Birmingham: Big Green Eggs in the Ham

Big Green Eggs in the Ham was a lively event held at Regions Field on June 11. The event featured an extensive row of tents, each operated by different groups, cooking, baking and grilling their prospective dishes. Patrons walked in to peruse the row of tents accompanied by food, beer, games and music.There was an additional kids’ section that included an inflatable castle, a slide, face painting and a ballon animal artist. There was a detailed schedule of the day’s events including a cooking competition, cooking demonstrations and the potential to win a giveaway. Above all else, Big Green Eggs in the Ham event raised funds for the Easter Seals Service, which drives awareness of the issues affecting the disability community and works to change the lives of individuals and families living with disabilities. This event was an extremely special way to spend a Saturday with family and friends, and the major success of raising money for an important cause in the midst of a fun and entertaining cooking competition ensures Big Green Eggs in the Ham will be equally as fantastic next year!

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Images: Dury Shamsi-Basha


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