The magic of Christmas exists no matter how old you are. For children, it’s the anticipation of Santa’s arrival by a reindeer-drawn sleigh packed high with goodies. For adults, it’s the anticipation of seeing that wonder in their children’s and grandchildren’s eyes — the opportunity to experience the season’s magic on a whole new level. Whether it’s hearing jingling reindeer bells outside in the yard or spotting carrot shavings on the front lawn on Christmas morning, a sure sign that the jolly old elf has paid a visit, there’s just something so enchanting about this time of year. It’s that same magic led Gay Hammond to create a “magic” wand for her grandchildren to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off. When “Momma Gay Gay,” as she’s affectionately know, had her grandchildren at her home during the holidays 10 years ago, she brought out a wand that she had found in her house, a leftover prop from a theater performance her husband had recently been in. She handed the wand to the kids and told them to wave it at the Christmas tree to see what happens. With each child’s wave of the wand, Gay would secretly click on and off the remote control Christmas tree lights. The kids were amazed by the “magic” in the wand, and thus, the Magic Light Wand was born!

The Magic Light Wand brings the magic of the holiday season to life.

After seeing the excitement Gay’s “magic” wand created in the children, Josh Hammond, Gay’s son, knew they were onto something, well, magical! “Great ideas often go without any movement, and you don’t have anything of value until you create a prototype and ultimately get it to market,” Josh says. “It’s been a wonderful process learning how to do this, and to think it all came from mom’s inspiration … ”

Josh had the idea patented and a prototype created, and now, five years later, the Magic Light Wand is creating magical moments in homes in all 50 states. “Christmas is a magical time, and the lighting of the tree should be celebrated each and every day,” Josh says. “The Magic Light Wand puts the lighting of the tree back into the hands of children, which is what it’s all about.”

The battery-powered wand, available in gold, red or green, communicates with the receiver, which is what the tree lights plug into. Plug the receiver into the wall and turn it on, and turn the wand on. The glowing star atop the wand and the sound of chimes signal the start of something magical!

The Magic Light Wand is available in three festive colors.

The Magic Light Wand is available in three festive colors.

But the magic isn’t designated solely for those celebrating the season at home. The Magic Light Wand is also bringing wonder to patients at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, both in Memphis, where the Magic Light Wand Company is based. “Our Magic Light Wand captures the essence of Christmas, which is about fulfilling the spiritual hopes and dreams in all of us, but especially for those less fortunate,” Josh says. “Our mission is all about seeing kids smile.” As such, the Magic Light Wand Company has donated more than 1,200 wands to both facilities as well as granted four wishes with the Make-A-Wish Mid-South Chapter. “Giving back is just the right thing to do, and we’re honored that our success gives us this opportunity,” Josh adds.

The Magic Light Wand Company is also sponsoring three community Christmas tree lighting events in Memphis this year, where a special child from each of the three charities will have the honor of lighting the tree … with a Magic Light Wand, of course!

Order three wands at, and receive free shipping.

Order three wands at, and receive free shipping.

“In the end, it’s all about the smiles our product creates and how amazed children are to use it,” says Josh, proudly. “And that goes for older children too — including grandparents.”

The Magic Light Wand is available in three different colors — red, yellow or green — and each is topped by the “magical” star on top. Wave the wand, enjoy the magical sounds and be rewarded by a beautifully lit tree! The Magic Light Wand is available at select gift boutiques, toy stores and garden centers in 37 states as well as online at for $27 each. Order three or more wands online, and receive free shipping.

This article is sponsored by The Magic Light Wand.

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