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When Susan Blanchard first visited Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, she was looking for relief from her TMJ. But what she found there would change her life in more ways than one.

“I went to Koch Aesthetic Dentistry because I was in a lot of pain,” Susan says. “And although Dr. Koch couldn’t make it all better, he made everything else better. I liked him so much, because he really takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs. I trusted him almost instantly.”

After working with Dr. Koch to alleviate her TMJ, which Susan says on a scale of 1 to 10 is now down to a one or two, she began to discuss the possibility of a Smile Makeover with him. Koch Dentistry is known for its commitment to creating beautiful smiles, and the process of a Smile Makeover has led to many happy clients.

Not only did Koch Aesthetic Dentistry provide pain relief for Susan Blanchard’s (pictured) TMJ, but they changed her life in more ways than she ever could have imagined.

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Susan’s upper teeth had been veneered by another dentist years prior, but she wasn’t happy with the results. Following her TMJ treatments, she decided Dr. Koch was the right dentist to veneer her lower teeth. At the time, she just couldn’t justify having her uppers redone. That is until she convinced her husband BJ to go to Dr. Koch to have him rework his smile.

“I told Dr. Koch, if my husband ever wants to do something nice for me, like a gift or something, I want my top teeth redone. It’s not something you just keep doing, because it’s expensive,” she says. “When my husband was having his Smile Makeover, Dr. Koch said, ‘You know, if you ever need to give Susan a gift, she would love her top teeth done’ — not knowing it was my birthday that weekend. So then a few days later, I get a birthday card that says ‘Go to Dr. Koch and get your teeth done.’”

With the prospect of a new smile that she knew she’d love, Susan began the process of a Smile Makeover. Every makeover starts with a consultation where photos are taken of the patient’s smile and then reviewed with Dr. Koch. During that time, the patient discusses their goals and desires while Dr. Koch offers his initial clinical thoughts. From there, almost every patient’s next step is a two-hour comprehensive exam, which involves X-rays, a full oral exam, and the opportunity to learn about their own dental state and how best to take care of their teeth. A treatment plan is developed and presented that same day.

BJ and Susan Blanchard each have beautiful new sets of teeth, the results of a Smile Makeover at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry.

For Susan and BJ, impressions of their teeth were taken and sent off to Utah Valley Dental lab, one of the most prestigious labs in the country, where their veneers were made. In each case, Dr. Koch sends over his specific desires for the patient, and the lab sends back what is called the patient’s “previews” or their temporaries. This becomes the test drive for the patient’s new smile. Once the temporaries are placed, the patient can wear them and make tweaks for as long as needed to ensure they feel completely satisfied with the results.

Susan says she went back three times to have her temporaries adjusted. Her main factors were that they were fitted properly so as to not irritate her TMJ, that they were straight, and that she’d no longer get food stuck in her teeth, which was an issue prior to her Smile Makeover. “I went back three times, but it would have been the same if I’d gone back 10 times,” Susan says. “Dr. Koch wants them right.”

Once a patient’s temporaries are approved, their “seat” appointment is scheduled, which is really the final cosmetic appointment. The lab creates an exact replica of the patient’s temporaries, but in individual porcelain teeth, and those are the teeth that will remain with the patient forever.

When Susan first saw her finished smile, she was ecstatic! “They were whiter, they were straight, and I just loved it! But I knew I would because Dr. Koch’s such a perfectionist,” she says, adding that her husband feels the same way about his new smile. “I just had that confidence that they would be right. They’re like normal teeth, even though they’re veneers.”

Susan says one of the things she is most thankful for — other than the cosmetic aspects — is Dr. Koch’s ability to understand and help with her TMJ. “I think it’s important that people know Dr. Koch does that,” she says. “Most people think of him as a cosmetic dentist and may not think to go to him for something like TMJ, but he really got that part as best as it could be.”

A beautiful set of teeth is definitely something to smile about.

Even though their Smile Makeovers are complete, Susan and BJ still choose Koch Dentistry for their regular cleanings and any other dentistry needs. “Everybody in the office is wonderful,” Susan shares. “You feel like you’re in there with a bunch of best friends. [The team is] just super. I’ve never been excited to go to the dentist before, but I’m excited to go in there and see my friends.”

Considered a “dental spa,” Koch Aesthetic Dentistry makes the experience comfortable and welcoming for all patients with soothing office colors, relaxing sedation options, a refreshment bar, and multiple cosmetic dentistry and skin beauty options that allow patients to feel more like they’re at the spa than the dentist. Upon request, you can receive paraffin wax hand treatments, cool or warm eye masks, warm blankets, noise-canceling headphones, nitrous oxide, and warm towels after treatment.

But all of that aside, what makes Koch Dentistry stand out the most is the talent and passion of Dr. Koch, who is a lifetime-qualified member of the Crown Council, an organization by which he was awarded the Individual Achievement Award in 2002 and the Mastermind Group of the Year Award in 1999.

“He really loves what he does,” Susan concludes. “And he wants you to love it, too.”

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This article is sponsored by Koch Aesthetic Dentistry. All photography by Christine Prichard of Viewtopia Pictures.

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