With the holidays quickly approaching and the anticipation of countless soirees, family feasts and loads of sweet treats, health and fitness may not be at the top of your priority list — at least until after the new year. But with help from the folks at P2 Platinum Pilates, staying fit — and stylish! — through this busy season and beyond is easy and attainable.

“The holiday season is when you need to be at your best. You are bombarded with family, parties and events,” says owner of P2 Platinum Pilates, Misty Chitwood. “I believe keeping a regular workout routine can keep you happy and healthy through the holidays.”

If you haven’t checked out P2 Platinum Pilates yet, the advent of holiday madness is a good time to invest in some self love. Not only does this upscale studio in the heart of Mountain Brook Village’s Lane Parke offer small-group Pilates equipment sessions, but P2 also provides private and semi-private sessions in order to focus directly on reaching your personal fitness goals. “Our mission is to provide excellent service through caring instruction, the best apparatus and a safe environment,” Misty explains.

P2 Platinum Pilates owner Misty Hester Chitwood demonstrates the snake Pilates move on the Reformer apparatus. Image: Arden Photography
P2 Platinum Pilates owner Misty Hester Chitwood demonstrates the snake Pilates move on the Reformer apparatus. Image: Arden Photography

Why Pilates over other forms of exercise? “Pilates evokes a strong mind and body connection,” says Misty. “It’s great for strengthening, toning and working the deeper muscles that are hard to reach in other workout methods. It increases your flexibility and your balance, making it beneficial to all ages, and it’s a workout you can carryout throughout your life.”

This body conditioning method created by Joseph Pilates more than 100 years ago offers a unique system of stretching and strengthening. It’s a full-body workout, but Pilates also improves posture and alignment; strengthens, lengthens and tones muscles and connective tissues; improves circulation, concentration and mental alertness; reduces stress and prevents and heals injuries.

Pilates Mat and Core Suspend modalities are two popular ways to experience a Pilates workout. Most Pilates mat class exercises are done seated or lying on the floor, and this intense workout engages the entire body. Abdominal exercises are a major focus, as are resistance bands and rings, resulting in lean, sculpted muscles. Core Suspend classes are designed to elongate the spine and increase the elasticity of muscles and flexibility of joints, all while taking advantage of the benefits only a suspended Pilates workout can provide. Other sculpting exercises include the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Tower, all of which combine strength and balance for a full-body tone.

Peggy Winiger, a passionate P2 Pilates member, says, “P2 has affected my overall health because it has helped me increase my stamina at the age of 74. I have noticed tightening in my core, improvements in my balance and a complete renewal of my body. It has also helped me regain my strength since having back and knee surgery — it’s changed my whole body.”

Offering both a high quality fitness experience and on-trend fashions, P2 Platinum Pilates is the leading exercise studio in Birmingham.
P2 Platinum Pilates offers top-of-the-line equipment for its clients.
Through intense exercises, P2 Platinum Pilates strengthens, lengthens and tones muscles for an all over sculpted appearance.
P2 Platinum Pilates is the only Pilates studio in Metro Birmingham to offer the traditional Gratz apparatus, a classic Pilates apparatus created by the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment, Gratz Industries.

In addition to workouts, P2 Platinum Pilates also has an in-house boutique. “I have worked in all aspects of fashion, designing and buying,” says Misty, “Active fashion is what we live in today, so we carry everything you need for both your workout and outside the studio. I have always had a love for accessories, fine jewelry, furs and, of course, cashmere, so I wanted to feature both local and national luxury brands. It was also imperative that the boutique be totally different from others in our surrounding areas. I love it when people come in and say, ‘I can’t find anything else like this place in Birmingham!'”

Peggy agrees, saying, “After a few sessions of working out at P2, I was able to find cute clothes in the boutique in a smaller size than what I was originally wearing.”

In the P2 boutique, you’ll find athletic leisure wear and shoes, as well as jewelry from local and national designers. You’ll also find cosmetics, including local, organic skin care products from Botaniko Skin and accessories, including Taxidermy bags. “We are passionate about providing the best experience in Birmingham from the moment you walk in the boutique,” says Misty.

P2 Platinum Pilates combines their passion for fitness with their love of functional fashion in the studio’s own boutique.
P2 Platinum Pilates combines their passion for fitness with their love of functional fashion in the studio’s in-house boutique.
Local, organic skin care brand, Botaniko, available at P2 Platinum Pilates, will ensure you continue to feel fabulous after your workout ends.
Local, organic skin care brand, Botaniko, is available at P2 Platinum Pilates.

“Pilates tones the muscles and works like shrink wrap from the inside out. It is a mind-to-body connection, so in this busy time of year, it’s necessary to take 50 minutes to reconnect with yourself,” says Misty.

We couldn’t agree more. Taking time out of our busy schedules is a must, not only to feel energized and ready to take on the holidays, but also to give yourself some much-needed love. Through their intense workouts that yield visible results and a vast selection of fashionable goodies, P2 Platinum Pilates is the premier boutique-meets-fitness studio with a dynamic approach to self-care. After all, this joyous time of year is that much better when you both look and feel unstoppable.

P2 Platinum Pilates is located at 250 Rele Street in Mountain Brook. For hours and class schedules, visit their website.

This article is sponsored by P2 Platinum Pilates.

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