The “nothing but neutrals” mantra is giving way to something more colorful — and, frankly, a lot more fun. Regal touches of emerald green and deep blues — complemented with splashes of blush — are what’s in, according to longstanding home décor company Issis & Sons Furniture and Flooring Gallery.

Offering a plethora of home décor options, Issis & Sons has been one of Birmingham’s go-to furniture stores for decades. With several designers and decorators on staff, the company keeps a close eye on trends. Above all else, however, their philosophy focuses on one person — the customer.

Issis and Sons

Owner Steve Issis first opened Issis & Sons in 1983, championing the idea that the customer should always come first. Today, the company still abides by that philosophy by offering an impressive selection of home décor items that can be custom ordered to accommodate a wide range of styles. From fabrics to flooring, the company’s four Birmingham stores boast a little bit of everything.

“Maybe you’re a casual person, maybe you’re a formal person, maybe you have kids, maybe you don’t. Whatever it is, we want you to be able to walk into your house and have it reflect who you are,” says Nancy Gowens, operations manager at Issis & Sons. “Here, it’s not about the decorator. It’s about the customer.”

By working one-on-one with clients (a service that comes at no charge), the store has created an environment where any shopper can find what they need. Through blending trendy items with classic pieces, Issis proves that any home can be comfortable without eschewing style.

When working in seasonal statement colors — like emerald greens and blues, which have been popular at recent home décor markets — Nancy suggests starting with accent pieces like pillows and lamps.

“Sometimes a pop here or there can go a long way,” she says. Introducing color into your home, Nancy says, should be a fun process.

Issis and Sons

Keeping large pieces of furniture neutral, like this couch, is a great way to keep a solid “base” for any room. Weaving in textures and colors through lamps, accent pillows and artwork help keep the room interesting and current.

When updating a room, she recommends first identifying items that might be outdated or worn. Swapping those furnishings out with something more current can instantly enhance a space. The best part, she says, is you don’t have to break the bank to get the look you want.

“Doing something as simple as just changing out fabric can really spruce up a room,” says Nancy, who has been with Issis & Sons for 18 years. “There are so many simple ways you can dress up your home without spending your kids’ inheritance.”

Another way to make a lasting impression with color, is to make one of the large foundational furniture items, like a boldly colored sofa or cupboard, be your color statement piece.

Issis and Sons

From large-scale statement pieces, like this cupboard, to smaller scale items like vases and ceramics, pops of blue can help liven a room. Nancy says navy, especially, can be used as a neutral when decorating. “It can almost be considered the same as black. It’s very neutral,” she says.

Along with deep blues and greens, Nancy says she’s seen soft pinks weave their way into modern décor. It’s a color, she says, some might be hesitant to mix into their home. However, she says, the feminine hue can complement nicely.

“It might take some courage to incorporate blush,” she says, “Because most people might call it pink.” If the idea of a blush-toned lamp turns you off, consider incorporating that pop of color through artwork that you love.

Thanks to the store’s impressive inventory, however, customers have no shortage of options when it comes to picking out trendy color options that fit their tastes and budgets.

Because customers can buy right off the floor, inventory is constantly changing. What buyers see one day could be completely different the next. This allows stores to stay fresh with trends and the latest furnishings, Nancy says.

“We receive several new shipments every week,” she says, noting that customers also have the option of getting items custom-ordered to fit their taste.

Issis and Sons

One of the best (and most fun) ways to incorporate color into your home can be through artwork. The soft brushstrokes in this painting complement the mid-century style couch — tying the look together for a polished an elegant finish.

With four locations open — the most recent being in Pelham off Cahaba Valley Road — the store has become a mainstay in Birmingham’s home décor market. And, after more than three decades in business, Issis & Sons intends to continue serving the Birmingham community with excellence, Nancy says.

“A person could come here with an empty house and buy everything but the groceries,” she says with a smile. “It’s all about the customer here.”


Issis & Sons has four locations in the Birmingham area — two are furniture galleries, and the others specialize in flooring. For more information, visit

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