Birmingham: Smart Party 2015

Smart Party 4.0 is the Women’s Fund of Birmingham’s biggest annual fundraiser honoring and celebrating 10 of Birmingham’s smartest women. On Thursday, October 29, 2015 at Iron City, over 500 people joined the Women’s Fund to celebrate and support their mission to help Birmingham women move beyond poverty. The event, part cocktail party, part crowdfunding effort, encourages each ticket buyer to use the power of their collective social networks to raise awareness and funds to support The Women’s Fund’s mission, celebrate Birmingham’s smartest women, and and compete with other party-goers for fabulous prizes. The party raised over $205,000 to support programs that connect women to the resources they need to be economically secure. Some supporters attended the party via live webcam, with local stylist Megan LaRussa serving as virtual hostess, interviewing party-goers for the camera

Local TV News Anchor Pam Huff was on the mainstage presenting the 2015 honorees and announcing the winners of the prices for the top fundraisers. Prizes included a behind-the-scenes tour of Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, WA, and Boeing headquarters in Everett, WA, including airfare to Seattle and a three-night stay at a condo overlooking Pike Place Market. The prize for best social media efforts was an at-home dinner party by Chef Julie Grimes of Black Sheep Kitchen along with wine pairings by Scott Jones of Jones is Thirsty.

Among the 10 fabulous women honored were: Michelle Bearman-Wolnek, Heart Gallery of Alabama (Founder & Executive Director); Elizabeth Hughey Brantley, Desert Island Supply Co (DISCO) (Founder); Myla Calhoun, Birmingham Business Alliance (General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Regional Development and Public Policy); Anne Copeland, Regions Financial (EVP, Head of Private Wealth Management); Lara Embry, Ph. D., Living in Limbo (Executive Director), Clinical Psychologist, Author; Allison Black Gregg, UAB Department of Neonatology, Shelby Baptist Medical Center (NICU Director), Trinity Medical Center (Director of Neonatology) (Neonatalogist); Cynthia Lamar-Hart, Maynard Cooper Gale (Shareholder); Sally Mackin, Woodlawn Foundation (Executive Director); Elizabeth Featheringill Pharo, Momentum Telecom (Chair); and Anuradha “Anu” Rao, MD, Brookwood Women’s CardioVascular Center (Cardiologist).

In 2014, The Women’s Fund granted $278,000 to area agencies and collaborative projects to move women and their children beyond poverty through educational and economic support, benefitting 1,378 women and 989 of their children and empowering these families to amass a total of $3.16 million in new assets, income and savings.

Images: Daniel Lawson

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