There’s no shortage of amazing, locally owned restaurants in Birmingham, but with so much activity amid the local food scene, it can be hard to navigate. There’s a new app, though, that can help locals keep their finger on the pulse of the Magic City’s local restaurant scene.

Built by self-proclaimed foodies, Foodgroup is Birmingham’s quintessential mobile app for both restaurant owners and locals who adore dining out. Their mission is simple: For diners, Foodgroup lets you search for restaurants and their menus by selecting a location, restaurant style and type of cuisine. For restaurant owners, Foodgroup fills the need for building closer and higher-quality relationships with new and existing patrons. Coupled with access to exclusive offers and savings, Foodgroup is the app that every foodie should have on hand.


Built by local foodies, Foodgroup allows users to connect with local restaurants in a new, fun way.

Tori Reid, marketing manager for Foodgroup, says because of Birmingham’s ever-burgeoning culinary scene, an app like Foodgroup isn’t only handy, it’s necessary. “We’re kind of known as a culinary hotspot with several award-winning chefs, and because of that, Birmingham has become a great place for new chefs to come,” Tori says. “As a foodie, you want to keep up with all the new restaurant openings, and it’s our hope that you’ll use Foodgroup for that.”

After logging into the app (which can be done using Facebook credentials), a simple navigation screen appears. With a quick click, users can search local restaurants, check out their favorite eateries and claim exclusive offers and deals available only through Foodgroup. Because users can interact with restaurants through the app, Foodgroup can be used as a social media networking tool, too.

“Social media platforms like Facebook are massive to the point where restaurants are no longer able to reach their audience,” says Serge Amouzou, founder and CEO of Foodgroup. “Foodgroup stands to be an app that enables restaurants to have direct access to their audience so they can have an exclusive social network focused on restaurants and diners.”


Never wonder where to eat out again. By breaking up local restaurants into convenient categories, Foodgroup users can search for any kind of cuisine in their city.


Along with keeping a curated, up to date list of local restaurants, Foodgroup will also offer exclusive deals and discounts to users.


With Birmingham becoming a burgeoning culinary hotspot, it was only a matter of time until a mobile app like Foodgroup came along — creating a simple, streamlined outlet for connecting with restaurants.

Essentially, Serge says, Foodgroup cuts through the social media clutter and gets right to the good stuff — the food. Foodgroup users will never have to answer that age-old question of ‘Where should we eat tonight?’ because they will already have a curated list of top-notch options ready to go on their phone. Instead of experiencing dining-out paralysis, users will enjoy a smorgasbord of restaurant options (with possible discounts ready to be redeemed).

“By having an app that allows restaurants to have a presence in diners’ hands, it enables diners to be up to speed on the latest in the dining scene going on in their city,” Serge adds. “And it allows restaurants to reach their audience in an instant, and to also drive revenue through exclusive offers.”

Other important information like restaurant hours of operation and location are easily displayed within the app. By eliminating all the excess noise that often distracts users on other social media platforms, Foodgroup offers one consolidated spot specifically designed for discovering both new and tried and true favorite places to dine out.

“I think everyone is going to use the app for different reasons — whether that’s to discover new restaurants or interacting with their favorites or claiming offers and discounts,” Tori says. “For me, it’ll be to answer the timeless question of ‘Where do you want to eat?’ Because you can search by cuisine, it’ll be more convenient to use Foodgroup instead of pulling up Google Maps.”


With a growing list of restaurants, Foodgroup allows users to keep a closer watch on the Magic City culinary scene.


The creators of Foodgroup hope the app becomes a go-to source for local foodies who want to stay up to date with their favorite restaurants — and stay up to date with new restaurant openings in their area.

With an increasing amount of restaurants set to open in the Magic City, an app like Foodgroup is more relevant now than ever. Plus, Serge points out, by supporting Foodgroup, users are not only supporting local restaurants but also Birmingham’s emerging tech scene. It’s a win-win relationship.

“I’m a tech entrepreneur,” Serge says. “And with Birmingham continuing to receive culinary accolades, it just makes sense to launch something like this in Birmingham. We hope it’ll become a dependable resource for the city.”

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This article is sponsored by Foodgroup. All photography provided by Foodgroup.