Birmingham has been BUSY since we originally published this article back in 2018. In the wake of The World Games and small businesses booming all over town, we decided this was the perfect time for an update!

Birmingham is known not only as “the Magic City” but also for boasting several hidden gems in unexpected places. Whether you’re searching for the perfect photo op for Instagram or simply looking to explore a corner of Birmingham you haven’t seen before — these stunning murals, landmarks, and retail spots are all worth a visit.

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Most Instagrammable Spots in Birmingham

The Pizitz Murals

Two of Birmingham’s newest murals are located right next to each other, so it’s easy to see both in one visit. The first is a collaboration between Color Bham and Marcus Fetch of Blank Space Bham (involved in many of the murals on our list), located inside the courtyard at The Pizitz. The second mural is at 19th Street and 2nd Avenue North across from The Pizitz. This mural is a collaboration between BHM Artist Collective, REV Birmingham, Blank Space Bham, and InSpero. These murals speak for themselves, providing colorful evidence that Birmingham’s community is united through art.

street art in birmingham
After grabbing food or a drink at The Pizitz, snap a pic by the courtyard murals! Image: Fraley Williams
pitzitz mural street art
A collective of artists joined forces to create this vibrant ode to the local community. Image: Fraley Williams

It’s the Right Time to Believe in Birmingham

Located at Birmingham Benz on 3rd Avenue South, Blank Space Bham reclaimed an otherwise plain space with this beautiful mural. “It’s the right time to believe in Birmingham” became the campaign for The World Games in Birmingham this summer, and a group of local artists turned that message into a mural. We certainly believe in Birmingham — do you?

birmingham alabama street mural
This colorful mural was inspired by the slogan of The World Games, which took place in Birmingham this summer. It’s definitely the right time to believe in Birmingham! Image: Fraley Williams

Do Something Great

The neon “Do Something Great” sign is a sharp and eye-catching nighttime feature at one of the coolest offices in the city — Lewis Communications at 2030 First Ave North. This sign is not only inspirational, but it will infuse your social media presence with good vibes.

do something great neon sign
If you love a good neon sign, this spot is for you! Image: Fraley Williams

It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham

“It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” is one of the most iconic murals in the Birmingham area. Travelers from near and far want to snap a pic in front of this mural to let their friends and followers know they are in the Magic City. This welcoming work of art is located on the wall next to John’s City Diner, which is at 112 Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard North. “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” has been the city’s official slogan since 1950!

'It's Nice to Have You in Birmingham' mural outside John's City Diner is a must for an Instagram photo shoot.
One of the most recognizable murals in the Magic City, the “It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham” mural outside John’s City Diner is a must for an Instagram photo shoot.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is 67.5 acres filled with three classifications of gardens: Garden of Collections, Gardens of Nature, and Gardens of Culture. Wander through the picturesque gardens or hop over to the ever-popular Japanese gardens and brighten your day with all the flora and fauna. This gem is jam-packed with photo ops that change with the seasons!

There's no better place for an Instagram post than the vibrant and beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
There’s no better place for an Instagram post than the vibrant and beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Sloss Furnaces

Having produced pig iron from 1882 to 1971, Sloss Furnaces is the longest-running blast furnace in Birmingham’s history. These days the national historic landmark plays host to weddings, photo shoots, a haunted house at Halloween, metal arts workshops, and most recently, The World Games. You can wander through this sprawling complex or visit the museum to learn more about its remarkable history. Sloss Furnaces is located at 20 32nd Street North.

Sloss Furnaces
Sloss Furnaces defines Birmingham, making it the perfect place for a photo op. Image: Wikipedia

Ted’s Restaurant

There are a couple of fabulous murals located on the north and south walls of Ted’s Restaurant at 328 12th Street South. Artist Bonard Hughins and his father painted murals showcasing the highlights of Birmingham, such as the Alabama Theatre, Railroad Park, the Vulcan, UAB, and more, with a cool and vintage-inspired look.

Exterior of Ted's Restaurant in Birmingham, AL
Stop by the iconic Birmingham restaurant Ted’s for a delicious meat-and-three plate and a quick photo shoot. Image: Ted’s Restaurant

Mural of Hope

This mural is known as the Mural of Hope in honor of the Hope for Autumn Foundation, which raises money, awareness, and research funds for childhood cancer. Talented mural artist Marcus Fetch created this beautiful piece on the side of Good People Brewing Co. The leaves on the trees are children’s handprints, and the saying “With every fall comes spring” indicates the hope of a new season.

Mural of hop outside Good People Brewing Co. in Birmingham
This Mural of Hope outside Good People Brewing Co. reminds us, “With every fall comes spring.” Image: @marcusfetch

Wings of Avondale

The wings outside of MELT (at 4105 Fourth Avenue South) in Birmingham make a perfect Instagram photo, allowing you to feel like a real-life angel posing between a pair of colorful wings. After it was vandalized years ago, the community rallied to raise money so that muralist Marcus Fetch and Blank Space Bham could recreate this interactive mural, which remains a landmark today.

