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Speaking with Brie Golliher feels like taking a slow Sunday stroll down the picturesque main street of a small Southern town — soft and familiar and steeped in tradition. The sticky-sweet smell of Gramma Sue’s pecan pie wafts through her memories, and the treasured family traditions that define Southern charm define her values, too. There’s no question why Brie has been crowned Kentucky’s ‘Pie Queen of Bowling Green’ or why her fans are tickled pink to get a taste of her classic confections. Arguably most Southern of all, these honeyed moments take place at the same childhood country store that Brie loved growing up. Step into her world with us. Meet The Pie Queen of BG!

“Baking for people is completely my love language,” Brie tells us. Her therapy comes in the form of taking over the kitchen, sticking in her headphones, and finding peace in the process of pie-making. This affinity naturally lent itself to building a business, and much like the syrupy goodness stocked on her shelves, her nickname, The Pie Queen (coined by her husband), stuck.

The Pie Queen of BG baking mini pies

Brie Golliher, The Pie Queen of BG, bakes mini pies to serve and ship across the country. Image: Cindy Watson Photography

After Brie and her husband had their second son, Brie began baking at home. Not long after, they decided to purchase the country store right down the street from Brie’s childhood home. At that time, Alvaton’s Boyce General Store also served up burgers, fish fries, and regular community events. In 2015, as Brie’s pie popularity swelled, she and her husband officially launched The Pie Queen of BG. They enjoyed a short stint owning a downtown bakery, but quickly outgrew the space and came back home to Boyce General Store to focus solely on peach crumble pies, brown sugar chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, and homemade Pop Tarts, just to name a few.

Boyce General Store past and present

Take a peek at the Boyce General Store — past and present. Past image: Boyce General Store | Present image: Visit BGKY

Brie is committed to using only the best real premium ingredients. “Most important to me is knowing exactly what is in my pies. I have spent so much time finding the best ingredients to make sure my customers can taste the difference,” explains Brie. Furthermore, she makes it a priority to take advantage of as many local ingredients as she can find, including fresh locally grown strawberries, blackberries, peaches, and blueberries. The Pie Queen of BG’s bestseller is the Kentucky pie, which combines chocolate chips, bourbon, and pecans for the ultimate indulgence. Her personal favorite, though, is the PB & Fudge pie.

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SB Shop is pleased to offer a few of The Pie Queen of BG’s favorite gift boxes. The Pies Gift Box includes eight mini pies in your choice of their best-selling flavors (pecan, nest, fudge, or PB & Fudge). The Sammies Gift Box includes a dozen cookie sandwiches in brown sugar, PB Squared, No-Bake, or OCP (oatmeal cookies with buttercream icing). For when you can’t choose just one, the Pies & Sammies Gift Box combines the best of both worlds with six mini pies and six sammies.

Kentucky Pie from The Pie Queen of BG

The Kentucky pie is a Boyce General Store bestseller. Image: Brie Golliher

Peach crumble pie from The Pie Queen of BG

What’s better than a peach crumble pie made with locally grown ingredients?! Image: The Pie Queen of BG 

Pies Gift Box from The Pie Queen of BG

Shop The Pies Gift Box ($36) on SB Shop, here. Image: Brie Golliher

Sammies Gift Box from The Pie Queen of BG

Shop The Sammies Gift Box ($36) on SB Shop, here. Image: Brie Golliher

The rest of this year brings exciting opportunities to The Pie Queen. The Pie Wagon, a whimsically decorated trailer, has recently joined their sweet family and brings Brie’s famous pies and pastries to Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and beyond. You can keep up with the Pie Wagon’s future destinations along with all of Brie and her family’s adventures through her Instagram. There, you’ll find some precious behind-the-scenes baking shots, easy-to-follow recipes, the happiest of celebrations, and of course, drool-worthy close-ups of her delectable creations.

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Pie Queen of BG and the Pie Wagon

The Pie Queen of BG and her Pie Wagon! Image: Cindy Watson Photography

For Brie, what started as a sweet tooth and a love of being in the kitchen became a booming business overflowing with family love, Southern tradition, and good old-fashioned hard work. She fostered all the ingredients necessary to weave together a dreamy and well-deserved life that’s just as sweet as the desserts she bakes — and all the while, she carries the crown with a grateful heart. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about The Pie Queen of BG as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing her story.

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