Rebecca McCay is a stylist at The Collective, located in Pepper Place. Here, she shares her step-by-step instructions for the perfect at-home blowout for fine hair. Welcome, Rebecca!

The most important part of any blowout is the products. All of the products I’m using in today’s demo are lightweight, which is perfect for fine hair!

Oribe products from Birmingham salon for the perfect at-home blow out

Products needed for today’s blowout

First, I’m going to start by spraying Invisible Defense all over my hair. This is a weightless mist that shields hair from thermal damage up to 450°F, UV rays, and pollution while imparting gentle moisture. It combats dryness, color fading and frizz. Because of the amazing moisture and UV protection this gives, it will be a must-have for my beach bag this summer!

Next, I’ll add Creme for Style. This is a great product to give texture and separation. A little goes a long way, so I’m going to apply it to the back of my hand. Then take very little dabs and apply to my root, section by section. I used two of these dabs for my entire head.

After that, I’m going to apply Liquid Spell all over. Let me tell you, this stuff gets its name honestly. It will put a spell on your hair. It is completely lightweight and jam-packed with volume!

Adding Oribe products to hair

For an at-home blowout, The Collective‘s Rebecca McCay starts by adding Invisible Defense, Creme for Style and Liquid Spell to her hair.

Since I have cowlicks on the front of my hairline, I don’t like to give this time to air dry. I’m going to take my round brush and stretch my hair forward and roll back away from my face. Once I’ve dried the front, I’ll power dry my hair about 80% of the way.

Clips are a perfect way to keep sections clean while I round brush. The larger the round brush that I use, the more volume I get. So that is something to keep in mind when selecting your round brush. I’m using an M/L ceramic-plated brush. With each section, I’ll increase elevation by over-directing my round brush forward. Once each section is dry, I will roll my hair onto the brush and press the cold shot button on my dryer. This helps to set the style. It will also help smooth the cuticle and give me shine.

Steps of blow drying fine hair

After applying product to your hair, it’s time to bring out the hairdryer.

After completing all sections, I will spray it. Today I’m using the Thick Dry Finishing Spray. This is going to double as a light texture and finishing spray. And there you have it — an easy blow-dry to give soft texture and volume for fine hair!

At-home blowout tutorial

The perfect at-home blowout!

Thank you, Rebecca!


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