Sure, you can wear your Stan Smiths in 2016. That shoe is one of the all-time greatest, most-sold shoes ever. So of course you can. It’s the instant classic of sneakers, even though it took about 40 years of existence to become so hot. But if you are looking to add a new retro style to your ever-expanding sneaker collection, there is one we’d like to suggest, and they are $70 if purchased off the shelf or $115 if customized.

We are loving the Nike Cortez for 2016: for fashion, comfort and retro style, all rolled into one.

Women everywhere are embracing the comfortable nature of the sneaker and pairing this look with their jeans, and even skirts and dresses. From the streets of Paris and NYC — where walking comfort is a must — to the more car-traveling cities such as Nashville and L.A., you will find women of all ages finishing off their outfits with a pair of classic sneaks. When I saw toddlers in Paris and women over 70 (with dark jeans, blazer and chic scarves) both wearing Stan Smiths — as well as models between shoots — it was obvious that this trend has no boundaries!

If your shoes are starting to show wear from overuse, the Nike Cortez is just as classic and comfortable as the Stan Smith, and you can buy them off the shelf or modify the shoe to your exact color specifications.

Even Farrah wore the Nike Cortez.
Forrest Gump with Nike Cortez
And let’s not forget when Forrest Gump got his pair of Nike Cortez track shoes, which matched the ones that Farrah was wearing.
She's pretty awesome in hers, huh? Everything modern and retro at once. Image: Bisous Natasha
She’s pretty awesome in hers, huh? Everything modern and retro at once. Same ones as Farrah and Forrest. Image: Bisous Natasha

All About the Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez was Nike’s first track shoe, released to the public during the 1972 Summer Olympic Games. We all know that Olympic years bring their own extra burst of “USA! USA! USA,” and with the Brazil games happening this summer, this shoe is a subtle nod to that patriotism, as well. And you can create that same look, just like Farrah’s, which happens to be red, white and blue!

You can buy preselected Nike Cortez shoes, or you can pick your own colors to create the shoe of your dreams online. You can select all leather, all suede, or nylon and suede. Each material has different color options, and no matter what, it’s still a classic.

Cortez make your own design
If you want the midsole a brighter blue, no problem. If you want a green swoop … go for it! Make the shoe look however you want it to … that’s part of the fun! Check these out. They are $115.
Nike cortez 70
There are several color combinations that are only $70 and will look amazing. Check these out.
Nike Cortez 70 gold
Another $70 option with a modern metallic spin … More details here.
Nike Cortez 70 one
And here is another classic, again $70. Details here.
NIke Cortez found on MakeLifeEasier
Yes, these shoes look fresh and modern, especially in 2016! Image: MakeLifeEasier

You see why we’re so jazzed about these, right?!

Last year, we wrote about 5 Tips on Wearing Your Sneakers with Jeans. These tips are still true, as your gym sneak and your streetwear sneak are likely two different shoes!

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