Birmingham: Art On The Rocks

The Birmingham Museum of Art’s 2016 Art On The Rocks summer series held its second soiree of the summer on July 22. This event overflowed with creative power, with its art, musical performances, food and fun, and the people in attendance were as eclectic as the art that was showcased. Ambling through the culturally rich event was reminiscent of a stroll through the streets of New York — within five minutes, people from all different walks of life have crossed your path. And the exciting mix of fashionable looks at this event further displayed the exciting diversity of this classy, elegant and incredibly unique event.

Live music, spoken word poetry, artists creating beautiful pieces of live art and delicious food and drinks were far from the only things that made this event so special. While exploring the Birmingham Museum of Art, one would walk past live models showcasing their version of wearable art followed by a dance performance. The Lonely Biscuits rocked out in the romantically lit Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden, and a fabulously confident drag queen added her razor-sharp wit and charming sense of humor to a tour through the museum. Attendees looked incredible in their colorful and stylish bests and the breathtaking backdrop of the city topped off the visual beauty that defined this amazing event. We can’t wait to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the next Art On The Rocks on August 19!

Images: Dury Shamsi-Basha

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