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Looking for a socially distant activity that gets you out of the house? We have a perfect idea! The Magic City is full of talented artists, who have created works of art throughout the Magic City. So hop in the car and take any (or all) of these three driving tours through Homewood, Avondale, and downtown Birmingham, and see if you can spot all of these gorgeous murals.

Here are three mural tours to take this month.

First Avenue South mural in Birmingham

This mural is located along First Avenue South and is across the street from the Rotary Trail. Image: Lewis Communications

3 Birmingham Mural Tours You Can Take by Car


1920 29th Avenue South

If you’re in the Homewood area, start your tour with one of Birmingham’s most Instagrammed murals. The pastel, geometric design outside of Farm Bowl + Juice Co. is both eye-catching and beautiful. This mural was created by local artist Collin Vaughn of Locomotive Creative. If you get close enough to the wall, you’ll notice Collin’s design isn’t actually painted — it’s a vinyl product that was heat-applied onto the wall.

Farm Bowl mural

Find this mural at Farm Bowl + Juice Co., located at 1920 29th Avenue South in Homewood. Image: Paige Burleson

2800 18th Street South

At your next stop, you’ll find the newest mural addition to Homewood. This beautiful yet simple symbol of hope is outside of Battle Republic. In the midst of the current pandemic, artists at Fitz Hand Painted Signs created this mural to symbolize the unity, community and strength displayed by the amazing people of Birmingham. It is the perfect reminder that we really are all in this together.

"We are all in this together" mural in Homewood, AL

Words of encouragement created by Fitz Hand Painted Signs | Image: Redmont Properties

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2790 BM Montgomery Street

Outside of Roman Brantley Art & Antiques, you’ll find this Audrey Hepburn-inspired mural stating, “Homewood is always a good idea.” This hidden gem is a popular spot for locals to bring their visiting guests. And be sure to stop by when Roman Brantley is open to peruse some of their gorgeous antiques and treasures!

"Homewood is always a good idea" mural

Outside of Roman Brantley Art & Antiques, you’ll find this beautiful, Audrey Hepburn-inspired mural. Image: Magic City Murals

168 Oxmoor Road

For your last stop on the Homewood tour, you’ll head to Oxmoor Road. Located in West Homewood, this mural includes the names of all the roads that make up this unique community. Created again by Fitz Hand Painted Signs, this bright and hopeful piece of art embodies just how important each community is to the city of Birmingham.

Community mural in Homewood, AL

Community is important now more than ever. Image: Homewood Life


Between Fourth Avenue and Fifth Avenue on 41st Street

You’ll find your first stop on the Avondale tour between Fourth Avenue and Fifth Avenue on 41st Street — right in the heart of Avondale. Here you’ll see a mural by artist Tim Kerr that honors four Birmingham icons: Fred Shuttlesworth, a civil rights activist; Sun Ra, an iconic jazz musician; Angela Davis, an activist; and Spider Martin, a photojournalist. It’s an incredible reminder of some of the amazing people who make the Magic City so magical.

"Know Your History" in Avondale

This mural by Tim Kerr is located on 41st Street in Avondale and depicts four Birmingham icons. Image: Tim Kerr Art

4105 4th Avenue South

Your next stop will take you to the wings outside of MELT. After the original “Wings of Avondale” were vandalized in 2018, the community rallied to raise money so Blank Space Birmingham and muralist Marcus Fetch could recreate this interactive mural — and wow, did they deliver! If you start to get hungry while on the tour, this would be a great place to stop and grab a delicious sandwich.

The MELT Wings in Avondale

Find this mural outside of MELT in Avondale. Image: Marcus Fetch

400 41st Street

For the third stop on our Avondale tour, you’ll want to head toward 400 41st Street, near the entrance of Avondale Brewery. Ms. Fancy, Avondale’s mascot and the namesake of one of Avondale Brewery’s most popular brews, salutes the Magic City with her famous “Trunks Up” cheers. This mural was created by the talented artists of Red Path Creative.

"Oh! You Fancy Mural" in Avondale

This “Oh! You So Fancy” mural is located on 41st Street. Image: Red Path Creative

4 41st Street South

For your final stop in Avondale, head down to the beloved Sozo Trading Company. Here you will find another mural created by the team at Blank Space that encourages the community to keep moving forward and doing good. What the amazing people do at Sozo matters, what Blank Space does matters, and what we do as individuals matters. This is such a gorgeous piece, and it always makes us smile as we pass by it in Avondale!

Sozo Trading Co Mural

“What You Do Matters” mural at Sozo Trading Co. Created by Blank Space.

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1818 Third Avenue North

We will start our downtown mural tour at this Andy Warhol- and Vulcan-inspired silhouette mural. Through their work with Blank Space, Kyle Kruse and Stephanie Guckenberger created the Vulcan Mural Project, which brightens the city and showcases one of the icons of the Magic City. SB TIP: After you grab a photo of this beautiful mural, pop into Revelator Coffee for a hot (or iced!) cup of local joe.

Vulcan murals in Birmingham

Find this mural at 1818 Third Avenue North. Image: Blank Space

Second Avenue South Side of Good People Brewing Company

For your next stop, head down to Good People Brewing Company, directly across from Regions Field. On the side of the brewery, you’ll find the “Mural of Hope.” This piece was again created by Marcus Fetch of Red Path Creative in honor of the Hope for Autumn Foundation, which raises money and awareness for research as well as families battling childhood cancer. If you look closely, you’ll see the leaves on the trees are children’s handprints, and the saying reads, “With every fall comes spring.”

Hope for Autumn Mural

Find this mural at Good People Brewing Co. Created by Marcus Fetch.

Corner of 16th Street South and Third Avenue South

For the third stop on your downtown mural tour, head to Watts Realty to see the beautiful “One City” mural. Another piece created by Marcus Fetch, this one sits across the street from Children’s Hospital (note the nod to the hospital’s logo on the top of the ‘Y’ in the painting), and it symbolizes the amazing Birminghamians who make the Magic City what it is today.

"One City" mural in downtown Birmingham

“One City” mural created by Marcus Fetch

112 Richard Arrington Boulevard North

Stop by this iconic work of art that was painted in August 2014 by the now-dissolved Magic City Mural Collective on the wall connected to John’s City Diner. “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” has been used as the official slogan since 1950 to promote the magical city of Birmingham.

"It's Nice to Have you in Birmingham" mural

The iconic “It’s nice to have you in Birmingham” mural outside of John’s City Diner

2726 First Avenue South

For your next stop, head down to one of Birmingham’s brightest murals. Created by Trés Taylor, this mural features a cyclist pedaling through the Magic City, leaving a happy trail of sunflowers. This romantic and lighthearted masterpiece is located at the Alabama Ballet.

Alabama Ballet Mural

This colorful mural by artist Trés Taylor is located at the Alabama Ballet studios at 2726 First Avenue South.

2829 Second Avenue South

For your final stop, you’ll head to the heart of Pepper Place. This “Rooted in Alabama” mural and the image itself, taken by Paul Jones III, pays tribute to the local farmers in our community, and it has quickly become an iconic visual at the Entertainment District’s weekly farmers’ market. Spend the rest of your day perusing the shops, bars and restaurants that Pepper Place has to offer.

Pepper Place Mural

This “Rooted in Alabama” mural, a photo originally taken by Paul Jones III, is located in Pepper Place. Image: Pepper Place

Enjoy your mural tours!


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