Why does food truck food taste so good? Is it that the chefs in the drivers’ seats of these roaming kitchens are free-spirited, make-their-own-rules types that cannot be pinned down, geographically or creatively? These culinary artists know that the world’s best food is often served on paper plates or from a tiny kitchen. If you run into one, carpe diem! Grab a plate of their delicious food before it’s gone. Or take the bull by the horns and track down your favorite traveling eatery. Follow your food truck bliss with this roundup of some of Birmingham’s favorite food trucks — and keep up with their whereabouts by following them on Facebook (F) and Instagram (I), all handles included below.

Your 2021 Birmingham Food Truck Guide


Satay n Roll

F: Sataynroll | I: sataynroll

Officially launched in June of 2020, Satay n Roll has quickly become a Magic City food truck favorite. This Asian-mix food truck features delicious satays, marinated grilled skewers, fresh sushi and much more. Personally, we think their Bagel Roll is one of the very best in Birmingham, but you really can’t go wrong with any menu selection. Satay n Roll keeps its social media up-to-date with its weekly schedule. To place an order ahead of your arrival, call (205) 635-8144. They’re also available for private events and catering.

Birmingham Food Trucks - Satay n Roll

Enjoy an Asian mix at the Satay n Roll food truck. Image: Satay n Roll


F: @Ruscellis 

If you’re craving a unique and tasty Italian feast, track down Ruscelli’s food truck. From delicious pasta to pizza tacos, Italian quesadillas and more, Ruscelli’s is an Italian fusion powerhouse that locals love. While this food truck can typically be found at Mojo Pub, the Ruscelli’s food truck is always on the move in local neighborhoods, breweries, and festivals.

Ruscelli's food truck at Ghost Train Brewing Company

You can find the Ruscelli’s food truck all around town – spotted here at Ghost Train Brewing Company. Image: Ruscelli’s

Rendezvous Kitchen Co.

F: @rendezvouskitchenco | I: @rendezvouskitchenco

Changing the food truck game, Rendezvous Kitchen Co. came to the scene in 2020 and has been blazing a trail for plant-based food ever since. Owners Britni and Jamie took their passion for plant-based foods and created a food truck powered by plants. With interesting and appetizing offers such as Loaded Curls, Western BBQ Beyond Beef Sammy, and Deep Fried Oreos, Rendezvous is changing the way people think of plant-based meals. Stay up-to-date with the location of the food truck on their website and on their social media platforms. You can also order online prior to pick-up on their website.

Rendezvous Kitchen food truck

Rendezvous Kitchen Co. is changing the way we perceive plant-based food. Image: Rendezvous Kitchen

Juan’s 2 Go

F: @Wasabijuans | I: @wasabijuan

With two successful brick-and-mortar locations, Wasabi Juan’s also has a food truck, Juan’s 2 Go, serving up fan-favorites throughout Birmingham’s most requested neighborhoods. This Mexican/sushi fusion is surprisingly tasty, although the duo may seem incompatible. Whether you’re new to sushi or are a self-proclaimed connoisseur, there’s something for everyone on the Wasabi Juan’s menu. We insist that everyone must try the 4:20 Nachos! Orders can be placed ahead of time online here.

Wasabi Juan's - Birmingham Food Trucks

The rainbow burrito from Juan’s 2 Go is a must-try. Image: Wasabi Juan’s


Full Moon Bar-B-Que

F: FullMoonBBQ | I: @FullMoonBBQ

Full Moon Bar-B-Que is a seasoned veteran when it comes to sauces, sandwiches and slow-roasting. Their Ultimate Food Truck is the latest project of the award-winning restaurant, bringing everyone’s favorite barbecue nachos and scratch-made half-moon cookies to a street near you. “We start with the chopped pork and homemade chips and add creamy queso, lettuce, tomato, jalapeño peppers, sour cream, salsa, Full Moon Bar-B-Que sauce and more,” says David Maluff, owner of Full Moon Bar-B-Que. “They’re definitely a fan favorite.” Their famous slaw is the most popular side dish, a fresh, crisp, vinegar-based slaw, which was named one of the “100 Things to Eat in Alabama” by the Alabama Tourism Department. This truck can be tracked down through social media, but they can likely be found serving University of Alabama at Birmingham and Children’s of Alabama, their favorite spots to set up shop.

