My in-laws live in Birmingham so I’m down there quite a bit.  If you are lucky enough to spend the weekend in Birmingham, take one afternoon to enjoy lunch and some shopping in Homewood, an upscale area just outside Mountain Brook, in Birmingham.

The shopping area of Homewood is like a mixture of Nashville’s Hillsboro Village and The Hill Center.  You’ll find Zoe’s Chicken and Pure Barre to make you feel at home.  Plan to spend a few hours wandering in and out of boutiques; there are shops for kids, men and of course, plenty for women.

Right off the bat I made a bee-line for Mary Evelyn interiors shop. You’ll see the sign on the main street and follow the sidewalk back toward the parking lot and you’ll find the store.

She was the featured designer interviewed in the last issue of Southern Accents and I just adored what she had to say.  I chatted with her for about 20 minutes and she is just delightful.  Her store has a wide range of prices and my favorite piece was this stainless steel with wood dining room table for just over $1,000.

I also wanted to bring this sofa, on sale for half off, home.  But I’d have to leave my three kids in behind if I had done that!

Soca is a great women’s store in Homewood.  I’d say their average client in probably late 20’s but I found it full of tempting items.  And, my wallet was glad my girls were not with me as they would have screamed in delight over the mini-me version of Soca for younger girls.

However, my own big scream came when I saw this sign in front of Four Seasons Antiques and Art.

I am a huge fan of Peter’s Pottery and no one in Nashville sells it.  It was hard not to go overboard, but my one purchase of the day was a Peter’s Pottery salt and pepper shaker.  I really wanted so much more…

And because I am such a huge fan, one more picture:

Here’s a sampling of what else you will find in Homewood:

I can attest that both these stores are wonderful. My sweet mother-in-law got me the cutest top from Theadora for Christmas.

See why I made the Hill Center comparison?

When in Homewood, you have to promise me to stop by White Flowers.

White Flowers

It’s like no other shop I’ve EVER been in.  Everything in the store is white.  In fact, it’s so different from everything else in this world, that it makes you squint – like walking into a winter wonderland – as your eyes adjust to the lack of color.  It is serene and the angelic music being piped through the store just reminds you to breathe deep and enjoy life.

There is even a shop for Fido:

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