Wings of Avondale mural in Birmingham
The Wings of Avondale 2.0, done by Marcus Fetch, is a recreation of one of Birmingham’s favorite murals. It’s perfect for your Instagram shot! Image: @marcusfetch

Vulcan Park and Museum

Did you know the Vulcan statue was first created to advertise Birmingham? City leaders felt that Vulcan perfectly captured Birmingham’s growing industrial abilities. If you’re okay with heights, you should visit the Vulcan statue for the BEST view of downtown Birmingham. Make sure to stop by the park and museum while you are there. Located at 1701 Valley View Drive, Vulcan is the largest cast iron statue in the world and has been around for 118 years. Birmingham’s iconic “iron man” is a quintessential Magic City landmark.

Vulcan statue in Birmingham, AL
Vulcan, Birmingham’s own “iron man,” offers one of the city’s best views for your Instagram picture.

Colorful Vulcans + Theatre District Mural

This Vulcan-inspired silhouette mural is located at 1818 Third Avenue North. Kyle Kruse and Stephanie Guckenberger created the Vulcan Mural Project, which brightens the city and showcases a playful depiction of one of Birmingham’s staple landmarks. Plus, right next to the colorful Vulcans is the Theatre District Mural, a colorful piece by Andy Jordan of Blank Space Bham. Check them both out next time you’re in the area!

colorful vulcan mural
This mural offers a technicolor spin on Birmingham’s well-known Vulcan statue at Vulcan Park. Image: Fraley Williams
theater district mural birmingham
Find this mural — a nod to Birmingham’s Theatre District — right beside the colorful Vulcans! Image: Fraley Williams

Eyes on Birmingham

Located on First Avenue North and 39th Street, this mural is definitely one to catch your eye! Check out another one of Marcus Fetch’s artistic masterpieces, wherein the haunting eyes of a weathered man stare back at you. Does The Great Gatsby come to mind for anyone else?

Eyes mural in Birmingham, AL
This mural is even more beautiful in person — it makes for a hauntingly beautiful Instagram shot! Image: @marcusfetch

Farm Bowl & Juice Company

The pastel, geometric design outside Farm Bowl + Juice Company is worth a quick pose! Farm Bowl + Juice Company is at 1920 29th Avenue South in Homewood. Thanks to its calming color palette and geometric design, this is one of the hippest walls in town.

woman walking along the wall outside farm bowl and juice company in birmingham
If you’re looking to show off your outfit, the wall outside Farm Bowl + Juice Company is the perfect backdrop. Image: @paigeburleson

Rotary Trail

Rotary Trail is located along First Avenue South and is the perfect Instagram shot to grab while visiting or exploring downtown Birmingham. The trail stretches out four blocks; you can’t miss it — the sign is a 46-foot frame. The Rotary Club of Birmingham gifted the trail to the city upon the club’s 100th anniversary, and B.L. Harbert International contributed the iconic sign — both in an incredibly generous gesture honoring the community of Birmingham.

Rotary Trail sign
The Rotary Trail is one of Birmingham’s most iconic spots, making it ideal for an Instagram post.
colorful street art birmingham al
Along the rotary trail, you’ll spot vibrant street art like the murals you see pictured here. Image: Fraley Williams

Light Rails

The art installation known as “Light Rails” is a must-see in Birmingham. The railroad underpass makes a fun and visually stimulating drive or walk. The colorful Art Deco tunnel was built in 1931, and artist Bill FitzGibbons created the illuminated LED light installation. It contains 16 different colors changing at varying speeds. Find it at the 18th Street South viaduct near Railroad Park.

Lights rail in Birmingham, AL
Stop by this colorful tunnel at night for a fun and vibrant Instagram post. Image: contemporist


Another fun mural in Birmingham’s lineup of fabulous street art is this robot mural. This one was done by local artist John Lytle Wilson. Find this friendly robot and his sidekicks along Morris Avenue!

Robot mural by artist John Lytle Wilson
This newly added robot by artist John Lytle Wilson makes Morris Avenue even more fun! Image: @johnlytlewilson

House Plant Collective

House Plant Collective is a great local plant shop with a picturesque interior. Inside, the greenery and vibrant wall art will make you feel like you just walked into the jungle. If you’re lucky, you may even see House Plant’s vintage school-bus-turned-pop-up shop with quirky exterior decor that makes for a great photo. Pick up a plant when you take a picture and show this woman-owned business some love!

bus with house plants painted
The House Plant Collective makes for a fabulous social media shot — and so does its traveling pop-up shop! Image: Fraley Williams

Stay Cool, Birmingham

Next time you drive down I-65 South and pass University Boulevard, look to the right, and you’ll see this mural by Marcus Fetch.

'Stay Cool Birmingham' mural
This Marcus Fetch mural reminds Magic City residents to stay cool. Image: @marcusfetch

Cyclist with Sunflowers

This unique mural features a cyclist pedaling through the Magic City and leaving a happy trail of sunflowers in his path. Located at the Alabama Ballet at 2726 First Avenue South and created by artist Trés Taylor, it exudes an art-forward romantic vibe.

'Cyclist with Flowers' mural in Birmingham, AL
The ‘Cyclist with Sunflowers’ is perched outside Alabama Ballet, leaving sunshine in its wake.

