Birmingham: Preview Noel 2015

On November 18, at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center, Preview Noel kicked off the Junior League of Birmingham’s 25th annual Market Noel. The special event provided a sneak peek into the three-day charitable shopping event, which featured more than 100 unique merchants, including Stone Hollow Farmstead, Stray Cats Home Decor, King’s Home Antiques, Kate Morris Jewelry and Fox Point Farms, among other fabulous local vendors. VIP guests were greeted with signature swag bags before an evening of private shopping and a silent auction to welcome the gifting season. While the ladies shopped and tried their chances in the Diamond Drop by Diamonds Direct, the men enjoyed heavy hors d’oeuvres in the “Man Cave” with a beer and bourbon tasting from Good People Brewing and Dram. The event also featured live music from Sean Heninger and entertainment from featured emcees, The Lochamy Brothers of Birmingham Mountain Radio and the SEC Network. The Junior League’s Market Noel is a great way to cross off your holiday shopping to-dos, while supporting the league’s year-round community programs throughout the city.

Images: Steven Higginbotham

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