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Our guest writer, Sarah Stramel of Stramel PR & Social Media, reminds us to keep it classy on social media with a bit of Internet etiquette. Make good, lasting impressions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and all of your favorite social media venues with sound advice from today’s expert. Welcome, Sarah!

5 Social Media Do's and Don'ts _Sarah Stramel PR & Social Media

It’s no wonder people are flying blind when it comes to social media. An entire new world was thrust upon us and for the most part, we welcomed the world of social media with open arms. Now we all have a friend or two who doesn’t have a Facebook account or pretends not to care what is being said on the Internet, but you know they are still taking notice.

Think of social media and the Internet as the Wild, Wild West. The rules are: There are no rules. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to act like savages now, does it?

To ensure your daily experiences on social media are nearly drama free, I suggest you follow these 5 guidelines:

1. Keep your personal life personal.

Social media isn’t your diary. We all vent from time to time when we are having a bad day, but don’t be one of those people who complains all the time. You will get hidden from your friend’s feed on Facebook and unfollowed on Instagram. No one, I mean no one, likes a Debbie Downer. Social media will get lonely if you are constantly sending out negative thoughts. It will also transfer into people avoiding you in real life, too. Remember, thoughts are things.

2. Don’t just get on social media ONLY when you want something.

Remember what social media is all about – sharing information, ideas, and yes, sometimes, our vacation photos. Of course we all have our pet causes, events, businesses, etc. that we want to promote, and you definitely should. Just make sure that isn’t the only time you hop on Facebook or Twitter. We are bombarded with so many messages, folks get weary of posts that smell like spam in a hurry.

5 Social Media Do's and Don'ts _Sarah Stramel PR & Social Media

3. Braggarts are out.

We all have those times when something so amazing happens in our lives that we want to shout it from the rooftops. If you are having an exceptionally good year, you may want to keep some of it to yourself. It’s not that people aren’t happy for your successes, because most of them are. But they may see your promotion or new house and compare your life to theirs, which we all know is a bad idea. Someone will always have it better than you, and someone will always have it worse.

Others, to quote Scarlett O’Hara, will be just pea green with envy. So post your victories accordingly.

4. Follow back.

Don’t try to be so effortlessly cool that you simply can’t be bothered to like someone’s Facebook business page or follow an acquaintance on Instagram. Clicking like takes just a few moments and it could make someone’s day. If you know anything about Facebook marketing, you know it gets more difficult every day to reach an audience. One like may not seem like much, but just like voting, your online like can lead business growth (as long as business owners are fully engaged in their social media networks).

5 Social Media Do's and Don'ts _Sarah Stramel PR & Social Media

5. Sharing is caring.

Another way to show your support for your friends on social media is to share their content, whether it be a big fundraiser, a concert, art show, shoe sale, whatever. Each person’s reach only goes so far, so sharing content with your friends on your own page can really increase the number of people who see the post. Who knows what kind of new friends you can make?

Help make social media everything that it was intended to be — a conversation between people with similar or sometimes no-so-similar interests. You don’t have to like everything that comes your way, but don’t be a cyber Scrooge either. I know your mothers taught you well. So make them proud.


Thank you, Sarah! This is not Sarah’s first appearance on StyleBlueprint. Read more about Sarah on StyleBlueprint: Sarah Stramel: FACES of Memphis.

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