Railroad Park

Railroad Park is the perfect place to take pictures of the beautiful Birmingham skyline. You can choose to walk, bike, or even check out the playgrounds at this award-winning urban park located at 1600 First Avenue South. Every season offers its own uniquely lovely views.

Railroad Park in Birmingham, AL
Railroad Park is perfect for perusing, exploring, and snapping Instagram pictures.

The Alabama Theatre

The Alabama Theatre offers live performances year-round, so you can enjoy a show and post a pic of that iconic glowing marquee at night. The Alabama Theatre is located at 1817 Third Avenue North in the Theatre District. It was built in 1927 as the flagship theater for the Southeastern region of the United States.

The Alabama Theatre screams Magic City pride!
The Alabama Theatre screams Magic City pride!


In the mood for a little retail therapy? Check out Shoppe, a picturesque plant nursery on Clairmont Avenue that will feel like walking into a breath of fresh air. Their greenhouse space with sprawling flora will have you wishing for a green thumb — while also making for a great photo. (Be courteous to other shoppers, and try to make your photo op quick!)

shoppe birmingham greenhouse
The greenhouse at Shoppe makes for a stunning photoshoot. Image: @hellolindsaymiller

The Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theatre is a performing arts theater located in the heart of Birmingham at 1800 Third Avenue North – this 102-year-old building is the oldest theatre in Birmingham. Built in 1913 and opened in 1914 as a vaudeville theater, the space hosted such greats as the Marx Brothers, the Keaton Family Acrobats featuring Buster Keaton, Sophie Tucker, Jack Benny, Mae West, and Roy Rogers, along with his horse, Trigger, among others. This is the perfect place to see a concert, ballet, or play while also taking in the striking lights at nighttime!

Exterior of Birmingham's Lyric Theatre
The Lyric Theatre is one of Birmingham’s most historic theaters. You’ll find incredible photo ops inside and out. Image: Lyric Theatre

Morris Avenue

It’s odd to drive down this picturesque cobblestone street and not see a photo shoot underway. Morris Avenue exudes that old-Birmingham feel with a rustic yet urban-cool aesthetic, perfect for pics. Morris Avenue is an east-west avenue between First Avenue North and the railroad tracks, and it runs from 14th Street North to 25th Street North.

Woman posing on Morris Avenue in Birmingham, AL
You’ll find many fashion and style bloggers posing along charming Morris Avenue. Image: 2b Photography

The Storyteller Fountain

The Storyteller Fountain is at the nexus of the five-point crossroads that gives historic Five Points South its name. Created by nationally renowned, late-great Birmingham artist Frank Fleming, the Storyteller Fountain features a ram reading to other animals. It is a tribute to the Southern tradition of connection through storytelling.

The Storyteller fountain is in the nexus of the five-point crossroads that gives historic Five Points South its name.
The Storyteller Fountain is at the nexus of the five-point crossroads that gives historic Five Points South its name.

Woodlawn Mural

This mural is a community-painted masterpiece located at 6 55th Place near First Avenue South. The people of Woodlawn painted it as a way to express their love of the community. The piece showcases a diverse patchwork of vibrant colors and elements of jazz music.

Colorful woodlawn mural in birmingham
This colorful and eclectic mural shines in Woodlawn. Image: Pat Byington

The Birmingham Museum of Art

In 1908, the formation of the Birmingham Art Club was the spark that lit the fire for an eventual museum for the city of Birmingham. The Birmingham Museum of Art opened its doors in 1951 and houses more than 26,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and decorative arts dating from ancient to modern times, including one of the world’s largest collections of Wedgwood pottery. The museum hosts many cultural events for all ages as part of its mission to provide Birmingham with a cultural and educational experience.

The striking bronze sculpture by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, “Reclining Nude” (pictured above), is a focal point in the museum’s Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden.
The striking bronze sculpture by Colombian artist Fernando Botero, “Reclining Nude” (pictured above), is a focal point in the museum’s Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden.

Old Mill

The Jemison Company built Old Mill to promote the newly developed area of Mountain Brook. It opened to the public in July of 1927 to allow people in the area to enjoy picturesque scenery while having tea. The Old Mill is located at 2780 Mountain Brook Parkway, where the popular Jemison Trail hosts a steady parade of walkers and joggers.

The Old Mill is a Birmingham staple and one of the most beautiful spots for a photo-op!
The Old Mill is a Birmingham staple and one of the most beautiful spots for a photo op!

Sibyl Temple

Sibyl Temple is perched at the mountain’s crest as you enter Vestavia Hills from the north. Commonly referred to as The Temple of Vesta, the structure was built by wealthy landowner George Ward in 1929 in red-hued sandstone and modeled after a mountaintop temple in Tivoli, Italy. Over time, the temple changed hands and was painted white. It is now owned by the Vestavia Hills Garden Club and is open to the public for picnics and gatherings. It’s a great spot for group shots!

Sybil Temple in Birmingham, AL
It is not uncommon to see folks posing in the Sibyl Temple when passing by on Highway 31 below.

Time to explore! Be sure to tag us on Instagram if you visit any of these awesome spots around town.


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