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Shhh. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, but please don’t tell anyone!!!!

If you are not already getting regular, professional skincare treatments, then chances are you could really benefit from today’s intel. We all know that as we age our skin begins to lose its glow and elasticity, and those dreaded wrinkles and god-awful age spots form.

There are a slew of products out there to combat this aging process, but it is a complex conundrum to try to figure out what product you need to be using and which products are best for your particular skin type and, forgive me for saying this, level of damage. That said, all women past the age of thirty, and maybe even younger, should be using a good sunscreen and a medical grade (read prescription) retinol cream. As we age, our skin’s ability to turn over dead cells and regenerate new ones decreases, which causes dull, lifeless skin with wrinkles and sagging. Depressing, I know.

But, here’s the secret solution: TMB Skin Clinic. There, I said it. The TMB (Teach Me Beauty) ladies know skin and know how to assess what yours needs, and they offer unassuming, non sales lady-ish ways to tweak your regimen. Or, they can plan for a complete overhaul, if necessary. (You drugstore junkies know who I’m talking to!)


Listen up! This is the very BEST deal in town! TMB offers a targeted chemical peel (they have over 30 medical-grade chemical concoctions to mix and match), which is totally individualized and based on an assessment of your skin’s current needs, plus a full dermaplane and brow shaping – all for $75!! There are no surprises at checkout or extra pricey recommendations; it is always $75, even though sometimes you get a light peel and other times you may get a deep peel, depending on your skin needs at the time. This is the best deal in town, as aestheticians at most dermatology and plastic surgery offices charge a minimum of $125 for a basic peel, and even more for a heavier peel, a minimum of $50 for dermaplaning and at least $15 for brow shaping. This puts the bill, including tip, at well over $200. Again, at TMB, it’s just $75!

The waiting area at TMB

WARNING: Once you experience TMB’s monthly skincare program (they recommend monthly treatments to achieve and maintain the best results) and see the fresh glow they uncover, you’ll become obsessed, like I am. There is no obligation to go every month, by the way. It’s your call, but the routine does guarantee the best results. I started out skeptical, thinking Cetaphil and a good moisturizer were I all I needed, but after a few monthly visits to TMB, I was addicted! My 70 year old mother is addicted, too! I turned my hairdresser on to them, and she now has the best skin of her life and can’t believe how much time and money she has wasted scheduling soothing facials and buying random products with no real direction.

TMB carries a great selection of skincare products.


TMB also offers a great line of makeup called Teach Me Beauty, as well as consulting services and a slew of the latest laser treatments, like IPL and Exilis.

The Teach Me Beauty line of makeup is really nice.

Suffice it to say, I am a big fan! But, do me a favor, let’s keep this little secret just between us! <wink>


For more information, visit TMB’s website: Or, find them on Facebook: If you decide to check out TMB’s services, please let me know what you think…


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