I’m super lazy when it comes to DIY, but I do have my moments. I challenged myself to come up with 12 wreaths that I could make and photograph and dismantle in less than 45 minutes total time. That’s an average of 3 min 45 sec per wreath. Impressive, huh? If your time is pressed, welcome to the Easy DIY Wreath Post.

All wreaths are made using the same basic burlap wreath that I bought at Michael’s for just $19.98 (Normally they are $39.99, but their Handcrafted Floral Arrangements, including these wreaths, are currently 50% off. No idea how long this will last …)

Some of these are admittedly kind of lame, but I wanted 12 total that showed a span of holidays and seasons—and I did each in less than 4 minutes, okay?!

What I started with:

Burlap Wreath

Basic burlap wreath. Yes, I could have made it. But, this is called the Easy DIY Wreath Post, for the time pressed! FYI: these come in two sizes and I saw some green burlap ones as well.

Wreath making tools

Wreath making tools. Notice NO GLUE GUN! I wanted each to be easy to make and dismantle.

Let’s get started.

Autumn and Halloween Wreaths:

Halloween Burlap Spider web Wreath

I covered the wreath in cobwebs I had from Walgreens and a spider that is from (I think) Target.

Burlap Bittersweet Wreath

I added 4 branches of bittersweet.

Fall Leaves Owl Wreath

Here is a fall leaves garland I have from somewhere that floats around my house and is seldom used. The owl lives on our porch so I just perched him in the center.

Cute Halloween Burlap Wreath

Kind of lame, but with more time you could add a cute gingham orange and white bow to spruce this up! I used a piece of black construction paper and a white paint pen and then secured the paper to the back of the wreath.

Christmas Wreaths:

Burlap Spanish Moss Christmas Wreath

Spanish moss from Michaels in two colors and a Christmas bow.

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Same wreath as the previous one, minus the moss, with the bow on top.

Christmas Burlap Holly Wreath

Faux berries with real holly from my garden.

Grinch Christmas Wreath

This was a total surprise wreath. After covering my wreath with spanish moss and thinking it looked like a swamp monster, my middle daughter made eyes and I used a Santa hat (one that is made to slide down over the back of a dining room chair) to make a Grinch! Very easy, super fun.

Winter wreaths:

Valentines Day Burlap Wreath

As you gaze upon this wreath, remember that I only had about 3 minutes to make it! Stop the mean thoughts. I do have a really pretty felt heart Christmas ornament that could be used here instead, but going through Christmas ornaments would not keep me in my designated time frame. But you get the idea, right?! This wreath can be used to decorate for the day of love…

Burlap Hydrangea Wreath

Just add 5 dried hydrangeas to the your wreath.

Spring and Easter Wreath:

Burlap Birds nest eggs spanish moss wreath

Here is a nest from my garage. I placed it in the center of the wreath and added a little spanish moss. Then, I added 3 “robin’s eggs” which are really soap!

Summer Wreath:

Burlap Fourth of July 4th of July Wreath

I’m not a big wreath gal in the summer time, but 4th of July is a fun time to bring one out.

So, what do you think? You can do this!

If you go to Michael’s, each store has a different inventory, so a heads-up, as we can’t guarantee they will be in stock. But, they could probably make more, right? And, if you want to make your own (I say while laughing), I found this tutorial online:


To read step by step instructions, see thesassymomma.com.


And, if you are a fan of DIY wreaths, here are two other projects we’ve previously showcased:

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Enjoy the coming holidays, wreath or no wreath.