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While most of us are settling into our “new normal,” we are all looking forward to life post-quarantine. The time spent self-distancing away from friends and family, preparing meals at home rather than eating out, and having Zoom happy hours in place of heading to our local hangout has given us a new perspective we may likely never forget. We asked some of our StyleBlueprint partners, friends, and favorite Birmingham locals what they most look forward to when the quarantine is over.

What do you most look forward to post-quarantine?

Madison Freeman, fashion and lifestyle influencer:

“I can’t wait for things to go back to normal so we all can come together and enjoy this beautiful world we live in. The one thing I’m most looking forward to post-quarantine is bringing my newborn child, Aubrey Grace, out into the world to meet our family and friends. She was born right in the middle of the pandemic, and we haven’t had the opportunity to let our loved ones meet her. We can’t wait for that day!”

Neillie Butler, owner of Mariée Ami:

“I look forward to so many things post-quarantine, but I am most excited about getting the Mariée Ami brides we love married on their postponed wedding dates. Seeing their original wedding dates come and go has been heartbreaking for us all.”

Lesley Vedel, owner of Manhattan South:

“In no particular order, I can’t wait to sit in the same room as my mom, see my clients at Manhattan South, enjoy crazy shenanigans with my girlfriends, hug my brother, get a manicure and pedicure, have Tonya Jones tame my hair, see my bestie and her kids in NOLA, and again … manicures!”

Lesley Vedel of Manhattan South.
Lesley Vedel of Manhattan South

Hannah Benak, fashion and lifestyle blogger at Looks & Merit:

“This is a tough one. There’s so much I miss from a simple routine, to live sports, to delicious meals out and about … but I think at the top of the list is visiting with friends. I truly cannot wait to meet friends for cocktails or dinner and just soak up that time because I definitely took it for granted before. Who knew that would EVER be something we’d take for granted!”

Jamie Montgo, blogger at Montgo Farmhouse:

“I am looking forward to browsing around aimlessly at Home Goods again while my kids are at Mom’s Day Out!”

Dorothy Walton, life and style blogger at Prep In Your Step:

“After quarantine, I am so looking forward to being reunited with all of my favorite people at some of our favorite places in Birmingham. I’m hoping Barons games and breweries (preferably Avondale and Back Forty) are in our future, and I will not be taking for granted grabbing dinner at Taco Mama and Saw’s on weeknights or heading to Carrigan’s, Chez Fonfon or Fancy’s on the weekend.”

Artney Walker, food and lifestyle blogger at My Pretty Brown Fit:

“I’m looking forward to traveling. I was supposed to travel to Hawaii with my husband to celebrate my milestone birthday. I was so bummed when everything came to a halt, but it definitely gives me something to look forward to when this is over. I’ll need a vacation! Besides, it’s never too late to celebrate!”

Helen Drennen, realtor at RealtySouth:

“I am truly looking forward to dining at some of our fabulous area restaurants with dear friends and family. Birmingham is so blessed with a talented group of chefs and entrepreneurs in the foodservice industry, and while so many have offered great takeout and curbside services, there is nothing like the ambiance and interaction enjoyed in the venue where it all comes together! Chez Fonfon, Ollie Irene, The Essential, Brick and Tin and Daniel George are just a few of so many I love!”

Kay Miller, owner of The Mercantile by Miller:

“I’m looking forward to going shopping in a real store instead of on my computer, going to Outback Steakhouse (haha!), getting a hair cut and color, and getting my nails and toes done, too!”

Kay Miller tells us what she's most looking forward to post-quarantine
Kay Miller of The Mercantile by Miller.

Randall Porter, brand strategist and style enthusiast:

“The obvious answer for an extrovert like myself is to get dressed up and have cocktails and dinner inside local restaurants and bars, as well as a hug and dancing the night away with all of my squad. However, I also look forward to seeing how we keep the momentum going of all this kindness and love. Birmingham has always been a great community to support each other and we have such pride. It has been magnified during all this. I look forward to how we progress as a city — to move forward together as a community. Because through all of this we have learned life is short, but it is worthwhile and easy when we go through it together! We can keep the to-go cocktails, too!”

The team at Magic City Woodworks:

“We are looking forward to the shop being full of life. Our shop is special to us. We can’t wait to have all our apprentices, staff, customers and donors fill the shop up again soon. We are in the people business.”

Debbie McKinstry, operations manager at Daniel George:

“I certainly look forward to serving customers at Daniel George again, and I also look forward to dining out myself. I have really missed engaging with my friends over dinner and drinks — and I am tired of cooking every night!”

Stephanie Robinson, realtor at RealtySouth:

“I am really looking forward to hugging my grandchildren and getting my favorite salad from Chez Fonfon!”

Reagan Thompson of Reabakes:

“I’m looking forward to having a real date night with my husband. We love going out for a nice dinner and maybe a movie once or twice a month. I have missed that quality time, especially since we have two kiddos!”

Meaghan Thomas, meteorologist at ABC 33/40:

“Oh there are so many things, but the first thing that comes to my mind would be hugging my friends and family. My love language is physical touch, and it has been so hard not to hug on the people I love!”

The team at Good People Brewing:

“We’re really looking forward to being close to our friends and family again! We can’t do what we do without them!”

Stay safe, healthy and hopeful, Birmingham. We’re all in this together!


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