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The local real estate market is hot right now, if you haven’t noticed. Seems like a lot of people are moving, especially in May. We asked Missy Ormerod at Kentucky Select Properties to share with us her moving checklist. This one starts two months out, so if you are crunched for time, you might need to adjust accordingly. Either way, consider this your ultimate moving checklist! Take it away, Missy!

It’s no wonder people dread moving. It’s a lot of work! It’s in the top three of life’s most stressful situations along with death and divorce. To ease the stress, make a moving checklist, and check it twice! Here’s a handy template to help make your upcoming move as easy and organized as possible.

Your Ultimate Moving Checklist

8 Weeks Until Moving Day

Get organized.

Create a folder or binder in which to collect all of your moving paperwork and to-do lists. These items may include moving company information, packing or inventory lists and the like.

Start sorting.

Now is the perfect opportunity to sort through things you no longer want or need. Decide what to keep, donate or discard, and if you are moving to a smaller home, be aggressive about making these decisions. “Give it away or throw it away” is a good rule of thumb.

Research moving companies.

Go online to check for moving companies with positive reviews and that fit into your budget. Ask your friends, family and your Realtor if they have any companies to suggest. Take time to research and make phone calls to talk directly to a company employee.

Look for new schools.

If you have school-age kids, make visits to your new town to check out possible schools. Bring copies of your school records, and find out the enrollment process, storing all paperwork you receive in your binder.

7 Weeks Until Moving Day

Get your supplies.

Buy packing materials, boxes, tape, markers and bubble wrap. Ask Facebook friends for leftover boxes from those who have recently moved. The UPS store sells “gently used” boxes that are practically new, too, which is a handy tip to keep in mind.

Plan a yard sale.

As you sort through all of your possessions, you’ll find things you no longer want, and it’s a perfect time to lighten your load and make some extra pocket change in so doing. If garage sales aren’t your thing, take your give-away items to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities or other nonprofits that could really use what you are getting rid of.

6 Weeks Until Moving Day

Collect your family’s medical records.

Call your doctors and dentist to get copies of your family’s medical records to take your new physicians in your new town.

5 Weeks Until Moving Day

Schedule a moving company.

Thanks to your early research, you are ready to schedule your movers. Pick a company you feel confident with and confirm the date, time and details of your move. Have clear discussions with the company to ensure they provide a truck that is large enough to accommodate your belongings. Also, be sure you know how much you will owe and what forms of payment they take. Some companies offer a discount for cash.

4 Weeks Until Moving Day

Start packing nonessential items.

Begin boxing up the things you won’t need right away and that you can live without for a while. Make sure to label the boxes carefully so you know exactly where they go in the new home.

If you’re renting, notify your landlord that you’re moving.

If you are moving from a rental, let your leasing agent know. Find out when you can get your security deposit returned (they may need more than four weeks’ notice).

3 Weeks Until Moving Day

Look at your food items.

Do some meal planning so you can use up your groceries and have nothing left in the freezer or pantry by your moving date.

Plan the move for your pets and plants.

Make arrangements to get your pets and plants to your new home. Have pet tags made with your new address and phone numbers. That way, if during your move, your pet gets loose, whoever finds it can get in touch.

Change your address.

Complete a change of address form at the post office, or you can do it online. Be sure to update your address for magazine subscriptions, credit cards and bank statements as well.

Take care of your car.

Have your car serviced before the move, especially if you are traveling a long distance. This includes an oil change, tire rotation and overall tuneup.

2 Weeks Until Moving Day

Pack, pack and pack some more.

Now is the time to start boxing up most everything that’s left in your house. Again, make sure to carefully label everything. This will ensure that the movers know which rooms to deliver which boxes, thus ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.

Coordinate your valuables.

You don’t want valuable items mixed in with your other packed boxes. If you have jewelry, heirlooms or other valuables, keep them separate from items that are going with the moving company, and keep them in a safe place so you can transport them yourself. This includes any fragile items as well.

Make a clean move.

Arrange for a house cleaner to get your new home spiffy, clean and ready to move into. After all, you will be exhausted from the move, and cleaning would likely be the last thing you feel like doing. This goes for the home you are leaving as well. The new owners will appreciate your extra effort.

1 Week Until Moving Day

Confirm and confirm again.

Call your mover to confirm the time and date of your move. Also, get the name of the person you speak with so you can refer to the conversation if need be.

Pack an “essentials” bag.

Prepare a suitcase you keep with you that has in it items you will need right away at your new home — toothbrush, toiletries, pajamas, your favorite pillow, a set of extra clothes and underwear, pet food and leash, pet bed, prescriptions, cell phone and computer, chargers and a favorite bottle of wine or bourbon!

1 Day Until Moving Day

Keep important documents handy.

Make sure all your personal documents are with you — passports, your will, birth certificates, etc. Also, be sure to have any relevant paperwork that may be needed when the movers arrive.

Clean out your refrigerator.

Empty your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets of any remaining items.

Get money to tip the movers.

It’s best to have cash in hand on moving day for many reasons, especially for tipping your movers.


Work with your movers.

Help them by identifying fragile or large items right away. Be there when movers load your items onto the truck. You’ll be responsible for verifying they loaded everything, and it’s important you are there to coordinate and answer any questions.

Remember what is staying with the house.

Check with your Realtor to make sure items that are supposed to remain with the property do. Often items are written in the sales contract that are to remain with the house (i.e. washer and dryer, drapery treatments, a playground set), and when the house closes 45 days after the contract is written, a seller may forget what stays and what goes.

Make sure hardwood floors and carpets are protected from the wear and tear of the move.

You can tape cardboard or plastic runners on all surfaces that will be affected. You would hate to have to deep clean the carpets or floors again because of dirt or spills that occurred during your moving out.

Make one final sweep.

Run the broom or vacuum one last time after everything is gone.

Before the movers are completely finished …

Do one last walk-through and final check of the property to make sure nothing was inadvertently left behind.

Enjoy your new home!

Perhaps the most important part, have a safe move and embrace your beautiful new home! With the proper planning and preparation, your move will be seamless and everything — and everyone — will arrive intact, safe and sound.

Thanks to Missy Ormerod for her invaluable advice provided in this moving checklist. Learn more about Kentucky Select Properties on their website.


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