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There is nothing more compelling than entering the mind of an artist, and Birmingham’s local artists and galleries consistently produce unique, moving and intriguing work. We are so inspired by Birmingham’s creatives, in fact, that today we are excited to introduce you to our monthly installment of SB Local Art Gallery! Each month, we will feature works from local Birmingham artists centered around a specific theme. This month’s art celebrates the arrival of spring through the theme of color. From abstract acrylic paintings to one-of-a-kind sculptures, these masterpieces will capture your imagination, perhaps move you or just serve as eye candy. Here is our March SB Art Gallery!

SB Art Gallery: Color

“Reap the Whirlwind” by Bethanne Hill

"Reap the Whirlwind" by Bethanne Hill

“Reap the Whirlwind” by Bethanne Hill

  • Artist: Bethanne Hill
  • Title: Reap the Whirlwind
  • Medium: Acrylic on paper
  • Dimensions: 30-by-22-inch
  • Available at: Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in Asheville, NC, or through her website for $1,650

“I’ve been painting UFO abductions and tornado scenes for about 20 years,” says Bethanne. “My work is set in the Southern landscape, so I have a sort of never-ending cast of characters I can toss into a painting to see what happens. Primary influences on my work have always been an early love of Australian Aboriginal artwork, which is filled with patterns and outlines, as well as a deep love of our Southern landscape.”

“Rivers in the Desert” by Wellon Bridgers

"Rivers in the Desert" by Wellon Bridgers

“Rivers in the Desert” by Wellon Bridgers

  • Artist: Wellon Bridgers
  • Title: Rivers in the Desert
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Available at: G. Grace Gallery in Nashville, TN, or through her website for $1,600

“The background painting contains passages from Isaiah 43, which portrays something new and restored from what is broken,” explains Wellon. “As an adoptive mother and working full-time with orphan care ministry Mwana Villages, seeing beauty in the brokenness is something that I think about a lot. Figurative pieces like this one usually portray a juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability – someone who has experienced pain but is bolder, stronger for it. ”

Untitled work by William McLure

Untitled work by William McLure

Untitled work by William McLure

  • Artist: William McLure
  • William McLure does not title his works.
  • Medium: Mixed media — oil and oil pastel
  • Dimensions: 72-by-60 inch
  • Available at: his website for $5,880

“I’m working on three pieces for the rooftop bar at the AC Hotel in New York, and the designers wanted me to use greens and deeply saturated colors,” says William. “So, I typically will do a test paint to play around with the colors, concept and shapes in the piece. This is a product of that situation.”

“Nashville” by Liz Lane

"Nashville" by Liz Lane

“Nashville” by Liz Lane

  • Artist: Liz Lane
  • Title: Nashville
  • Medium: Acrylic gouache on gallery wrapped
  • Dimensions: 48-by-48-inch
  • Available at: Liz Lane Gallery for $1,800

“This painting was inspired by the vibrancy of the city,” says Liz of this painting she named for Music City. “I love Nashville’s artistic culture. It reminds me a lot of Birmingham in that way. Both are cities where an artist has wide open spaces as well as the benefits of city living.”

“Beaded Orbs” by Mia Badham

"Beaded Orbs" by Mia Badham

“Beaded Orbs” by Mia Badham

  • Artist: Mia Badham
  • Title: Beaded Orbs
  • Medium: Made from book pages and hand-dyed papers
  • Dimensions: Largest is approx. 5-by-5-by-6-inch | Smallest is approx. 1-by-1-by-1-inch
  • Available at: Mia’s Instagram, Facebookwebsite and at this year’s Magic City Art Connection, ranging from $40 to $200

“My work is made almost entirely out of paper. I collect old or discarded materials (books, envelopes, maps), and I give them new life,” says Mia. “My work is influenced by visceral and repetitive forms of nature, but most of my inspiration comes from the materials themselves.”

“Paper Cone Magnets” by Mia Badham

"Paper Cone Magnets" by Mia Badham

“Paper Cone Magnets” by Mia Badham

“I am always searching for new and interesting ways to draw and sculpt with paper,” says Mia. “When I’m using papers like the pages from an old book, they literally come with their own story. The words add a depth of meaning to the work through the knowledge that it was made not only by my hands but by centuries of human effort that came before me.”

