The belting and brawling is back in Bar Fight 2666: Broken Vows (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor), the much anticipated second installment to last summer’s break-out success (named “Best Wrestling Karaoke Crossover” by the Nashville Scene). This genre-jumping sequel takes the epic emotions of the late ’90s and slams them into a sci-fi future where disembodied heads stage over-the-top operas for pits of thrashing fans. It’s Greek tragedy gone y2k goth and dripping in distortion, thrumming with themes of incalculable loss and hard-won self-sovereignty. Whether you wore JNCOs back in the day or discovered the Deftones last year, Bar Fight! is a rallying cry to let your freak flag fly and your body hit the (dance) floor. Performances begin at 9 p.m., and tickets start at $25.


July 28
9:00 pm