Is your hair making you look old? Much like the clothes you wear, your hairstyle and color can have a big impact on your overall appearance, working for or against you. To get to the root of the problem, we talked with several area stylists to get the lowdown on what some common hair mistakes are and what needs to be done to fix them.

1. Bad Hair Color

Angela Watson of Angela Watson Salon tells us “color that’s too dark, too light and one dimensional is a common mistake. Brunettes and blondes can look harsh if the hair is too ashy and only one color.” Dark black or brown hair can be severe and that harshness ages you. Overly dark hair emphasizes bags and lines by highlighting the shadows on your face. Likewise, hair that is ashy also makes you look washed out. As we get older our complexion gets yellower and more ashen so you don’t want your hair color to play that up. And of course, gray roots or wiry wisps is like a neon billboard advertising old granny!

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The fix: Keep hair color multidimensional by weaving in high and low lights. Warmer tones are more youthful and a few highlights around the face soften the appearance making you look more youthful. Angela suggests, “Add some warmth to reflect light and add shine. So tired of 80’s highlights, they are tres passé! Think of buttery blondes with caramel and copper, now that’s chic and modern.”

2. Dry/Damaged Hair

Brittle-looking hair with split ends is a major ager. Dry or damaged hair just looks lifeless. Todd Cargo, co-owner of Sanctuary, reminds us that “shine and vitality are synonymous with youth and letting your hair get dry and damaged can add a decade to your age.”


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The fix: Healthy hair is pretty hair! Todd recommends using quality hair products that contain moisture and elastins, often lacking in mature hair. Cheap products can often do more harm as the ingredients can add further damage to your hair. In addition to using the products recommended by your stylist, Angela suggests getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis and to consider adding a treatment, such as one of the latest beauty advances, hair shots (a small, but super concentrated formula offering intense repair for damaged hair). As technology advances we now have newer, faster options, that work wonders on dry, brittle, over processed locks so restoring your hair’s health is faster and easier!

3. Overly Long Hair

Many women tend to stick with the same haircut they had in their younger days, thinking long hair is a sign of youth, but in fact, hair that is too long actually has the opposite effect. As we age our hair tends to get thinner and more brittle so keeping hair long, especially when it’s all one length can make you look more drawn.

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Hair that’s too long often has the effect of making you look older than you are. Image via

The fix: Hair should softly frame the face and have plenty of volume to give you a more youthful appearance. If you still want long hair try adding long layers to give fullness and movement to your style.

4. Overly Done Hair

Kevin Conner, a master stylist at Tonya Jones Salon shares that “a “set” or “do” is not flattering at any age. Overly done hair is a mistake often made by maturing women.” When hair is too coifed and over-styled it can add years to your look. A sophisticated do can also draw more attention to the lines and imperfections on your face.

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The fix: Backing off the hairspray and allowing natural waves to remain in the hair for a not so set look and consider wispy bangs, a face framing cut or layers to soften the look. Keep your updo’s on the softer side with looser locks and maybe a few wispy pieces to be more youthful.

When in doubt find a great stylist to help guide you to looking your best. No matter what style you choose, just remember healthy, natural looking hair is your best accessory!

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