This article is for the everyday woman who wants to stay on trend, not for the fashionista who already knows all the trends and will be wearing a clear, plastic trench coat with a fanny pack (oh, they actually have a new name … waist purse) this season. Yes, both may be on trend, but neither is made for the majority of us. Today, we’re talking five spring trends you will actually embrace and want in your closet … those few choice pieces that breathe new air into your wardrobe. Get ready! These are wearable, and you’re going to want them all.

We found inspiration from 10 bloggers who you’re sure to want to follow for your own inspiration (photo at the bottom allows you to do that with ease!).

5 Spring Trends You’ll Love to Wear

Dark Denim

Spring and lighter denim, even white denim, is a no-brainer. We agree. But, to be super fashionable this spring, think darker and grab a pair of dark denim to pair with your floral and striped tops.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Fashion blogger Fashion Jackson, out of Dallas. Known for mixing highs and lows for everyday effortless style, she perfectly showcases the dark denim trend for spring 2018. The frayed hem continues to be a modern update as well.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Fashion blogger (and mom of two wee ones!) Style Your Senses. Here, she’s showing dark denim in a popular way you’ll see for spring: the denim dress. Ruffles, statement sleeves, a wrap style … yes. This dress hits so many marks.

Lavender (or Red!)

You’ve heard of millennial pink, right? Think Instagram and the affection for pink, and you’ll likely conjure up just what this color is. But, the fresher take this season is lavender. Whether a dress, a blouse or a coverup for the pool, lavender is the color to add this season. But, if lavender is simply not your jam, pastels as a whole are very in … just like they are practically every spring, right?! Oh, and red is hot also. So, if you hate all pastels, go red. Big, bright, tomato red.

Spring trends 2018 — How to wear a lavender lace top

Inspiration: Fashion blogger The Middle Page, based in Dallas. Every now and then, this blog features a post where several women, representing different age groups, all wear the same on-trend item and style it in their own way. We love that because StyleBlueprint enjoys a wide age-range of readers, and we try hard to make all these different age groups feel at home here. So, if you think a lavender lace top won’t work for you, look at all the ways to style it. You just may be changing your mind! Cathy Williamson (on the top right) is the blogger behind The Middle Page. She is a  grandmother to two grandbabies and if you are looking for a “more mature” fashion blogger to follow, we highly recommend her blog!

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Fashion blogger Millennielle, based in Atlanta. Coco is originally from Nigeria and her style spans from edgy to professional to classic. But, back to lavender and pastels. If you are not a fan of pastels, then this is the season to seek out red.

Patterns: Checks, Plaid, Polka Dots and Stripes

It’s spring, so of course florals will be on full display, but you’ll find gingham checks, plaid, polka dots and stripes practically everywhere as well. Yes, these are classic looks, so buy the items that fit well and you’ll love for at least the next few years as they’ll work no matter the year. This is just a year where all these prints will be more widely available than others.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Fashion blogger Wendy’s Lookbook, based in Los Angeles. As an aside, I’m a huge fan of Wendy, and if you want to be inspired, read her “about page.” Here, she is wearing polka dots in a very not-Minnie Mouse way (which is a problem with many polka dots). The asymmetrical shoulders and ruffle across the chest, pastel ruffle mules and small statement bag are all completely on point.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Fashion blogger Blair Eddie of Atlantic Pacific, based in New York City. This has been a go-to fashion blog for years, and she still slays it time and again. Black and white classic checks are spring’s delight for fashion this season.

Trench Coat

From the many shades of tan, khaki, sand and camel to black and pastels, the trench coat is always a classic. This year, it’s a key component to many designers’ collections and an easy thing to embraces in your own wardrobe.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Fashion blogger NikkiFreeStyle, based in Atlanta. I need to give a callout to Nikki as I really adore her style. She’s a plus-size fashion blogger, and she’s fabulous. Her choices are classic with a twist and totally on trend. You’ll end up wanting several things she dons, in plus or regular sizes, guaranteed. For example, this pink trench coat is completely fashionable as trench coats are very “in.” Grab a neutral color, or a plaid, or a color (like this pink) that makes you happy.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Lifestyle blogger KB Styled, based in Nashville. Brooke, a wife and mom, showcases very wearable trends, recipes and entertaining ideas, and everything is gorgeous, but she breaks it down so that it’s also doable. This trench, with a darker blue dress and black accessories, is a great transition look from winter to spring. No matter the color of the trench, you’ll be wearing it all season long.


Fringe just won’t go away! And, that’s likely because we all just keep wearing it and loving it. From an accent on a handbag, to a frayed hem on jeans, to a gorgeous dress with long fringe, it continues to be on trend, and you’ll see it everywhere this spring.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Lifestyle blogger Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha. We adore Mandy’s style and “realness” in this crazy online world. Based in Atlanta, she also has a full-blown online shop and bricks-and-mortar store, Waiting on Martha Home. This outfit epitomizes why we love her look: wardrobe staples, amazing accessories and a look that works for a variety of figures and ages. These frayed-hem jeans are just the type you’ll want for spring: cropped just enough to show off your shoes.

Spring trends 2018

Inspiration: Fashion blogger Happily Grey. Mary has captivated us for years with both her style and the gorgeous backdrops of her photos. And, unlike the other photos here today (which are all current) this one is from 2015. The point is that fringe has been hot for a while, and you can go pretty big with it. If you keep to a classic shape, it will have longer staying power than you might otherwise think.

While there are countless spring trends for 2018, the five here today can be incorporated into almost any wardrobe, in a large or small way — dark denim; the color lavender (which if you can’t do, go the opposite and grab red); classic patterns like plaid, checks, stripes and polka dots; trench coats; and fringe. Now, hit your local boutiques as they are sure to have all of these picks in a variety of styles waiting for you to try on!


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