The massive Full Moon Bar-B-Que truck

The massive Full Moon Bar-B-Que truck serves up some of the most delicious BBQ in the South! Image: Full Moon

Saw’s Street Kitchen

F: SawsStreetKitchen | T: @Sawsstkitchen | I: @sawsstreetkitchen

Saw’s Street Kitchen food truck brings Saw’s delicious barbecue with that Southern and soul food twist we know and love in the Magic City. While their original pork sandwich with French fries is their best seller, they get the most compliments on their cheese grits and turnip greens. But owner Michael Brandon is adamant about their sandwiches. “The meatloaf sandwich is awesome! We serve it ‘Roll Tide’-style, covered in Saw’s white barbecue sauce with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles,” he says. “The second runner-up would be the Boss Hog Pork Sandwich with pimento cheese, coleslaw, pickles and Saw’s Sauce.” If you get lucky and catch them when they’re serving a signature dessert, make sure to order it. They occasionally have treats like banana pudding, peach cobbler and lemon buttermilk pie — and they are to die for!

The sweet tea fried chicken sandwich from Saw's Street Kitchen

The Sweet Tea Fried Chicken Sandwich from Saw’s Street Kitchen is a fan-favorite! Image: Saw’s Street Kitchen


Cajun Steamer’s Big Red

F: @cajunsteamer | I: @cajun_steamer

If you’re craving an authentic po’boy, you need to track down Big Red, also known as Cajun Steamer on wheels. With customer favorites like the peel-and-eat shrimp boil, the Cajun Chili Cheese Fries, and their traditional gumbo, you won’t find a better cajun experience this side of the Louisiana state line. You can find their up-to-date truck schedule on their social media platforms. To book the truck in your neighborhood or to suggest a location, email [email protected].

Cajun Steamer food truck

Get your Cajun fix at the Cajun Steamer food truck. Image: Cajun Steamer


Cantina On Wheels

F: Cantina.OnWheels | I: @cantinaonwheels

Cantina On Wheels is the go-to for on-the-go delicious Mexican food. Getting its start as a laid-back Mexican eatery with a unique and fun atmosphere, the 10-year-old restaurant has established itself in the Magic City as a fan favorite. With the restaurant’s major success, Cantina wanted to bring their made-fresh-daily eats to the streets, so Cantina On Wheels was born and serves a variety of tacos from the typical options to a Cuban Taco that includes roasted pork shoulder, cilantro mayo, dill pickles, and Manchego cheese. One of our favorite items on the menu is the Mexican street corn, which is made-to-order grilled corn on the cob topped with cilantro mayo, cheese and spices. Cantina On Wheels also serves the popular garlic-cheese fries, as well as the Truck Fries, which are topped with chicken or steak, queso dip and pico de gallo. Basically, Cantina On Wheels has something special for every person and all of it is mouthwateringly delicious!

Mexican Street Corn - Birmingham Food Trucks

You must try the Mexican street corn, which is made-to-order grilled corn on the cob topped with cilantro mayo, cheese and spices. Image: Cantina On Wheels

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Taco Boys

F: @tacoboysbham | I: @tacoboysbham

This taco truck, launched in 2010, is serving Birmingham communities deliciously authentic street tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos and more. You also can’t miss their elote – it is seasoned and cooked to absolute perfection! If you’re craving a delicious Mexican feast, track down the Taco Boys truck and thank us later! To suggest a location, email [email protected].

Taco Boys - Birmingham Food Trucks

The Taco Boys are giving the Magic City something to “taco ’bout!” Image: Taco Boys

Dos Hermanos Taco Truck

P: (205) 424-4530

Also referred to simply as “The Taco Truck,” this cash-only truck serves up some of the best Mexican food in the city. Situated in a gas station parking lot along West Valley Avenue and a sister truck downtown, the long line of construction workers, families, business people, and folks in scrubs says it all. All walks of life are in agreement that the fabulous flavors of their tacos, burritos, quesadillas, torts, and tostadas are hands-down, quite possibly the best in the state. With familiar fillings like steak, chicken, and pork, and more exotic ones like beef cheek, cow tongue, fried tripe, and chorizo — and at $2 per taco — this out-of-this-world cuisine will please the most buttoned-up eater, as well as the adventurous epicure. It’s definitely worth the trip!

