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Remember back when the biggest decision you made about juice was whether you wanted pulp or no pulp in your OJ? Now juicing means something completely different – and way healthier. In the last few years, juice bars have started sprouting up in every shopping center in Charlotte, each one offering something (sometimes only very slightly) different than the next. They pretty much all take the fruits and vegetables that your mom used to bargain with you to get you to eat, press them and turn them into juices that make sure you get all the nutrients you need. And this trend is not just for health nuts anymore. Ready to get on board? Here are some top Charlotte juice bars where you can fuel up!

Viva Raw

One of the original Charlotte juice bars is located in the 7th Street Market in Uptown, and Viva Raw changed the game when they started delivering their juices to your doorstep. (They call themselves the modern-day milkmen!) The green clean, beet boost and almond milk are all part of their popular three-day juice cleanse. They use a cold-press process meant to keep in as much of the good-for-you stuff as possible. You can also grab these juices at the Viva Raw food truck, Tuk Tuk, usually found in Uptown at lunchtime.

Charlotte Juice Bars

Come to Viva Raw, or Viva Raw can come to you — your choice! Either way, their juices are pure and tasty!

Green Brothers Juice Company

Three area locations

Josh Norris was working in the finance world when he decided to focus on his health – and yours. He and his two brothers, all of whom grew up in South Charlotte, started Green Brothers in 2014 and now have three locations. (Their newest just opened on Park Road in Dilworth.) They’re known for their wellness shots (think the opposite of tequila) and their cleanses. They cold-process all their juices in house and offer smoothies and açai bowls as well. Check out the unusual Aww Kale Yeah juice, which has a hint of jalapeño to keep things interesting, and be on the lookout for their newest product launching any day now: a smoothie bag you can take and make at home.

The Lights Juicery and Cafe

16631 Lancaster Hwy., Ste. 107, Charlotte, NC 28277

A new Ballantyne juicery, The Lights Juicery and Cafe is located in the shops of Ardrey Kell and features a wide-ranging menu of organic, fresh juices and smoothies, salads, açai bowls and more. With names like Lovin Life (carrot, orange, apple and lemon) and Stay Woke (banana, Brazil nut, date, maca, cacao, cinnamon and coconut palm sugar), there’s a lot of goodness to choose from.

Clean Juice

Find a location near you

Three years ago a Charlotte family moved to Lake Norman and opened their first Clean Juice in Birkdale Village. Since then they’ve opened 90 (yes, 90!) locations in 13 states. Their menu has the full slate of juices, wellness shots and açai bowls, and they offer several different cleansing options as well. Check out their newest cold-pressed juice, “black.” They say it’s super detoxifying, describing it as activated charcoal that binds to problematic particles and moves them out of your gut, while the maple sweetens up the lemonade.

Nékter Juice Bar

2725 South Blvd., Ste. B, Charlotte, NC 28209

A California-based chain, Nékter Juice Bar is one of the fastest-growing juice bar chains in the country and just opened in the fancy new Harris Teeter shopping center in South End. Nékter makes things simple. The menu offers five açai bowls, six fresh juices and seven smoothies, and they recently introduced their version of frozen yogurt, Skoop, which is a frozen treat that’s dairy-free, gluten-free and available in different flavors throughout the year.

Charlotte Juice Bars

Juice and Skoop at Nékter

I Love Juice Bar

Find a location near you

Another of the fast-growing national chains, I Love Juice Bar started in Nashville and now has two locations in Charlotte, including the always-packed one in Park Road Shopping Center. They offer the usual slate of juices and smoothies but also a wide range of “shots.” With names like Slim and Sassy, Hangover Helper and Sniffle Stopper, you can chuckle while you down the good-for-you goodness.

Charlotte Juice Bars

You’ll enjoy the names of the juices almost as much as you love the juices themselves!

Luna’s Living Kitchen

2000 South Blvd., Ste. 300, Charlotte, NC 28203

4521 Sharon Road, Ste. 175, Charlotte, NC 28211

Started by a Charlotte chef in 2014 in Atherton Market, Luna’s offers a full (and creative!) vegetarian menu and was among the first in the Queen City to offer a full slate of organic, pressed and bottled juices. Luna’s got so popular so fast, they now have a second Charlotte location (in South Park, across the street from the mall) and several more stores across the state. If you’re looking for a sweet treat, don’t miss Living Kitchen Cookie Bites. Originally created as a dessert in the first restaurant, people loved them so much that you can now get them in pre-packaged bags to take home.

Enjoy your juice, Charlotte!


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