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I don’t know about you, but this time of year things can get pretty crazy for me. With the kids’ baseball, lacrosse and soccer games, dance recitals, tryouts, auditions, graduation parties and end-of-the-school-year dances and celebrations, I find that getting dinner on the table some nights just ain’t happening. Fast food and concession stand chow may seem like the only option, but there are actually many healthy and delicious alternatives that are only a phone call and curbside pick up away. So, to help keep you sane and stress free, I’ve put together a list of my go-to family friendly pick up dinner places around town.


New York Butcher Shoppe’s Wednesday Meal Deal: $22.99

Located in Cahaba Heights, this family friendly market is known for their mile high sandwiches and superb meats, and, according to my in the know friend, Kacy, the Wednesday night dinner deal is always outstanding. Sign up for the newsletter to get the weekly email with each week’s dinner option, then call in on Tuesday to reserve your meal. Chicken Parmesan, Fresh Salad and French Bread for four was a recent offering. Check out for more info.

Chicken Parmesan, Family Salad and French Bread was a recent offering.

Chicken Parmesan, Fresh Salad and French Bread was a recent offering. Photo credit:


Taziki’s Family Meals: $24.99 – $28.99

Who doesn’t love Taziki’s family meals? Grilled chicken breast, basmati rice, Greek salad and pita chips is my choice, but whole roasted lemon herb chicken, pork tenderloin, grilled shrimp or leg of lamb are tasty options, too. Substitute roasted new potatoes for the rice or add on some grilled veggies to change things up. No matter what you decide, this pick up meal is sure to leave you with happy campers. Call at least two hours in advance to place your order. Check out for area locations.

Whole Roasted Chicken from Taziki's.

Whole Roasted Chicken from Taziki’s. Photo credit:


Urban Cookhouse Take Home Dinners $22.95

Urban Cookhouse is not only a great spot to grab lunch, but their pick up family meals are a huge hit as well. Cooked on a kamado-style cooker, the meats are packed with flavor without any added fat. These guys also support local farmers and bring us three area farmer’s markets, so I agree with their slogan – Buy Local, Eat Urban! Take home dinners options include choice of Grilled Pineapple Ham, Smoked Turkey, Chipotle Braised Pork, Grilled Chicken, Lime-Marinated Steak (add $2) and Wood-Fired Shrimp (add $4) and two of these sides: Hot Cheddar Pasta, Rice Pilaf, Roasted Vegetables, Broccoli Salad, Fresh Fruit and Garden Salad. Four Millie Ray orange rolls are included with each dinner. Available for pick up after 3 p.m. Check out for more info.

Grilled pineapple ham, broccoli salad and hot cheddar pasta from Urban Cookhouse.

Grilled pineapple ham, broccoli salad and hot cheddar pasta from Urban Cookhouse. Photo credit:


What’s 4 Supper/Edgewood Catering: $25

Located on Crescent in Homewood, these guys are doing a lot of things right. Casseroles, side dishes, soups and salads are made fresh daily. With offerings like Poppy Seed Chicken, Baked Ziti, Chicken Tenders and Spaghetti with Meatballs, your family is sure to be well fed and content. For more information, go to

The team cooking your dinner!

How cute is the team cooking your dinner!? Photo credit:


Whole Foods Cold Case Meal with Family Salad: $14.99 or $17.99

Arguably the best deal in town, these cold case family meals are available daily, prepared by an in house chef and include a huge family salad with choice of ranch or balsamic dressing. Options change weekly, but expect to find at least three options each day. My family recently had the Chili Lime Pork Burritos plus a huge salad, and the week before we had the Italian Sausage Pasta meal–both were delicious! Turkey meatloaf, grilled chicken breasts and some form of pasta are frequently in the rotation so you’re sure to find something that suits your family.

Fresh and healthy at Whole Foods.

Fresh and healthy at Whole Foods. Photo credit:



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