4 x 4 Individual Drawings of Animals by Susan Shoemaker

4 x 4 Individual Drawings of Animals by Susan Shoemaker

4 x 4 Individual Drawings of Animals by Susan Shoemaker of Pencilpress

  • Artist: Susan Shoemaker
  • Title: Individual drawings, title based on animal portrayed
  • Dimensions: 4-by-4-inch individual drawings
  • Medium: Graphite, color pencil and acrylic on canvas
  • Available at: Susan’s Etsy store Pencilpress, Instagram, Facebook, email and at this year’s Magic City Art Connection for $40 each, two for $75, three for $90 or four for $120

Susan finds inspiration from nature and tries to combine her concern for wildlife conservation with a little bit of humor. “Using animals as my primary focus in art can be tricky, and I am continuously looking to find the balance between straightforward representation and having a sense of humor about my work,” says Susan. “My goal is that the animals are well represented, funny when intended and always portrayed in an interesting way.”

“Iris” by Nall

"Iris" by Nall

“Iris” by Nall

  • Artist: Nall
  • Title: Iris
  • Medium: Mixed medium
  • Dimensions: 24-by-18-inch
  • Available at: Nall Gallery for $12,000

“Tranquility” by Sam Collins

"Tranquility" by Sam Collins at Canary Gallery

“Tranquility” by Sam Collins at Canary Gallery

  • Artist: Sam Collins
  • Title: Tranquility
  • Medium: Digital on aluminum
  • Dimensions: 36-by-24-inch
  • Available at: Canary Gallery for $695

“Sam Collins is inspired by Americana,” says Libby Pantazis, owner of Canary Gallery. “His colorful pieces reflect an appreciation of nostalgia.”

“Portrait Series #13” by Bruce Holwerda

"Portrait Series #13" by Bruce Holwerda at Canary Gallery

“Portrait Series #13” by Bruce Holwerda at Canary Gallery

  • Artist: Bruce Holwerda
  • Title: Portrait Series #13
  • Medium: Acrylic on wood
  • Dimensions: 5-by-7-inch
  • Available at: Canary Gallery for $300

“In Bruce’s Portrait Series, the viewer is challenged to discover a color not used,” says Libby Pantazis, owner of Canary Gallery.

Untitled work by Lindsey J. Porter

"Untitled" by Lindsey J. Porter at Gallery 1930

Untitled work by Lindsey J. Porter at Gallery 1930

  • Artist: Lindsey J. Porter
  • Title: Untitled
  • Medium: Archival paper collage
  • Available at: Gallery 1930 for $1,850

“There is a closeness that I feel to my collages, because they are composed from subconscious and intuitive moments,” says Lindsey. “I strive for my work to be original, sourced from my mind and sometimes my memory, resulting in an intuitive process of abstracting form, line and dimension.”

“Unite” by John Hyche

"Unite" by John Hyche at the Beverly McNeil Gallery

“Unite” by John Hyche at Beverly McNeil Gallery

  • Artist: John Hyche
  • Title: Unite
  • Medium: Mixed media on canvas
  • Dimensions: 48-by-36-inch
  • Available at: Beverly McNeil Gallery for $5,200

“John Hyche is truly a local treasure! Born and raised here in Birmingham, John’s work is highly collected and sought after, and we feel proud to represent him,” says Beverly McNeil Gallery Director Brittany Barnes. “A true master of color, each one of his paintings evokes a certain energy or emotion that is difficult to describe in words. With every single piece having a completely different feel from the one before, I always say there is a John Hyche for everyone, and it is true!”

“Spring” by April Harris

"Spring" by April Harris at Naked Art Gallery

“Spring” by April Harris at Naked Art Gallery

  • Artist: April Harris
  • Title: Spring
  • Medium: Ink and watercolor on 140 LB coldpress
  • Dimensions: 5-by-7-inch
  • Available at: Naked Art Gallery for $50

“Spring is a celebration of our loved ones who have passed away (Day of the Dead) and a celebration of regrowth and renewal (spring) after winter has gone. It’s about getting back up after a loss. Seeing life with new eyes, more appreciation and renewed purpose. I used yellow to symbolize enlightenment, rebirth and joy,” says April.

“No Direction” by Corey Webb

"No Direction" by Corey Webb at Naked Art Gallery

“No Direction” by Corey Webb at Naked Art Gallery

  • Artist: Corey Webb
  • Title: No Direction
  • Medium: Mixed media on found wood
  • Dimensions: 12.5-by-13.5-inch
  • Available at: Naked Art Gallery in June as part of the “Places and Faces: And So On and So Forth” mixed media by Corey Webb display for $150

“My inspiration is usually the same — to audaciously make art. There’s rarely a plan when I start a new piece, thus the name of this one, ‘No Direction,'” says Corey.


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