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“I like helping people get to that honest, true home that is both a beautiful and comfortable place to live,” says Melanie Pounds of Melanie Pounds Interior Design and her Mountain Brook showroom, Patina. Melanie is inspired by nature, and you can feel that grounded, salt-of-the-earth undercurrent in her artfully layered spaces. Glamorous touches are subtle as she lets aged wood, stone pieces, antiques, old cherished items and art take center stage. The spaces feel at once old and new, thoughtful yet unplanned … but always personal. We are delighted to introduce our latest interior designer crush, Melanie Pounds.

melanie pounds

Melanie Pounds of Melanie Pounds Interior Design and Patina | Image: Beth Hontzas

Tell us a bit about your background and experience in design.

I have always loved gathering with close friends and family. Creating a space to complement and enhance those experiences is gratifying. It makes you feel like you are giving something you can do back. I have always loved creating that.

What is your design aesthetic, and how do you translate that to a client’s home?

Hopefully, it is edited, inspiring and complementary to its owner and surroundings.

Are there any trends you’re loving at the moment, and, alternately, any timeless aspects of design that you cling to?

Right now, I am really enjoying playing with the use of color and metallics in a subtle way.

What has been your most challenging project to date and why? How did it help you grow as a designer?

My most challenging jobs are ones that don’t come with clarification or transparency. This has trained our team to guide clients through the best experience and what they are really looking for to make a perfect match.

melanie pounds

Art and antiques are complemented by sumptuous textiles in this elegant, personality-filled keeping room.

living room- Melanie Pounds

A gorgeous antique side table anchors a collection of art, while modern furniture is gathered loosely toward the stunning stone fireplace.

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wet bar

A painting doubles as a cabinet door to hide away julep cups and highball glasses at this chic wet bar.

dining room design

Aged wooden furniture suggests an Old World feel, but when juxtaposed by the modern chalk wall, the room becomes completely timeless.

drummond house

The ceilings are painted a luscious chocolate tone in this home, making it cozy.

Master bedroom sitting room

Light and airy, this master bedroom sitting area is the perfect place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine.

What brings you the most professional joy?

When an installation is a success by all. Nothing is better than when a client sees what has been planned and designed for a very long time, come to life and be beyond their dreams!

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

I really love every room we live in. The key for me is good light or a really cozy space, a room that feeds a function or mood. Our foyer is partially open to the outdoors and then there are doors that can retract to be completely open to the dining room. This is a wonderful place to watch the rain come in, watch the children or have a cup of coffee and get the day started. It also functions as a wonderful serving space or bar and as a dining room extension if needed. The master bedroom is framed in drapery, which feels like a cozy oasis to watch a movie on a rainy day. These are a few of my favorites!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration originally from nature. There are so many natural colors and textures that are all around us in everything. People’s ability to create art is also inspiring, and innovative ways to use that art also challenge us all to think about ways to use materials in a new way.

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Where do you take chances in design?

I take chances with scale and furniture layouts and floor plans. It is fun to consider how your client uses a space and make it work for them, instead of a traditional and assumed design.

guest room- Melanie Pounds

A longhorn skull lends an edgy vibe to this color-forward guest room.

interior design

Traditional elements mix with modern, in a sleek, symmetrical and inviting design.

dining room

Wood, stone, glass and seagrass are accented by modern lines in this chic dining space.

melanie pounds

The patina of the wooden table and kitchen island are artistically juxtaposed by the striking stainless steel wall backsplash.

kitchen banquette

This unexpected banquette lends an art-forward vibe to the kitchen.

interior design- Melanie Pounds

The bluish-gray of the walls is echoed in the stone tabletop and, most notably, on the hand-painted floor pattern.

bathroom inspired by nature

Melanie truly took her inspiration from nature with this paint color that feels like it was chosen from the hues right outside the window.

Who have been your industry mentors and role models, and how have they inspired you?

There are so many, I don’t know where to start. I would say John Saladino. His designs are very innovative, edited and beautiful at the same time.

If you could choose one designer to redo your home right now, who would it be?

I can’t choose just one! It would have to be Wolternick, Axel Vervoordt, or Alexandra and Michael Misczynski of Atelier AM.

What’s your top designer secret?

Look and listen to what the landscape asks for and not a trend that we want to make it.

What three home decor items can you not live without?

Candles, marble and wood

entryway with architectural details

Gorgeous architectural details inspire sophisticated furniture and art choices.

melanie pounds- living room

Although this living space is large, Melanie’s choice of plush furniture, soft textures and inviting colors creates an undeniable coziness.

kitchen- Melanie Pounds

Sleek lines and a modern low-slung ceiling provide a clean backdrop for traditional patterns and textures to bring warmth to this kitchen.

living room vignette

This living room vignette is equal parts minimalist and stately.

kitchen- Melanie Pounds Design

This clean, white kitchen feels bright and well-loved, a space where a family can enjoy togetherness and shared memories.

This kitchen, designed by Melanie Pounds, has calm, warming tones.

Color is king in this kitchen, where soothing verdant hues intermingle with calming warm tones.

If you could squeeze your design philosophy into five words, what would they be?

Unconventional, functional, inspiring, complementary, soothing

A special thanks to Melanie for the interview! Thank you to Jean Allsopp of Jean Allsopp Photography for the gorgeous images of Melanie’s work.


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