I’m not a white shoe kinda gal, but wow are they hot right now! White hot! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) But, here’s the thing, I really don’t like white shoes. Yes, I can do white sneakers … actually, I can’t. White sandals? White pumps? White booties? White espadrilles? More power to everyone sporting them, but they are just not my thing.

That said, a recent conversation with friends opened my eyes to the fact that I am not alone here. Far from it. The idea of all white outfits is appealing, just with a different color of shoes. Like beige. (I like my beige shoes.) So, I started diligently looking at white shoes with keen interest and surprisingly found some I like – and like a lot.

If you’ve sworn off any type of white shoe, you, too, may be swayed by the following options. They are one of the hottest trends of the season, that’s for sure. And you’ll likely notice pretty quickly that the secret is going from bright white to off-white to appease those with the white shoe aversion.

10 White Shoes for Gals Who Don’t Like White Shoes

From $89.95 to $695 and everything in between:

These wear-with-everything espadrilles have a 1.5-inch heel, and I already ordered them because that is what shoe research sometimes does to a writer! $89.95. See details here.

They may look a bit like bedroom slippers, but that look is all the rage, and these are a pretty darn cute way to wear the look! $99.95. See details here. Think you would like these but in a 3-inch wedge? They’ve got that too, for $99.95. See details here.

The rope wedge, exposed platform and white leather curved top make this shoe a no-brainer for style and comfort. $109.95. See details here.

Funky heels are in. Wooden stacked heels are in. White shoes are in. So, this is a triple win! These are just fun and of the moment. They are part of Nine West’s limited edition 40th Anniversary Capsule. $109.95. See details here.

Most people can wear white sneakers and love it. Not me. And apparently not a lot of women who perhaps had to follow a dress code at some point in their lives that required white sneakers. But, these … these I adore. These are so fun, and I want to wear them with raw hem jeans and a button down, for a modern prep meets fun sneakers look. These are NiRa Rubens Stella Star Sneakers. $198. See details here.

These are made by Atlanta-based designer Ann Mashburn. They are flats with about a half-inch heel. Perhaps it’s their off-white color that makes these so appealing. Made in Italy, $250. See details here.

These espadrille sneakers by Loeffler Randall are easy to pair with your weekend or casual style. $225. See details here. (The same style in two other colors are on sale at 6 pm here for $112.50)

By Nashville-based designer Ceri Hoover, these lamb suede shoes have a nice mid-heel height and the suede absorbs light making the white feel cozier and not as abrasive as some white shoes can be. $345. See details here.

This shoe falls more into the “natural” color instead of “white,” but since this article started out as one for people who don’t like white shoes, I’m thinking this makes a good option! By Florence, Alabama-based designer Billy Reid for $325. See details here.

These loafers by Tod’s have a street edge with the little metallic studs. I can’t afford these, but I’m hoping someone reading can as they are amazing. I’m drooling a little. $695. See details here.

Have you now succumbed to the wiles of the white shoe?!


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