Admit it, you wear your workout clothes way beyond the confines of your actual workout. Maybe you put them on to workout, but never actually get to that workout. Or, after your workout, you have so many to-do’s that getting changed just happens to take a few hours longer than you anticipated. No matter what the situation may be, workout clothing has become the norm to have on when bumping into friends. And while the classic black yoga pant is always a good option, here are three ways to add some spunk to your workout look.

Lace me up

With the lace-up trend being so popular, a similar look has emerged in leggings. This works better for warmer weather when you aren’t trying to keep all the cold air at bay!

These Zella leggings have a higher waist and a criss-cross pattern on the calves. Available in three solid colors for $65. Details here.

These are similar to the ones in our first example, but available in black as well as three other subtle patterns. Note the detail is on the side here, and straight across, versus the criss-cross pattern. Available for $65 here.

This wide waist band is super comfy and the leggings are a flattering charcoal heathered color. Find them here for $69.


Mesh can be found on shoes, in jackets and yes, as you’ve likely noticed, in leggings. It provides ventilation and style, so this is functional fashion!

Combine the laser cut look and the mesh look, and these leggings are right on trend! Splits59 makes these for $128.

These leggings have a large mesh panel and a nice wide waistband. Purchase from Urban Outfitters for $69.

When you just want more mesh, choose these. Find them here for $58.


Lastly, patterns are on trend if we are talking wallpaper, fabric or fashion — and that goes for workout gear as well. Fitness buffs are loving patterned leggings.

These are for the gal who wants to try a bold pattern without having her leggings be too bold … these are made by lululemon for $88.

These remind us of warm breezes and yoga …  Find them here for $59.

Another great look for spring and summer, this tie-dye pattern also has that wide waistband we like so much. Find them here for $68.

Are you ready to tackle your next workout? Happy weekend!


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