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While we generally focus on local FACES each Monday, or a FACES of the South, we wanted throw a different FACE in today … one you are likely to see soon with the holiday season underway … i.e. the faces of your incoming holiday guests who will start arriving before you know it! As you spruce up your guest room and dust under the bed, here is our list of guest room must-haves, provided by organizational guru Mridu Parikh of Life is Organized. Consider this your final checklist to make any guests feel welcome and right at home in yours!

A gracious guest room is far more involved than welcoming decor. This room is GORGEOUS, but having the 10 items below in your guest room will actually makes guests feel more welcome than a beautiful room!
A gracious guest room is far more involved than welcoming decor. This room is GORGEOUS, but having the 10 items below in your guest room will actually make guests feel more welcome than a beautiful room! But a gorgeous room doesn’t hurt … ha! Image: Lauren Rubinstein

10 Guest Room Must-Haves

And just like that, the holidays are here again. Somehow between meal planning, finishing up home projects and getting kids through school, you’ve got to think about that most put-off task — preparing the guest room.

Although it may be used for storage most of the year, it doesn’t have to require hours to get it ready each time you have visitors. Today, I’ll show you how to get your guest room organized so it’s ready to be used anytime, leaving you with a simple spruce up before your guests arrive.

Here’s a thought to keep in mind when you’re planning out your guest room: think “hotel room.” It might help paint the picture of what this space should include in order to make your guests feel at home and to avoid frequent requests. (It’s a win-win!) In fact, here are 10 items every guest room should have to keep it visitor-ready:

1. Extra towels, blankets and pillows

Everyone has different needs. Some people like separate face towels and body towels. Some people are always cold. Others are forever warm. Keeping these extras on hand ensures comfort, no matter what your likes or dislikes. If you don’t have storage for these items in closets or cabinets, roll them up and place them in baskets on the bed or floor.

2. Wastebasket

Don’t leave your guests wondering where to put those baggage stickers, airline ticket stubs or potato chip wrappers after their travels. Avoid clutter buildup in your room (and in their pockets) with this simple must-have.

3. Clock

Yes, most people may have a cell phone, but having a clock on hand is gracious and appreciated! Let your guests turn their cell phones off and use the alarm on their bedside table. And they may simply want to know the time throughout the day without grabbing for their phone. Just as watches are very much back in vogue, a working clock should be in every room, as phone fatigue is a very real thing!

4. Space for clothes

It’s natural to use your guest room as a dumping ground for items you can’t fit elsewhere. But when guests are expected, be sure to carve out enough space so they can comfortably fit their belongings, like room for their bag(s) and space to hang a few outfits. And don’t forget to include a few empty hangers. If you have a dresser, keep at least two drawers empty for the guests in town for a few days.

5. Door hooks (over-the-door or door-mounted ones)

These are the easiest way to make space for jackets, purses and caps. Hooks are especially helpful if your space is modest and you don’t have room for chairs (which is usually where things end up getting thrown).

6. Iron

This is a must-have that’s often overlooked. Your guests likely have wrinkled clothing after their travels, so it’s nice to have their needs taken care of before they have to ask about them. Add an iron to your arsenal of guest room supplies, as well as an ironing board. If you have a limited area, you can get an over-the-door board or a tabletop ironing board that can rest on the bed, floor or low dresser.

7. Tissues

I can’t tell you how many times guest rooms aren’t equipped with these, and it’s annoying to pull on strands of toilet paper as a substitute. A box of Kleenex is always appreciated, especially during the winter months and allergy seasons.

8. Basic toiletries

Chances are your guests will bring their own personal toiletry products, but as far as the basics, no one should be expected to bring their own. Be sure to have toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soap and lotion either in their room or the bathroom they’ll be using. You can add a personal touch by storing them in a small decorative basket and including a welcome note.

9. Full-length mirror

A dresser mirror can be great when you’re putting on makeup or accessories. But who doesn’t want to see their whole outfit put together before they leave the house? Add a full-length mirror to an empty side of a wall or install one behind the room door or closet door. If you have the space, standing mirrors also make beautiful decorative pieces.

10. Hair dryer

A hair dryer is an essential for a lot of people, but not one that everyone packs, as they can take up a lot of room in a carry-on or suitcase. Have one accessible in either an easy-to-find drawer in the room or in the bathroom.

This might seem like a lot to get together. But the good news is that once these items are in place, you’ll spend minimal time (if any) getting your guest room ready the next time you have visitors. The bad news? If you set up these comforts really well, your guests may overstay their welcome!

Thank you, Mridu! And happy holidays to you AND your guests!

For more organizational tips, see Life is Organized’s 5-day free video series here:

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