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Meet the design team behind Caldwell Flake Interiors, Mary Ruth Caldwell and daughters, Lisa Flake and Hoodie Whatley.

The talent behind Caldwell Flake Interiors, sisters Hoodie and Lisa alongside their mother, Mary Ruth.

These ladies know how to put the “WOW” factor into any room. The Caldwell Flake signature always includes a pop of color or just the right accessory to “make” the space. As Lisa puts it, they want to “bring out the best in each home. It should totally be the client’s home, not a Caldwell Flake house, but we do want it to look like we’ve been there.”

Meticulous attention to detail shows in every element.

With over 60 years of combined decorating experience between Mary Ruth and LIsa, and Hoodie filling in all the gaps as the office manager, this trio can seamlessly pull together a room, house or just about any project with show-stopping flair. Check out these photos and you will see just what I mean…

Love the strategic use of wall paper.


Turquoise seems to be a favorite of theirs.


Love this sofa!


Just beautiful.

While the pictures do speak a thousand words, we thought you might want to get to know these gals a little better:

SB: So give us the low down on the business and how it is working with family?

Mary Ruth: I have been in the business for over 40 years, and Lisa came on board about 15 years ago after apprenticing for 2 years. We have always worked well together, and having Hoodie come on board in 2005 has been a huge blessing.

Lisa: Mom’s business was really successful and she needed to hire someone to help out, so when she asked me to join her, it just seemed like the perfect fit. We get along great. We could not survive without Hoodie – she handles everything for us!


SB: What are some of your favorite local sources around town?

Mary Ruth and Lisa: There are so many that we love! Let’s see… Circa, Hlitz Lauber, MCJ Interiors, Richard Tubbs, Mary Evelyn McKee, Suite Dreams, Antiquities, Argent, Village Firefly, Kings House, Antiques and Orientals, Paige Albright Orientals, Interiors Market and Kenny & Co. Hope we didn’t leave anybody out!

Love the grey and yellow combo.

SB: What are some of your “go to” fabrics?

Mary Ruth and Lisa: Osborne & Little and Kelly Wearstler.

Another fabulous use of color and pattern.


The dining chairs really bring this room to life.

SB: Where do you get your inspiration?

Lisa: I have recently been loving Kiki’s List and House of Turquoise and of course, Pinterest and Houzz..

Mary Ruth:  I have always admired Sister Parrish.


SB:  What’s your favorite cocktail?

Mary Ruth:  Old Fashioned.

Lisa: Any cabernet!

Hoodie:  Right now, I’d say Absinthe, but it changes daily!


SB:  What books might we find on your bedside table?

Mary Ruth:  Bossy Pants.

Lisa:  I’m reading Rob Lowe’s autobiography right now, but my favorite author is Celia Rivenbark.

Hoodie: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.


SB:  What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Mary Ruth:  South Beach, New York and Wyoming.

Lisa:  Los Angeles for the weather and shopping.

Hoodie:  Wyoming and New York.


Thanks Mary Ruth, Lisa and Hoodie! For more inspiring photographs of their work and to learn more about Caldwell Flake Interiors, check out their webpage at .  And remember to sign up for StyleBlueprint emails at


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