Dos Hermanos' pork belly and beef cheek tacos, served with lime and a tantalizingly addictive green sauce

Dos Hermanos‘ pork belly and beef cheek tacos, served with lime and a tantalizingly addictive green sauce, keep you coming back for more. Image: Dos Hermanos Taco Truck


Eugene’s Hot Chicken

F: Eugene’s Hot Chicken  | I: @EugenesHotChicken

When Zebbie Carney discovered his beloved hot chicken was a phenomenon that only existed in his East Nashville hometown, he knew she had to do something to share it with the masses. After moving to Birmingham several years ago, Zebbie’s dream has come to life by bringing hot chicken to Alabama with Eugene’s Hot Chicken food truck. Not only does Eugene’s serve some of the most flavorful chicken south of Music City, but it also serves fresh vegetables like sautéed corn and heirloom tomatoes, as well as their popular Southern coleslaw. Eugene’s mild chicken tenders and fries is the best seller, but Zebbie recommends the sandwich. “People should try our hot chicken sandwich. It has the perfect balance of flavors,” says Zebbie. “Flavor sets us apart from the competition. We keep it simple but we try to bring different amazing flavors to every meal.” Eugene’s offers a killer homemade banana pudding.

Dark meat hot chicken plate with a side of heirloom tomatoes from Eugene's Hot Chicken

Behold the dark meat hot chicken plate with a side of heirloom tomatoes from Eugene’s Hot Chicken. Image: Eugene’s Hot Chicken


F: MeltBham | T: @MeltBham | I: @MeltBham

MELT has every grilled cheese option you could possibly imagine, but their most popular item is the classic melt with bacon. The Buffalo Chicken Melt is a close second and both are staples on the menu. Fries and tomato basil soup also hit the spot as the most popular side dishes. If you’re hungry for MELT, the best way is to call MELT at (205) 917-5000 and ask where Matilda is!

The Cuban sandwich at MELT includes slow-roasted pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and dill pickles, grilled on cuban roll

The Cuban sandwich at MELT includes slow-roasted pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and dill pickles, all grilled on a Cuban roll. Image: MELT

Travis Chicago Style

F: Travis Chicago Style

Reportedly Birmingham’s first food truck, Travis Chicago Style has been around for about 40 years, serving Chicago-style Polish sausages and their famous Travis burgers — all smothered in owner Travis’ homemade barbecue sauce with onions, peppers and mustard. Long lines of hungry and loyal fans follow this hard-to-find truck by word of mouth, but you can usually find Travis Chicago Style at the Bessemer Flea Market on Saturdays and Sundays starting at around 2 p.m.; Friday and Saturday nights on Second Avenue North across from Platinum starting around 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.

The famous Travis burger — smothered in owner Travis’ homemade barbecue sauce with onions, peppers and mustard

The famous Travis burger is smothered in owner Travis’s homemade barbecue sauce with onions, peppers and mustard — a delightfully messy feast you won’t soon forget! Image: Travis Chicago Style


Heavenly Donut Co.

F: @HeavenlyDonutCo  | I: @HeavenlyDonutCo

Kimberly and Brock Beiersdoerfer always dreamed of owning a business — and one day that dream became a reality when they opened the Heavenly Donut Co. The idea of a food truck came about when they realized they could reach more locals if they were on wheels. Their donuts are known for their distinct shape and flavor. The truck menu offers 10 to 12 items, so customers aren’t overwhelmed with all of the amazing flavors. Their most popular item is the French Toast Donut, which was only meant to be offered as the monthly special but customers fell in love, so now it’s offered all of the time!

Maple Bacon Donut from Heavenly Donut Co. Food Truck

The savory-and-sweet maple bacon donut is simply to-die-for. Image: Heavenly Donut Co.

Pinky by K & J’s Elegant Pastries

F: @kjselegantpastries | I: @kjselegantpastries

When your sweet tooth can no longer be denied, it’s time to track down Pinky Food Truck by K & J’s Elegant Pastries. Known nationally for starting the over-the-top milkshake trend with their Kollosal Milkshake, K & J’s has even more to offer those looking for a tasty treat. Boasting delicious cupcakes and specialty cakes, the team at K&J’s stocks up Pinky with only the freshest, most mouthwatering desserts you’ve ever had. Pinky can also be rented out for private events! Track down Pinky on social media or stop by K&J’s brick-and-mortar location in Alabaster.

