Defining Home’s concept is as simple as its name. The high-end retail showroom and workroom offers designer furniture, lighting and décor to create dream homes specified by customer needs and preferences.

Architects and owners Tom Adams and Adam Gerndt launched Defining Home in 2012, originally as a storefront for furnishing their products in Homewood. The space has since evolved into a unique boutique retail showroom, as well as a trade program for independent designers.

Designing Home, Homewood, AL

The mission of Janet Clifton, the store’s design trade account manager and interior designer, is to fashion together functional, usable spaces that are both attractive and personalized.

Designing Home, Homewood, AL

Contemporary furnishings and traditional antiques both have a place at Defining Home.

Defining Home appeals to an array of Birmingham buyers and boasts an eclectic blend of contemporary furnishings with traditional antiques. The storefront also features art consigned from local and regional artists.

“We are a high-end atmosphere, but we are also relaxed here, and that’s what makes it fun,” Janet Clifton, the store’s design trade account manager and interior designer, says. The designer hails from Georgia and has worked in the interior design industry for more than 25 years. She constantly studies stylebooks, famous designers and magazines to unearth new designs and trends fit for Defining Home’s clientele.

Janet’s mission is to fashion together functional, usable spaces that are both attractive and personalized. She collaborates with Gallery Manager Coty Hall to construct striking store layouts while showcasing new products.

Designing Home in Homewood, AL

Designing Home, Homewood, AL

You’ll find a variety of interesting products throughout the Defining Home showroom.

“We’re very focused on both comfort and style, and we want to bring things to Birmingham that customers might not have seen before,” Coty says. “We definitely have a very specific, custom look, and we want to share that.” The Huntsville native’s extensive background in retail and his drive for customer satisfaction brought him to Defining Home. He selects each product’s style, size, price point and color based on pieces consistently appreciated by shoppers.

“Every piece that doesn’t sell is an opportunity to learn more about our customer,” he explains. “My job is to interact with people and make personal connections with them.”

Though a somewhat young business, the store carries several exclusive lines, including Gabby Home, Hickory Chair and Cisco Brothers, and there are more than 100 vendors on the floor at all times. Furthermore, Defining Home is Alabama’s only retailer of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, a North Carolina-born, internationally acclaimed home furnishings company.

Designing Home, Homewood, AL

Defining Home, Homewood, AL

Defining Home’s distinctive pieces are thoughtfully purchased from markets in High Point, NC, and Atlanta, GA, and discussed with the staff to determine what consumers will find in the storefront.

In addition to retail services and the trade program, Defining Home also administers custom home renovations and custom home building through its architectural services, as well as an in-house interior design service.

Defining Home strives to produce memorable and personal experiences for shoppers while also providing interesting products specialized to each person’s home.

“We are about helping you find what makes your house a home, defining your space—and even yourself through your space,” Coty says. “We want to help you create that environment that you can call your own and identify with.”

Defining Home is located at 1916 28th Ave. S. in Homewood. Call (205) 803-3662 or visit to learn more.