According to the groundhog, there will be six more weeks of winter. That leaves plenty of time to stay inside and pamper yourself, so we kept that in mind as we put together this month’s FINDS, which is full of luxurious beauty products that will leave you feeling brand new. There’s also a certain pink and red holiday approaching, so we made sure to include a few gift ideas that you’re sure to enjoy. Happy shopping!


Bath salts

Long days at work often call for a soothing soak (plus glass(es) of wine), and Beekman’s goat milk bath salts deliver exactly that. With luxurious scents like honeyed grapefruit and honey orange blossom, you’ll be relaxed in no time, and you’ll have glowing, hydrated skin to boot! Nue Brows carries Beekman salts for $36.

Beckman Bath Salts|

Beekman bath salts, $36 from Nue Brows


Luxury skincare is one of our weaknesses, but when it comes to the Éminence probiotic moisturizer, it’s more of a strength. It’s lightweight enough to use daily and is designed to detoxify your skin and soothe your complexion — and who doesn’t want clearer, more hydrated skin? We found it at Ballantyne Hotel and Spa for $58.

Éminence |

Éminence moisturizer, $58 at Ballantyne Hotel and Spa

Glam Glow cleanser

Since its launch, Glam Glow has had a cult-like following, and its users gush over how well the original mud mask transforms their skin. Now the brand has introduced facial cleansers, and we can’t wait to see the magic they’ll work on our skin. Nue Brows carries four cleansers that you can choose from based on your skincare needs — we personally want to use the Thirsty Cleanse to combat winter dryness. Each cleanser is $39.

Glam glow|

Glam Glow cleanser, $39 at Nue Brows

Pure Factory travel kit

Our editor discovered this brand while on a trip to Hilton Head, S.C., and has been hooked ever since. So, we were thrilled to find Pure Factory at L&M Monogramming — especially these amazing kits that give you the option to try all sorts of their products at once. While there are several different scents to choose from, mango coconut is our top pick because it reminds us of a tropical vacation — and who doesn’t want to get whisked away to an island, even if it’s just for a momentary daydream? Find it for $11.99.

Pure Factory|

Pure Factory travel kit, $11.99 at L&M Monogramming

7 seconds conditioner 

The girl’s at T. Reid and Company told us their clients swear by the Unite 7 Second haircare line! They said you can leave in the conditioner all day to revive damaged hair or like the name says you can seriously detangle your locks in seven seconds it without causing more damage to your locks! Sounds like answered prayers for those of us who suffer from daily knots. Get your’s at T. Reid for $26.95.


Unite 7 Second Condition, $26.95 at T. Reid and Company



These aquamarine earrings from 32 Flavors Boutique are both stunning and timeless. They’ll pair well with everything from formalwear to a basic white-tee-and-jeans combo. We also appreciate how lightweight they are. Get a pair for yourself or a friend for $34.

Aquamarine earrings|

Aquamarine earrings, $34 at 32 Flavors Boutique

Monogrammed necklace

Monogrammed necklaces never go out of style. Maybe it’s our Southern roots, but we’re totally okay with that! These jumbo pendant necklaces are sure to stand out, and you can choose between sterling silver or gold-plated. Have one made at L&M Monogramming starting at $225.

Monogrammed necklace|

Jumbo monogram necklace starting at $225 at L&M Monogramming

Geometric dangle earrings

We’re always looking for pieces of jewelry that are noteworthy, and this is one of the most unique pair of earrings we’ve ever seen! The dangles’ geometric shapes are ornate and extremely eye-catching, while the gold color keeps them classic and versatile enough to wear every day. Paper Skyscraper has them for $36.95.

Geometric earrings|

Dangle earrings, $36.95 at Paper Skyscraper

Inspirational bracelet 

Give someone the gift of hope and positive vibes with one of these $16 inspirational bracelets from The Cheeky Bean. Pick from silver, gold or rose gold and then choose your favorite quote or the one that’s most appropriate for the occasion.

Cheeky Bean|

Inspirational bracelets, $16 each at The Cheeky Bean

Policy handbag

Don’t let the strict security measures on purses at different venues keep you from looking stylish! Just carry a Policy bag that was designed to fit new stadium regulations and still be fashion forward. Plus, you can fit all your necessities in it. There are several colors and styles to choose from for $64 — our favorite is the marble white and gray bag below.

Policy Handbag|

Marble Policy handbag, $64


Southern Cast Iron

From cornbread to fried chicken and decadent desserts, Southern Cast Iron is full of some of the best recipes in the South — all cooked in a seasoned skillet. Many of the recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next and are tried-and-true winners. Add the book to your kitchen for $24.99 from Paper Skyscraper.

Cast Iron|

Cast Iron, $24.99 from Paper Skyscraper

Coffee table book

One thing we’ve noticed when working with interior designers is that a strategically placed book can really stand out in a room, and it doesn’t have to be on a bookshelf. Give your coffee table some character with this stylish selection —American Style Icon — available at Revolution Clothiers & Co for $75.

Coffee table book|

Stylish coffee table book, $75 at Revolution Clothiers & Co


Sugar Paper calendar

Calendars don’t have to be ugly and this adorable Sugar Paper calendar from Paper Twist just proves that. We love the contrast between the white paper and classic gold foil design! Long gone are the days of boring calendars tacked to a wall. Add one to your desk for $62.

Sugar Paper Calendar|

2017 calendar, $62.50 at Paper Twist

Valentine’s Day card

We guarantee your favorite Galentine will laugh out loud at this card! If not, you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee (just kidding, we don’t have one of those). Plus, at only $4.50 you won’t break the bank. Pick a few up for your gals at 32 Flavors Boutique.

Valentine card|

Hennel Paper Co. Valentine’s card, $4.50 at 32 Flavors Boutique

Painted sign

We found a great reminder to take things one day at a time at BlackLion. Not only do we love the saying, but we also love the shabby-chic style of the sign and think it will look great in any room in the house. Buy one for yourself or a friend who might need a little reminder each day. Find it for $24.99.

Black Lion|

One day at a time sign, $24.99 each at BlackLion

Tupelo Honey blueberry jam

We should probably be embarrassed to admit this — but we’re not! We could go to Tupelo Honey and order just a plate of biscuits and be happy as pigs in mud, and it’s all because of their blueberry jam. So when we found out we could purchase it and have it at home we were thrilled. They also have their huckleberry and blackberry jams for sale. Get a jar (or several) to take home for $8.95.

Tupelo Honey Jam|

Blueberry jam $8.95 at Tupelo Honey

Shot glass

Take the party wherever you go with this handy-dandy collapsible shot glass from Revolution Clothiers & Co. It’s the perfect gag gift for any party, or you can keep it for yourself and get the party started when you arrive. Pick one up for $18.

Portable shot glass|

Portable shot glass, $18 at Revolution Clothiers & Co.

Coffee mug

This might just be the best way to describe how we feel in the morning before finishing our many cups of coffee. Give your coworkers fair warning to back off without ever having to say a word with this adorable yet fierce shark coffee mug from Clair De Lune for $27.50.

Coffee mug|

Bite me mug, $27.50 from Clair De Lune

Enjoy your month!


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