Pinky food truck by K&J's Elegant Pastries

Pinky the food truck by K&J’s Elegant Pastries carries some of the most decadent treats in town. Image: K & J’s Elegant Pastries

City Bowls

F: @CityBowlsI: @CityBowls

Husband-and-wife duo Cory and Tori Dill have been making nutritious açai bowls since April of 2017 when they first opened City Bowls. They also serve pitaya bowls and smoothies. The yummy fruit bowls contain açai as the base with granola, then strawberries, blueberries and bananas topped with peanut butter and Nutella drizzle. Açai is high in antioxidants, is good for the immune system, and boosts energy. You can stick with the classic BHAM Bowl or you can create your own. City Bowls frequently creates giveaways on their social media outlets, which is fun and exciting for all of their followers. 

The BHAM bowl from City Bowls

For a pretty and healthy treat, try the BHAM Bowl from City Bowls. Image: City Bowls

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Craving a sweet, cool treat? Track down the NOLA Ice truck for a tasty Sno-ball. NOLA Ice has 34 flavors on the menu, including traditional flavors, NOLA specialties, unique mixes, and even sugar-free options! The most popular flavors are Tiger’s Blood and Blue Raspberry. The most popular specialty mix flavor is the Hurricane Gusty, which is Tiger’s Blood mixed with their piña colada flavor. You can even get the NOLA cream, a special condensed milk mixture, to top off your delicious Sno-ball. Yum.

Nola ICE Treat

The brightest and most flavorful way to welcome summer is with a NOLA Ice treat. Image: NOLA Ice

Bendy’s Cookies & Cream

F: @eatBendysT: @eatBENDYSI: @eatBendys

Ben and Wendy served their homemade cookies and milk at their wedding in April of 2014. That summer, they invited their friends over to try all of Wendy’s recipes. Their friends loved their cookies and ice cream so much that Ben and Wendy decided to make their dream of Cookies & Cream a reality in 2016. All of their friends decided Ben and Wendy should name their business a combo of their names, and thus Bendy’s Cookies & Cream was born. They offer a variety of made-from-scratch cookies and ice cream that you can make an ice cream sandwich out of – mouthwatering, right?

Snickerdoodle cookie paired with vanilla ice cream

The snickerdoodle cookie paired with vanilla ice cream is quite the tasty pairing. Image: Bendy’s Cookies & Cream

Beignets and Lattes

F: @beignetsandlattes | I: @beignetsandlattes

Laissez les bon temps rouler! New to the Birmingham food truck scene is Beignets and Lattes. This food truck is serving up fresh, made-to-order beignets in addition to house and nitro coffee and delicious lattes. Find their updated weekly schedule on their Facebook page. Want to see them in your neighborhood? Send them an email at [email protected].

Beignets and Lattes - Birmingham Food Truck

Beignets and Lattes is the hottest new food truck in the Magic City. Image: Beignets and Lattes



F: @Fetchtreattruck |  I: @FetchTruckBHM

FETCH is not your traditional food truck; it’s for dogs! And it’s the first food truck of its kind in Alabama. Allison Whitfield-Smith started this dog-treat truck concept in 2014 when she decided her love for dogs should contribute to something bigger. “I saw a news segment about a food truck for dogs in New York City,” Allison says. She kept thinking about it and said it was the one thing she could not talk herself out of doing. FETCH offers grain-free and allergen-free dog treats, while also listing the ingredients on their website so dog owners can see. The most popular item on the menu is the Doggie Ice Cream. Dogs go crazy after the peanut butter and maple bacon flavors! FETCH also donates a portion of its sales to local animal shelters and rescue groups. Allison understands the growing problem of pet homelessness in Alabama and wants to contribute to solving this problem. Take your sweet pup to the food truck today — and contribute to helping the community with pet homelessness in the process!

An adorable pup happily lounges in front of the FETCH Treat Truck

An adorable pup happily lounges in front of the FETCH Treat Truck. Image: Allison Whitfield-Smith

So, like your favorite food trucks on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, or call them up to find out where they’ll be this week for a tasty bite on the streets of Birmingham! And make sure to tell them StyleBlueprint sent you!

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