includes sharing on your social media.

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